A Word On The Boston Bombings

The Red And The Blue wishes to minute its ┬ásympathy and condolences to the families of those killed, and to those injured, in the disgusting and cowardly attack on runners in the Boston marathon; it is to be hoped the FBI and other federal authorities in the US locate — and punish — the perpetrators.

I simply want to say that any terrorist attack is an outrage, and especially when innocent civilians are wantonly maimed or killed.

But to target a civilian sporting event — and one traditionally involving heavy participation by families and children — is particularly appalling.

At the time of writing, the identity of the individuals/group/country that might be responsible is unknown; indeed, local Police and other authorities will continue their pursuit of the culprit/s, and we will no doubt know who they are soon enough.

But this short post is unconcerned with the filth who committed this heinous attack; we pray for the victims and their families and hope — God willing — that the truth of the matter is uncovered in due course, and that some sense is able to be made of today’s tragic events for everybody involved and affected.