The Wrap: ALP Leadership, Newspoll, Rudd And Abbott, And A Message To Readers

Firstly, my mistake: like many other commentators, I expected a Newspoll tonight; it’s been held over a week, so we’ll revisit it on Monday. But I am out of action tomorrow, and wanted to get a quick wrap-up in, as well as a message to all readers of The Red And The Blue.

OK, first things first: I’m out of action tomorrow — Tuesday — as I said; my second child is being born in the morning (irrespective of any views to the contrary he might have) and as I am going to squeeze some work in during the day as well, it really depends on what state of mind I’m in as to whether I post tomorrow night when I get in or not.

(UPDATE 11.15am, Tues 19 Feb: the run to the hospital this morning was a FALSE ALARM after all that…but as it will happen again in the next day or so, I’m still happy to flag it: if I disappear for a couple of days, readers will now understand why…)

So we are all going to have to wait another week to see what Newspoll brings, and specifically how it impacts on the fortunes of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Messrs Rudd and Abbott, and whether it influences the course of political life at a delicately poised moment in the political cycle.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, barring unforeseens my next post will be the long-promised article on the ALP leadership, and whether a switch to Kevin Rudd might offer Labor a way out of the thickening darkness; I have to qualify it in those terms simply because there is so much happening at present it’s easy for events to prevail in terms of the discourse we share here.

I’m also intending to look at some mooted campaign strategies on the Labor side of the fence in the near future: fascinating stuff, albeit most of it likely to be useless in the context of the looming electoral Armageddon which appears to await the ALP.

We are also going to focus more on the strategic directions of the Liberal side which — in the opening rounds of the new year — have undergone a subtle yet unmistakable switch; Abbott looks more Prime Ministerial by the day, and more and more sounds the part as well.

Interestingly — at the risk of rattling the cage of the anti-misogynists — Abbott was seen on the campaign trail in Sydney today with his beautiful daughter, Bridget; even taller than Abbott himself, his youngest daughter was the face of last year’s Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival.

Blessed with three stunning daughters, it’s probable the Abbott girls will be seen with their father quite frequently as the year progresses; and being “all in the family,” it will be fun to watch the “Abbott Hates Women” brigade fulminate over the sheer exploitation of it all…

Seriously though, folks, this is just a short piece tonight to keep everyone in the loop; I might be with you again tomorrow night, or it may be the night after; but either way, we’ll soon resume.

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We’ll talk a little more a little later.