Watching For Prime Minister Abbott: The Hypocrisy Of The Left

SOMETHING a little tongue-in-cheek (and lighthearted) to start the new week and the new month; it might be April Fools’ Day, but discussion of the utter hypocrisy of the Left — politically, socially and institutionally — is no joke; today I share with readers lay-down misere proof of its recalcitrance.

I’ve just been having a quick early morning scan of the day’s online newspapers, and thought I would share this; it might give readers of whatever political stripe a bit of a laugh, but it’s bang-on accurate too.

Many times, here at The Red And The Blue, we have discussed the hypocrisy of the Left: of Julia Gillard, her ministers and her party generally, as well as touching from time to time on some of the markers of the broader Left in society.

Even so (and remembering it is Easter Monday — so we’ll try not to get too far into the heavy stuff today), a column in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph today caught my eye; it neatly sums up the blatant double standards and hypocrisy I have been banging on about here, and I think most readers will find themselves nodding in agreement, or chortling, or perhaps both.

Except, that is, for some of my readers who actually sit on the Left (and to them I say that far from trying to alienate you, I’d actually welcome your comments/explanations/robust arguments to the contrary — please feel free to make and post them).

The column — and I urge you to read it if you’ve come this far to see what I am talking about — can be accessed here. It’s a good read and it’s not too lengthy.

Oh, and next time I am in Canberra, I will have to visit the souvlaki joint in Belconnen; after all, I just love a good souvlaki…