The Problem With Watermelons

I’ve been following, for some time now, a move to strip the federal government of its right of veto over legislation passed by the Northern Territory and the ACT; the move has succeeded, and — what a shock! — Bob Brown and his Communist Party are right in the thick of it.

I’ve made an editorial decision here at The Red And The Blue; I’m not going to even pretend any further that the Greens are not Communists.

I’ll make it clear that Greens are Communists and that Communists are Greens, but beyond that, there will be no further charade in trying to be diplomatic about those facts.

And there is no reason whatsoever to be diplomatic about the so-called “Greens.”

The latest manifestation of the outrage of Communists running the federal government lies in the passage by the House of Representatives of a bill to end the federal government’s veto over “laws” passed in Australia’s territories.

The bill is certain to pass the Senate on account of Communist Party control of the balance of power.

What this means is that the territories — one of which passed euthanasia legislation some years ago, only to be vetoed by a Howard government minister — are now effectively free to do what they like.

The bill (which is certain to become “the act”) now stipulates that a vote of federal Parliament is required to disallow these “laws” passed by territory assemblies.

For the record, I actually support euthanasia in very tightly controlled circumstances, but the rest of what’s likely to stem from this legislative change I bitterly and vehemently oppose.

So-called “Gay Marriage” is in my view the most socially repugnant concept ever devised; marriage derives from biblical origins (irrespective of your Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith) and involves a man and a woman.

In some faiths it involves a man and several women; make your own judgements there.

But in no faith does it involve two men or two women.

In case anyone thinks I’m a bigot, I think homosexual people should have the right to do whatever they like in their lives — with the same rider that applies to those of us who are “straight” that it shouldn’t affect others — and I am very pleased that those people now have equal rights under law and are recognised as couples.

However, marriage is not something that is for them by its definition.

There are a lot of smart gay people floating around; perhaps they might look to create their own institution. I’m not talking of “civil union” per se; how unromantic of a gay or a straight to say to their partner that “I want to civil union you.”

There are too many, talented, creative and inventive gay people around to believe they can’t come up with something unique for their own community.

And if they really are so proud of their difference (as suggested by “Pride” festivals, Queer festivals, and any number of events their community conducts in the name of “gay culture”), the last thing they would, or should, or ought to want is that ancient old hetero status of being “married.”

But back to the point.

Bob Brown (openly homosexual, by the way) has seen to it that the territories will no longer be subject to ministerial veto from the federal government.

Here’s a few things to chew on.

1. The “veto” by federal Parliament he now says will replace a ministerial veto also incorporates Senate endorsement; for Senator Brown to have placed his cards on the table in this manner, it suggests he anticipates controlling the Senate for some years.

2. The Communists openly champion not only euthanasia, but gay marriage, legal heroin injecting rooms, and lots of other things that until now — with them firmly in control of the Senate by virtue of their hold over the balance of power in that Chamber, and by virtue of their firm hold of the Labor Party by it balls — that ordinarily would never get past a majority of the electorate.

3. Opposition frontbencher Michael Keegan moved amendments to the Communist bill on Tuesday that explicitly sought to preclude gay marriage from the litany of agenda items that might be introduced as a result of the bill’s passage; these were shot down by Communist MP Adam Bandt on the basis it wasn’t appropriate to pre-empt what laws the territories might pass.

4. Even now in 2011, the NT and the ACT are not states of Australia and constitutionally do not have the entitlements that other states have.

5. The passage by the Senate of the Communist bill leaves open the prospect of a High Court challenge on the consequent basis that the resulting Act of Parliament would be unconstitutional.

And for any readers who think this is about gay marriage, euthanasia and “shooting galleries” and nothing else — think again…there’s more to this, and it lies in the Communist Green platform.

It’s a little ironic that Menzies’ Communist Party Dissolution Act was invalidated by the High Court; 60 years later the Communists are back in a different guise, and using tactics that leave them wide open to another battle in the High Court.

And just as Menzies took his case to the country in a referendum — which was narrowly lost — should the Green/Communist policy ever go to referendum, it would also be lost.

Most folk don’t go in for the agenda of the Greens; it’s “trendy” until people look closely at it and think about it.

The final consideration of my comments directly concerns Communist Party leader Senator Bob Brown, who claims that the passage of the bill to strip the federal government of veto over the territorian assemblies is a “victory for democracy.”

Firstly, Senator Brown, by their constitutional status, there are certain things the territories are not democratically entitled to.

Secondly, if Senator Brown and his band of Communists are such champions for democracy, perhaps they can explain why they bent Julia Gillard’s government over and demanded it implement a carbon tax when both the Liberal Party and the ALP explicitly promised no such tax would be introduced.

82% of the electorate voted for parties making the clear promise that there would be no carbon tax, but Mr Democracy, Senator Brown, enforced the breach of the promise with a mere 11% of the electorate’s support at last year’s election, and now well over ten million Australians are baying for electoral blood as a result.

And third, the sheer hypocrisy of Dr Brown ought to serve warning to anyone thinking the Greens are just a harmless place to park a protest vote: there are all sorts of nasties lurking in their platform; I haven’t published a fiftieth of it here…yet.

These aren’t nice harmless people making nice harmless noises. These are left-wing lunatics with a Stalinist agenda that is slowly — so ever slowly — beginning to be rolled out.

The lesson is that Senator Brown — Green on the outside and bright red inside — can’t be trusted as far as you could throw him.

Unless you’re a Communist.

The same goes for the rest of his ilk, some carrying explicitly Communist credentials of their own, and at least one who was a propaganda writer for the last Soviet government.

A final point: what do State/territory rights, gay marriage, euthanasia and heroin injecting rooms have to do with the environment?


Doesn’t it bother people that the so-called Greens are even dabbling in this stuff?

Defend them or not, as you choose; either way…what do you think?