Viewing: Threads Of War In Eastern Europe

WITHOUT BEING ALARMIST, the deployment of 18 nuclear-capable fighter aircraft to Eastern Europe — in light of civil unrest in Ukraine, aggressive acts by Russia, and the position of the West to stand firm in the face of it — has had me thinking today about a vision of nuclear war that was (and is) frighteningly realistic; I post tonight e’er briefly to simply share some excellent fictional viewing with readers for their interest.

Please don’t misinterpret the motive in posting this; as dangerous as the situation in Europe might be — and irrespective of its very real potential to escalate into a Third World War — I really don’t think matters will come to that, although with geopolitical issues of this kind it’s impossible to say such a thing with total conviction.

No no no, whilst the subjects clearly overlap, I was on the hunt online earlier today out of pure curiosity for an old movie about a nuclear holocaust scenario called Threads: I first saw this when it was released in the mid-1980s as a high school student (which I think most of my contemporaries also did) and later on a very grainy online posting that didn’t do the cinematography any favours.

Having found the movie (and found a new-ish link to a HD version of the film, which is far easier to watch) I simply wanted to post this for the interest of readers who may like to take the time to watch what is — current events in eastern Europe notwithstanding — an excellent film.

Those who wish to (and I strongly recommend doing so) can see the full-length feature through this link.

I tend to think the military deployments being made by the USA and NATO are as much about sabre rattling as some of the moves being made by the Russians and forces aligned with them; even so, whilst I suspect nothing will come of them in any apocalyptic sense, we will continue — as ever — to keep an eye on these things.

Enjoy the film. I should note that despite the obviously dovish, CND-inspired and sincerely well-meaning intentions of the teacher who made my class watch this almost 30 years ago, it did nothing to alter the emergent hawkish view I was developing in relation to such matters…

I’ll be posting again in the morning; probably on matters a little nearer to home.