Ban Lawless, Anti-Australia “Left Renewal” Greens From Parliament

HOW A COMMUNIST with links to the USSR could be eligible to sit in Australian Parliaments despite the national security risk defies belief; news NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon — with fellow traveller NSW MP David Shoebridge — anchors a hard Left Greens faction that recognises neither the rule of law nor the Australian state is a worry. This insidious subversive filth, and anyone else who signs on with it, must be barred from public office.

Those readers — especially those who come here intermittently just to be contrary — who profess disapproval of my wholesale characterisation of the Greens as Communists should perhaps take a little more notice today, as a Christmas present from Australia’s far Left that nobody in their right mind would want lobs onto the national political landscape.

(That’s right, a Christmas present — unwanted as it is — not some monument to “happy holidays” or similar bullshit).

Lee Rhiannon may very well have told the Fairfax press that she is not involved with Left Renewal — and we will get to that outfit shortly — and that none of her “current” staff are, but people will form their own conclusions and Rhiannon, as nobody has attempted to ever deny, is an active, ardent communist who once worked as a USSR propagandist: even if she has no formal, verifiable involvement with Left Renewal, her entire history suggests she would at the very minimum be amenable to its objectives.

Speaking of the press, readers can make their usual choice between Fairfax and Murdoch accounts of this issue.

For once, there isn’t a great deal to say.

The emergence of an ultra-left faction within the Communist Party Greens — claiming it does not acknowledge the rule of law, the Australian state, the authority of the Police, and seeks to “bring about the end of capitalism” — is hardly a surprise; after all, the party’s platform (which most voters are ignorant of) advocates pretty much the same thing.

But Left Renewal, this hardcore new Greens faction that explicitly aims to realise it, is a new development and a turning point in the long march of the Greens from their masquerade as a harmless place to park protest votes to an unveiling of their true form — an insidious, obsequious bastion of the most brutal aspects of socialism — that ought to be met with proportionate repercussions by the very state it claims to disregard the legitimacy of.

The reports available in the media all use the formulation that Left Renewal has “formed around” Rhiannon and her apparent fellow traveller — NSW upper house MP David Shoebridge — and on the presumption that this is how the reporting journalists have been briefed, Rhiannon and Shoebridge can hardly be surprised that some will draw the conclusion their fingerprints are all over it even if the paper trail doesn’t directly implicate them.

It does not recognise the rule of law.

It does not recognise the legitimacy of the Australian state.

It portrays Police as a “violent apparatus” of that state: needless to say, it doesn’t recognise their authority either.

And it is pledged to “bring about the end of capitalism” — something leader Richard Di Natale has tried to dismiss as a “ridiculous notion,” but if the shoe fits, the Greens must wear it: after all, it is an old story indeed that the Greens are “anti” just about everything that constitutes a modern, advanced, liberal democratic society: and that, by definition, includes free markets and financial systems within a capitalist economy.

But to really appreciate the truly repulsive — and subversive — nature of Left Renewal, it is necessary to republish a contemporaneous quote from The Age, from which the Left Renewal manifesto states that

“Capitalism depends upon violent and authoritarian divisions within the working class, such as elitism, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious sectarianism, and ableism (among others). It is only with the abolition of these authoritarian relations that we will be able to create a thriving movement capable of transforming society and so must challenge these wherever we encounter it (sic).”

Australia itself, Left Renewal claims, is “based upon an act of genocide which exists within a broader framework of global imperialism.”

What a pile of horse shit.

Still, Left Renewal makes its objectives very clear: to systematically overthrow and dismantle Australian society, with a flagrant disregard — defiance even — of any officially sanctioned authority that might stop it.

It makes a rather ironic start in this sense, given it establishes a faction within a party in which factionalism is supposedly verboten: and to continue the theme, any Left Renewal member will be bound to support and pursue decisions resolved by the faction’s members by majority ballot.

And in a vivid illustration of just how dangerous this ultra-left wing contingent at the Greens really is — both to its own party, and to Australian society more broadly — the fact calls by party elder Bob Brown for Rhiannon to get out of Parliament in the interests of “renewal,” and attempts by Di Natale to head the emergence of the faction off altogether, merely show the complete impotence of any proper leadership at the Greens, and the malignancy with which the parasitic hard socialist Left now seeks to advance its truck.

Margaret Thatcher used to say, of liberty and democracy, that you cannot have freedom unless you have order — and that you cannot have order unless you obey the law.”

It is clear that Left Renewal has little interest in obeying the law at all — let alone even acknowledging its fundamental role underpinning Australian society — and in that sense, it is debatable whether it has any interest in preserving order either.

I think a determination needs to be made on national security grounds that subversive elements like this should be barred from holding office: there is, after all, no point rattling on about democracy when it comes to those pledged to destroy the liberal democratic system in its entirety.

And whether she “is a member” of Left Renewal or not, that applies to the Communist Lee Rhiannon irrespective of this insidious new bloc inside the Greens: as an operative for a foreign (and hostile) power in the form of the USSR she should never have been allowed to stand for Parliament in the first place, let alone serve in the upper houses of both NSW and the Commonwealth.

She, and anyone else who throws in their lot with Left Renewal, should be summarily disqualified from standing for elective office. Their agenda may yield little electoral support, but — just like the Greens proper — precedent has already shown it takes relatively few people to be brainwashed through disinformation and propaganda to inflict disproportionate consequent damage on Australia’s instruments of governance.

With an agenda such as that now offered by Left Renewal, that damage — if milked for enough votes — could be cataclysmic.