Free Speech: Governing For The Majority Might Save Turnbull’s Hide

THE FANCIES of the Left — veto over thought, word and deed, and favour for minorities with votes — persist after three years of “conservative” governance, and will be entrenched by a change of government; alleged “thorough liberal” Malcolm Turnbull is no conservative, but abolishing sinecures and fiefdoms of the Left may find him favour with Australians fed up with being told others are more important than they are in their own country.

Three years ago, almost to the day — and three weeks out from a federal election that produced a large swing against a Labor government that had unashamedly spent years pandering to the hard Left — I published an article in this column that singled out a predominantly government-funded “community organisation” that appears dedicated to little more than the dissemination of propaganda telling people how to think, speak and act; that article, despite being one of the better-read pieces of the election campaign, generated just three comments which, even accounting for the fact this form of media usually has an interaction rate of about 1-2%, was…very low.

What is interesting is that in the time since then, the material from the website of the organisation we looked at that day — FECCA — was moved at least twice, so the link I inserted to it in my own piece led to an error message if followed; like a dog with a bone I have fixed the link twice, too, and no doubt after today’s discussion, I will probably need to fix it up a third time.

But the takeout? Just as people in Australia have grown understandably reticent about laying into the mouthpieces of the Left, lest they attract prosecution for having an opinion that isn’t a sop to some minority or another, those mouthpieces are highly intolerant of any form of scrutiny whatsoever, and will go to silly lengths to ensure they remain beyond reproach and immune to criticism.

I begin my remarks thus this afternoon on account of a slew of opinion pieces that have appeared in various organs of the Murdoch press today, and it is no coincidence that these items were published by an organisation that sends the Left into mouth-foaming paroxysms of incandescent rage; the pliant, pliable (and reliable) tomes of Uncle Fairfax, Crikey! or “their ABC” would never stoop to the depths of opining against the pet fancies of the finger-shaking, Chardonnay-swilling, bullshit-dribbling imbeciles of the nanny state Left, but Murdoch scribes are fair game: and the main reason is that their mastheads usually (but not invariably) lend their support at election time to the Liberal Party.

First things first: for interest, readers may wish to peruse the selection of material I’ve been reading this morning here, here, here and here; these articles are really just for extra reading today, for the specific issues in them — whilst mostly outrageous, and uniformly a national disgrace — are, sadly, nothing new to intelligent people who are routinely told that unless they think and speak and act in a predetermined fashion, they are racists or bigots or homophobes and God alone knows what else.

The sub-plot to this, of course, is that there is a “class” of people who know better: those opinion “leaders,” unionists, bureaucrats, left-wing academics and other idiots bent on the insidious slither and spread of socialism at the expense of societal vigour, individual liberty and the entrepreneurial spirit, and the prioritisation of a sick ideological dogma over the national interest and the rights of the majority of people who live in Australia.

To be sure, this sad state of affairs is not unique to Australia; it’s happening across the Western world: “diversity” — a term more related in this context to punching socialism and social change down the throats of sullen, hostile majorities who were never consulted than to any real sense of multiculturalism (and to a plurality of cultures not limited to race) — is the dirty word used by left-wing activists to justify the insidious cancer of the doctrine they seek to propagate, the abuse doled out to anyone who dares speak against it (“Islamophobia,” anyone?) and to a gushing torrent of taxpayer dollars handed out to “community organisations” and other euphemisms for social engineering that the country neither needs nor can afford.

The reach of this odious, insidious hand is almost without end.

As readers will see from the pieces I have linked to this afternoon, it extends from public funding of so-called “think tanks” like the Grattan Institute all the way to insignificant flyspecks like FECCA, which nevertheless consumes half a million in taxpayer money every year; it runs from a national broadcaster whose “news” sense starts and ends with plugging the agenda of hard socialism, all the way through university social science schools; and it spans expensive QANGOs that pointlessly and unproductively consume hundreds of millions of dollars every year for little tangible purpose beyond providing high-paying citadels from which socialist troglodytes like Gillian Triggs are free to shake their fingers and lecture at us: the great, unwashed, uncouth, morosely silent majority.

These people do not know better than us, irrespective of whatever delusional self-assurances they fortify themselves with.

Sometimes they work in lockstep, with Triggs’ Commission coming to the party to help crucify some white Australian students facing prosecution for daring firstly to use “Aboriginal-only” computers at the Queensland University of Technology, and secondly, to complain about being asked to leave the computers alone: the heavily tokenised Aboriginal student population might be growing impatient, after all.

Sometimes they just work with Labor, like the Grattan Institute’s provision of convenient “research” that just happened to dovetail perfectly with ALP policy before the election on Negative Gearing, or Professor Triggs’ outfit (again) waiting until a Liberal government had all but solved the mess of thousands of incarcerated asylum seekers (including children) before releasing a ridiculously biased report that all but sought the roasting of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in hell over the fact a small minority of the kids were still awaiting the finalising of their processing, whilst remaining mute on any culpability on the part of Labor or the Communist Party Greens, who put them there in the first place.

And sometimes, they just feed like-minded fellow travellers out in the big wide world, with the AFL’s diversity and “compliance” regimes a stark illustration of just how stupid it is possible to be over a game of football: every football stadium in the country now has a number to dob in “anti-social” crowd behaviour — so the AFL’s goons, under the auspices of its New World Order social policies, can eject the perpetrators. We’re not just talking about the odd fight between supporters, either, much less any racist catcalls or “vilification.” A bit of blue language, I’m told, is sometimes enough to attract the attention of Security even without a complaint being sent.

Is this country so insecure, so immature, and so unintelligent that it requires socialist masters to tell its inhabitants how to think, speak, and/or act?

I don’t think so.

The problem is that all of this bullshit (yes, bullshit), whilst a latent presence to varying degrees over the past 30 years or so, really got a leg-up on the watch of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard; that’s fine, so long as her government lasted, but it didn’t — and all of this crap should have been abolished in quick order once the change of government occurred in 2013.

To its credit, the Abbott government tried, taking aim at the notorious S18c of anti-discrimination legislation: the problem, of course, was that the minister charged with prosecuting the case, Attorney-General George Brandis, chose unwisely to associate “freedom of speech” with the “right to be a bigot.”

Needless to say, that was the end of the Abbott government’s campaign for change: after Brandis’ remarks, any attempt to proceed would have been futile.

It goes without saying that racial persecution, or vilification on the base of gender or sexuality or whatever, simply isn’t on. But it does not follow as a logical extension of that sentiment that an army of do-gooder Chardonnay drunks is required — at usurious and unmerited public expense — to preside over its execution, showering fortune and assistance over ideological soulmates, and seeking to destroy anyone who dares question them.

And it should surprise nobody that when the Donald Trumps and Pauline Hansons and Geert Wilders of this world appear on the far Right — as a populist, if defective and inadequate, response to the most frustrated sections of the electorate — nobody bellows louder than the same entitled band of socialist finger shakers. Heaven forbid anyone should derail their gravy train, after all.

Self-interest and the public benefit coincide, happily, for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: if he chooses to seize the opportunity, that is, the small matter of his wife being a director of the Grattan Institute notwithstanding.

A clear majority of the aggregate primary vote was cast at last month’s election for parties opposed to Labor, the Greens, and the handful of more openly socialist parties that receive negligible direct support; there are those on the Left who argue that because the preferences from many of these non-Coalition sources ultimately flowed to Labor, it is reasonable to assert the hard Right finds the soft Left more palatable than the Coalition. But such an assertion ignores the fact groups like One Nation regard the Liberal Party (and Turnbull especially) as an enemy, not a friend.

I use the Nixonian term “the silent majority” regularly, for I believe in this country that is exactly what we have: these people, who are not brimming with racial hatred or a desire to inflict harm on gays, lesbians, Muslims or anyone else, nevertheless want to be heard: and just as the musings of the Left on One Nation preferences are based on a false premise, so too is the idea that an election in Australia is an opportunity to be heard.

The compulsion to preference parties and candidates one would sooner spit on dilutes the intended messages of voters; whether that is the effect or not, the two major parties (thanks in no small part to Turnbull’s famed leftist social instincts) are caricatures of each other. The only real alternative lies further along the Left of the spectrum; and to them, equivalent interlopers to the Right must be slapped down and demonised at any cost.

The problem is that unless something definitive is done to rein in the rampant entrenchment of the hard Left as a force for the governance in Australia, the chance to do so will be lost: based on present realities and the current political climate, it would be a brave individual who sought to proclaim anything but a Labor win at the next election as the likely outcome.

And if Labor wins the next election — under minorities-obsessed Bill Shorten, or either of the Left’s candidates in Anthony Albanese or Tanya Plibersek — these people will become impossible to get rid of or to defund.

How the government finds the intestinal fortitude to make such changes (or the communications nous with which to sell them) is unclear, but the abolition of the Human Rights Commission, the Anti-Discrimination Commission, and scores of ideology battalions like them would save hundreds of millions of dollars at a stroke with few deleterious effects in terms of the “constituencies” they claim to represent.

The complete and instant abolition of funding to groups like FECCA, and to others like them who specialise only in the socially noxious purpose of telling people what they should say or think, would yield a hefty boost to a budget bottom line that simply cannot afford to bankroll the doctrinal misadventures of socialist lunatics and the wholesale demonisation of the majority of the Australian public.

And having failed to bring “their ABC” to heel when he was directly responsible for it, Turnbull should use Prime Ministerial imprimatur to orchestrate a review into the ABC’s news standards that forces balance on the public broadcaster. “Independent” and “impartial”are not the same thing. Nobody is advocating an ABC that goes out and roots for the Coalition: this would be equally offensive. But as it stands, the ABC’s “independent” editorial policies merely provide a fig leaf of cover for it to be independently biased, and it isn’t on.

Turnbull might actually discover just how much support is up for grabs from the millions of people who are sick of being told how to behave as cardboard cut-outs if he goes down this path. It might even save his beleaguered Prime Ministership, or at the very least, provide him with a firmer platform from which (shock, horror) to make more meaningful attempts at serious reform than the complete botch he made of it earlier this year.

He might also find that a new Senate can be convinced of the merits of drastic action to put the socialist genie back in  its bottle, if not to support such action outright.

The alternative is to permanently entrench the thought Police and a nanny state, with controls over speech and thought that are Stalinist at best and downright evil at worst: it might satisfy the Triggses of the world who personally pocket hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars per year for their trouble, but the average voter has had enough of such trifles.

The whole stinking edifice of left-wing thought control and the stifling of free speech is a putrefying pile of horse shit: it might gratify those at the top of the incestuous little pyramid but it is no way to run a country.

Horse shit has some value in terms of fertilising the garden, but its misuse as an instrument of governance has gone far enough. There is strong public support for change. The question is whether Malcolm has the bottle to enact it.