Pandora’s Box: The Red And The Blue To Be Archived By National Library Of Australia

Just for something a little different…I’m taking a moment out from politics and the events of the world to give readers some news; The Red And The Blue is to be archived by the National Library of Australia as part of PANDORA: Australia’s Web Archive.

As I understand it, the idea on which Pandora is predicated is to preserve a snapshot in perpetuity of Australian online writing and publications, so they can be accessed both today and into the future.

I think the idea is an excellent one; with the explosion of digital and social media, there is clearly a great deal of material that isn’t “published” in the conventional sense, and the Pandora project would seem to represent a permanent method by which to preserve a historical record of what, increasingly, is a mainstream medium in its own right.

I was contacted late last week by the National Library of Australia to ascertain whether I was amenable to the inclusion of The Red And The Blue in Pandora, and to obtain the necessary permissions from a copyright perspective to do so.

It is certainly pleasing to be recognised!

I would make the observation that the entire premise of The Red And The Blue — to provide a forum in which to discuss politics from my own conservative perspective, yes, but in a way that enables everyone interested to discuss these matters without being bogged down in highbrow jargon or insiderish lingo — clearly has topical relevance.

And of course, all shades of opinion are welcome — we mightn’t all always agree, but I think we’ve built a good track record here of being able to discuss issues from different perspectives, and in good spirit.

This has been borne out in the steadily increasing reader traffic I have observed over the past 18 months (even recently, when so much of my time has been diverted to a major media project I’m running, and the volume of content posted here has been more intermittent as a result).

So — I’m very happy to announce the inclusion of this column today in the National Library’s initiative, and I thank all readers for their continuing support.

And as ever, I ask you all to spread the word: if you enjoy/are engaged by/get irritated to the core by the material we cover here, to share it, repost it, and to refer your family and friends to it.

That is all…back to “the real issues” when next we speak…

The best to all —