You Say Misogyny, I Say Hypocrisy: Julia Gillard And Kyle Sandilands

JULIA GILLARD has principles on misogyny: it offends her “personally” and, presumptuously, “on behalf of all women;” she’ll crucify anyone for it — if his name is Tony Abbott. If it’s a man who calls a woman “a fat slag” with “not enough titty,” no worries; for whatever else she may be, Gillard is a hypocrite.

I wasn’t actually going to post tonight, but I saw a post published last night by a fellow blogger I know in Queensland; entitled “Some Misogynists are OK,” it talks about Julia Gillard’s recent appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O show on 2Day FM.

Can I ask readers at the outset to read/watch/listen to the material I link to here; my actual post will be relatively short (by my standards) — more an exercise on this occasion in connecting the dots to reveal the picture of a total, shameless, unabashed hypocrite.

Readers will know I am incensed by the “stand” Gillard took on misogyny last year; safely hidden in the coward’s cloak of parliamentary privilege she ripped into Tony Abbott, selectively quoting, misrepresenting and distorting whatever suited her argument, and all in the defence of former Speaker and serial grub Peter Slipper, the bona fides of whose misogynistic and sexist credentials are easily established by his own words.

For a quick look at the calibre of the guy she was defending (whilst crucifying Abbott for “misogyny”), check this article out.

Gillard’s thunderous principles are instructive; for the first time at The Red And The Blue I have decided to share a link to that infamous parliamentary speech; watch this video recording, remembering as you do that the speech is opposing a motion, moved by Abbott, to have Slipper — remember the article you just read — removed from the Speakership.

So even by the time we get this far, we have clear evidence of two sets of standards being operated by Julia Gillard in her “war” against misogyny.

On one hand, we have Peter Slipper, with his disgusting pronouncements about women, and especially in relation to their genitalia (it’s actually a bit sick to be talking about elected representatives with published comment on record of genitalia at all, but there you go).

On the other hand (if you accept that Abbott is a misogynist, which I don’t), we have Tony Abbott, whose utterances have been picked over for the Prime Minister’s political convenience, but which even if blindly accepted in the context the Prime Minister sought to convey would seem relatively benign compared to those of Slipper.

The Prime Minister defended Slipper, but attempted to crucify Abbott.

Now — suitably flushed from her “victory” in the ALP leadership stakes — Gillard has made a beeline for Kyle Sandilands’ Sydney radio show (which just happens to pull in millions of listeners across Sydney and around the country on syndication).

For a quick revision lesson on “Vile Kyle,” here’s an article I wrote when he went to town on a female journalist 18 months ago; the only crime of the journalist — Ali Stephenson, an entertainment reporter with the Murdoch press — was to write a moderately critical review of one of Sandilands’ TV programmes.

If Gillard’s rage and principle and standards over such issues as misogyny and sexism were authentic rather than driven by political expediency, Kyle Sandilands would be the last person she has anything to do with.

Alas, the Prime Minister is a hypocrite.

Just as she could brazenly seek to defend Slipper, there’s no issue whatsoever when it comes to Kyle Sandilands either; the most natural thing in the world, having seen off the latest threat to her tenure as Prime Minister, would of course be to go and talk about it with Sandilands and his offsider, Jackie O.

Here’s the link to the radio interview; ten minutes of pure, unadulterated, soft-soap corn.

“Misogyny” aside, this would have to be one of the most sycophantic interviews faced by a politician in this country in quite some time; free to spruik her wares with as positive a slant as she cared to put on them, it’s no wonder Gillard sounds like she’s enjoying herself.

I note the PM was to participate in an Easter charity activity with Sandilands, which they spent a little time discussing, but it’s scarcely the point. There are literally thousands of deserving causes Gillard could support without having anything to do with Sandilands.

Just listen to the banter (and remember the articles you’ve read thus far, too): it’s all a bundle of fun; a barrel of laughs to be sure. Hell, the banter between Gillard and Sandilands might even be characterised as moderately flirtatious, but of course we couldn’t definitively call it that because to do so would probably be misogynistic.

Join all the dots. What is wrong with this picture?

The simple truth is that those thundered principles go straight out the window when several million listeners, skewed to a young demographic, are on offer in one place at the same time, even if a misogynistic pig is in charge of the show.

And the point is that we’re talking about some pretty elastic principles here — if, indeed, one could properly describe them as principles at all.

Enough people were hoodwinked — temporarily — by Gillard’s petulant performance of mock outrage and confected fury over “misogyny” to put her government, e’er briefly, in what most reputable polls found was not far short of a winning position; indeed, there was speculation late last year of an early election on the basis of precisely that.

Some might argue that an elasticity in the application of principle is simply a (low) common denominator of politicians in general, and that no more (or less) could be expected.

I think it’s a bit bigger than that; she made too much noise about the issue for pure political gain, using the dubious pretext of defending someone who is the very embodiment of exactly the kind of thing she was claiming to be railing against.

So Gillard breaks the bread with Kyle Sandilands, and all the fulminating rhetoric about stamping out sexism and misogyny was just a lot of expedient hot air.

Julia Gillard is a hypocrite, and it’s not the first time she has been exposed as such.

But then if you take the high moral ground — with absolutely no justification or entitlement to do so — it’s as likely as not to collapse under your feet.

It tends to happen when you stand for nothing other than self-interest, and Julia Gillard certainly stands for that.

It’s Time For Kyle Sandilands To Be Booted Off The Air

This subject isn’t political in the strictest sense, but it has to be covered; and I issue an open invitation to anyone who knows Kyle Sandilands, follows him on Twitter, or has presences in other social media to repost this article. Oh, and of course, to send it to ol’ Kyle himself.

Some readers might not like the language here — but be fair; I’m only going to quote the guy.

If there’s one lady my heart and sympathies go out to tonight, it’s Ali Stephenson, the News Ltd journalist guilty of nothing more than reporting that the boofhead Sandilands’ latest TV show was being reviewed in social media as — well, pretty awful.

Ms Stephenson certainly didn’t deserve what followed.

On the relevant moron’s radio show, Sandilands launched a despicable and reprehensible personal attack on Stephenson, who had done nothing other than her job; the brittle glass jaw and the fragile ego of Kyle Sandilands mightn’t have been visible over the airwaves, but their presence was undeniable.

Sandilands kicked off proceedings, in retaliation for Stephenson’s review, by making pronouncements about her that she was “a fat slag,” “a fat bitter thing,” “a piece of shit,” and a “little troll.”


Undeterred — clearly ignorant of the freedoms of speech that are available in this country, and clearly ignorant of the value of anyone other than himself, Sandilands continued.

“You’re a bullshit artist, girl. You should be fired from your job,” he said. “Your hair’s very ’90s, and your blouse. You haven’t got that much titty to be having that low-cut a blouse.”

He added that “you are supposed to be impartial, you little troll.”

Or in other words, she should say what ol’ Kyle wants said — and if she doesn’t, she’s a “piece of shit.”

At this point in my article, the merits or otherwise of ol’ Kyle’s show are irrelevant.

Just look at what he has had to say.

His remarks about the reporter being a bullshit artist, or that she ought to be fired, might be acceptable as a comment if that’s as far as he went with it.

(And for the record, I don’t think Ali Stephenson is a bullshit artist or that she should be sacked).

But then — as it always does with Kyle Sandilands — it got personal, demeaning, and brutal.

Who cares what the girl is wearing, or what hairstyle she chooses to have? After all, ol’ Kyle is no oil painting himself. He might have buckets of money and a lot of trinkets to throw around, but he has no class and no style.

But to say what he did about Stephenson’s breasts — apparently in relation to a shirt she was wearing — surely registers a new low in broadcasting standards.

Memo to ol’ Kyle: the size of the reporter’s breasts is irrelevant, and so is the blouse she is/was wearing; the only relevant consideration in this context is the report she filed.

Kyle is entitled to disagree with Stephenson, but one might have expected a more intelligent retort than effectively calling her a fat slut with little tits.

Then again, this is not a man known for decorum, judgement, etiquette or any tact whatsoever when it comes to dealing with women.

“Watch your mouth or I’ll hunt you down,” was his blunt warning to Stephenson yesterday on his radio show.

Indeed, he has form for the worst manifestations of utter obliviousness to the sensitivity of women, or to their dignity; and he certainly possesses a total lack of tact.

Ol’ Kyle, interviewing a 14-year-old girl two years ago who revealed she had been raped, became brusque and businesslike. “Was that your only (sexual) experience?” he asked.

He once said that entertainer and comedienne Magda Szubanski — who has publicly battled issues with her weight in good humour and high spirits — could lose weight if she were to be interned in a concentration camp. Never mind the cruel fact her father had fought against the Nazis as part of the Jewish resistance.

Not important to ol’ Kyle.

He once called Woman’s Day editor Fiona Connolly “a fat toad” when she was pregnant.

Let’s also remember that Sandilands held court recently in the media, in apparent soliloquy, on the subject of his life of casual sex, bemoaning the fact that he wasn’t really into it because the whole exercise was meaningless and that the girls in question were only after him for his star quality.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph — spare me!

But pity the poor girls (if they ever even existed) for jumping in the sack with him — ol’ Kyle couldn’t give a rat’s arse about women.

I’m no prude, but there’s casual sex, and then there’s Kyle’s version of it: slag the women off after the event and ram home the message of the meaninglessness of the act, and the predatory nature of the girls who were the 50% participants in it (the other 50% participant was Kyle himself, not that you’d know from his rantings).

Other examples of this bloke’s diatribes abound; there’s little point in republishing any more of them here than is necessary to mount a case against him.

What’s wrong with this idiot? It’s clear he doesn’t represent mainstream 21st century thought.

Indeed, he’d be out of place 200 years ago, so misguided and misogynistic are his views.

I make the point that the beautiful wife he had, Tamara Jaber, left after five minutes of marriage to ol’ Kyle — probably because five minutes was all it took to realise what an imbecile he actually is.

I hope Jaber is happy. Certainly, she is better off away from such a cretin.

And it is pleasing to note that an increasing number of the sponsors of the Kyle and Jackie O Show are pulling their money out.

I wish no ill on Austereo, its partners or its clients, but money talks — and companies withdrawing money from any association with such a fuckwit deserve to praised, feted, and quite frankly patronised.

So, readers — go and buy a car from Holden, or a fridge from the Good Guys; these are organisations who correctly refuse to support a chronically defective individual like Kyle Sandilands.

There are regulations about taste and decency in broadcasting; if Sandilands hasn’t breached them, and/or can’t be found to have breached them, then I’m not the great-grandson of a pioneering Scotsman.

It is time for Kyle Sandilands, with all his boorish, inane, inappropriate and downright offensive carry-on to be kicked off the airwaves in Australia — permanently.

Somebody close to me suggested today that if Kyle Sandilands was so interested in “fat slags” then he should become an ambassador for Jenny Craig…until I reminded this person that such an ambassadorial role would likely lead to the Jenny Craig company going out of business on account of the public deserting it in droves.

Those who employ this dinosaur, this Neanderthal, this boof-headed specimen of contemptibility, ought reassess their own commercial priorities and recognise that Sandilands has no role in the realisation of these.

In the final analysis, I restate ol’ Kyle’s comment that Alison Stephenson is a “piece of shit.”

And in a direct message to Kyle Sandilands, I’d encourage you to go and look in a mirror somewhere — and to take a damned good, long, hard look at yourself.

If you really want to see what a piece of shit looks like, that’s where you’ll find it.