Vote Liberal. Vote Labor. Just Don’t Vote Greens

WITH AN ELECTION imminent, the twin issues of promises and costings are about to take centre stage; Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd — and their proxies — will be subjected to endless scrutiny, but as always, the Greens will be allowed to slip through unchallenged. It’s time this changed, once and for all.

Readers know that I have absolutely no sympathy, time or tolerance for the Communist Party of Australia the Greens; it is a disgusting organisation, with policies rooted somewhere between the lunatic left and la-la land, and operates through an amalgam of pious conceit, moralising hypocrisy, and a complete innocence of any grounding in the real world or of the slightest suggestion of economic competence.

The CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia — Mitch Hooke — has today published an op-ed piece in The Australian, which rather neatly sums up the disconnect between what the Greens say and promise, and how any of it might ever become reality.

Even if the electorate is willing, which — with 11% of the vote in 2010, a share likely to be diminished later this year — it is not.

Readers can access the Hooke article here.

It must be kept in mind that Hooke is a senior minerals and energy industry executive, and that unsurprisingly his article a) centres on issues specific to his industry, and b) represents a case that is highly favourable to the interests and positions held by it.

Even so, he makes a killer point: the major parties attract no end of scrutiny, and that there should be no exceptions to this for any other political outfit seeking office in Australia.

And this brings me to a message I will incorporate to some extent, e’er passively, in my writings between now and election day: if you don’t vote Liberal, don’t waste your vote on minor parties, and whatever you do — don’t vote for the Greens.

The quick outline Hooke makes of the value of various pledges and bribes announced by the Greens and their interminable leader, Christine Milne (which, by the way, has its numbers right) should send a shudder down the spine of any voter contemplating voting for the Greens party.

I take the view that the old argument — that the Greens will never be in a position to implement anything, so they can promise whatever they like in the knowledge they will never be held accountable for it — is and should be redundant.

A sizeable proportion of the trouble the Labor Party now finds itself in where the budget deficit is concerned (but not all of the trouble, mind) is a direct consequence of those of the Greens’ lunatic spending measures that were legislated by the Gillard government as the price of retaining Greens support on other legislation in the Senate.

We’ve had a glimpse of the economic, political and administrative consequences of Greens policies, thanks to the hung Parliament returned three years ago by voters; heaven help Australia if these fruit cakes ever control the levers of government on their own.

No longer can the Greens skip off quietly, scot-free, in the belief they can fly beneath the radar forever, saying whatever they like to win Senate seats and milk public election funding in the name of their wacko Leftist schemes.

And just as the Greens must to be held to account on the fiscal absurdities of their policies, so too must a more concerted effort be made to strip away the veil of misinformation and deception they have crafted around their true nature as a political movement.

This is not a party of harmless, tree-hugging, slightly loopy environmental protesters.

It is a party of the hard Left, whose official platform reads like a Stalin-era blueprint for a country under Communist control, and where ideological purity and pedagogy take precedence over considerations that are practical, practicable, or even realistic.

I hope people enjoy the article by Mitch Hooke, and — as ever — welcome comment, including from those inclined to vote for the Greens.

But this column is my game, and I’m free to advocate whatever I choose.

And that, simply, is this: Vote Liberal. If you can’t vote Liberal, vote Labor. And if you can’t do either then make your own choices, but whatever you do — don’t vote for the Greens!