“Kick This Mob Out”: The Daily Telegraph Nails The Message

HUMOUR ME as you will, but with my conservative hat squarely on the best message of the day — anywhere — comes from the Daily Telegraph in Sydney; its editorial (and the accompanying front page) absolutely nail the central theme of this election campaign, and this column endorses the sentiment.

The Daily Telegraph front page, Monday 5 August 2013.

I am simply posting tonight to share the editorial from today’s issue of the Tele; there are folk outside of NSW and/or who would never think or know to access an interstate newspaper site online who would otherwise not have the opportunity to see what may be the best front page picture of the election campaign — even if it is only day one.

The editorial that accompanies it is bang on the money. It can be accessed here.

I urge all readers to circulate a link to this article — or at the minimum, the URL to the editorial I have linked to — to help to ensure it gets the widest possible readership across the country.

I will be posting again later in the night or tomorrow with some reflections of the first couple of days on the campaign trail.