Community “A Risk” To Paedophile? Throw The Key Away

EARLIER THIS MONTH, we looked at a sickening case of paedophilia in Ireland, and talked about the death penalty for recidivist child abusers; today Sydney’s Daily Telegraph carries an article on a paedophile for whom the community constitutes “a risk” — and I say let him rot in hell.

One way or the other.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the headline, and obviously neither could the Tele‘s resident writer, David Penberthy; given we talked about this issue less than a fortnight ago I wanted to make a few comments.

I’ll let readers access and read the Penberthy article for themselves through the first link, and our piece from 6 November through the second if desired.

But I must say very plainly that this is exactly the kind of sick individual that has no place in Australian communities: no place on the street, or in our neighbourhoods, and certainly not as an “active participant in society” in any way, shape or form.

This is no first time offender; nor does he have a “marginal” defence that might be used, say, by an 18-year-old boy whose 15-year-old girlfriend said she was 16 and later had second thoughts.

No, this is a serial repeat offender — a dangerous individual — and in my view such a creature has no place walking in the midst of our children.

If the death penalty for recidivist paedophiles is unavailable, then the least the law can do is incarcerate an animal like this for the term of his natural life.

It isn’t hard to see how some people become crusaders on issues like this; the likes of Derryn Hinch, for one, who has gone to extraordinary lengths over the years to see that sex offenders are dealt with in a fashion nearer to community expectations.

Or Bravehearts chief Hetty Johnston, for another, who has campaigned ceaselessly for many years to ensure sick bastards like this are kept off our streets.

If a “significant community backlash or media scrutiny” causes a paedophile stress, worry, discomfort or trauma then — frankly — I couldn’t care less.

Those that prey on the youngest and most helpless members of society are a menace to it, and far from pandering to the “rights” of these types of people, society should be shielded from them — permanently.