Back In The Saddle: Restarting The Conversation At The Red And The Blue

AFTER A MONTH which has topped off the bulk of a year in which imposts on my time have prevented me from commenting as often as I would like on Australian and international politics — or at all, for most of the past four weeks — those pressures have finally eased, meaning that over the next few months, the conversation we have maintained for many years in this column will resume. I ask all readers, lapsed and continuing, to rejoin us.

I must assure readers that I am perfectly all right and, contrary to some queries I’ve fielded directly, have not pulled the pin on this column; on the contrary, the pressures of time (to which I have alluded, sporadically, over the past 18 months) reached something of a peak last month, and the result of that was to stop — temporarily — my ability to spend the time on political comment that I would have preferred to make.

As I have always been clear about, those obligations related to earning a living (I do have to eat, after all) and otherwise advancing my lot must come first: and this has meant that The Red And The Blue, along with a separate lifestyle-based column I attempted to launch (and which fell victim to the same time constraints), and other personal pursuits have all been pushed down the priority list.

However, having cleared a small set of milestone obligations in another place this week, the notion of “free” time will actually now become truly free once more; and whilst I still have a couple of things that must be cleared on other fronts, it means that I will be able to resume comment on the matters going on around us in the political world at present.

There is, to be sure, an awful lot going on, and whilst we have missed it here, I have certainly been keeping an eye on things as they happen.

Does it come as any great surprise that having lost a referendum vote, the “Remainers” in the UK are now hellbent on preventing Britain’s departure from the European Union from ever taking place? No, no, no. And it should surprise no-one that the unelected EU chief bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker is now proclaiming that Britain will “never be allowed” to leave the EU: a disgraceful position that, if anything, merely underlines the importance of the UK getting out and reclaiming control of its own destiny.

The US presidential election is now only a couple of weeks away and, disturbingly, appears set to see Hillary Clinton handed the keys to the White House. Troglodyte socialists, finger-shaking “SJWs” and other contemptible specimens are pointing to some admittedly filthy banter Donald Trump has been found out for engaging in about women, and decrying him as unfit for presidential office as a consequence.

Yet Clinton — variously a corrupt alleged violator of national security, a nuclear war threat for her pronouncements and past dealings with Russia, a Washington “insider” of the worst kind, and a member of this insidious cabal concerned only with its own continuity to the exclusion of the national or international good, and apparently a seriously ill woman — is hailed by these people, lauded even, and her pending arrival in the presidency held up as evidence of some ground-breaking triumph of democracy. It isn’t, and it won’t be, and the United States and the rest of the world will soon enough rue the day she was charged with the most important elected post on Earth.

Closer to home, Human Rights commissioner Gillian Triggs must surely, finally, have her papers stamped; the revelation that she not only misled Parliament, but accused journalists of fabricating reports of her that were proven false by a taped recording of her own voice, provides the pretext for the Turnbull government to get rid of this insidiously biased socialist from the public payroll once and for all. Light will be thrown on the efficacy of Malcolm Turnbull’s government — and the ability of Turnbull to preside over a government at all — by the manner in which it responds to this latest outrage from a Gillard-era relic who has no business purporting to impartiality at all, let alone serving as a public official in the first place.

And speaking of Turnbull, there are signs — as long forecast, and as I have feared — that he simply isn’t up to the job. More of the so-called moderates loyal to Turnbull and charged with the execution of government business have shown themselves to simply not be up to the task (Kelly O’Dwyer, I’m looking at you) and the government itself is showing signs it has learned nothing from its misadventures since coming to office in 2013, and certainly since Turnbull’s leadership treachery two years ago.

Clearly, we have much to discuss, and from this weekend onwards — perhaps a little slowly to begin with, and then resuming some semblance of our usual historical frequency — we’ll start to look at some of these issues in greater detail.

In the meantime, I remain active on Twitter, and you can follow me @theredandblue: it is one of those ironies that just as I have had little time for writing comment pieces in this column, the relative brevity and simplicity of Twitter has meant I can still make some comment as things happen, even if it is limited to 140 characters at a time.

And as ever, the ABC’s loathsome #QandA programme has continued to come in for a melloring on that front, even if I’ve missed the odd episode: even if it’s complete rubbish — and it usually is — it is nevertheless important to remember that if we are to take on the insidious socialism that is slithering almost unchallenged through our national polity, it is also necessary to know what the socialists are talking about, and that particular abuse of the national broadcaster for a one-hour propaganda session every week is an excellent place to start insofar as keeping track of the Left’s agenda is concerned.

I’ll be back, with something issues-based, within the next day or so.


7 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle: Restarting The Conversation At The Red And The Blue

  1. We are witnessing the bankruptcy of Western Civilistaion.
    As Ernest Hemmingway said about going broke, “It happens slowly ant first, and then very suddenly”.
    This is Judge Souter explaining that phenomenon. It is happening in Europe. It is happening in the USA. It is happening here.

  2. The calendar boy, Vlad, is coming, he has big enough delusions of grandeur to see himself in charge of the world. Syria & similar war torn countries are just the place/s to test out his latest military equipment while making money at the same time selling arms to the knuckle heads that are fighting each other in that part of the world. Who will oppose him??
    Not Hilary that is for sure, just look at what the soon to be deposed Democratic Party President, Obama, has left behind!!!! Reduced military capability both in personnel & equipment and limited funds to re-equip same.
    In my humble opinion I don’t think that Donald would be much better or worse. He may be preoccupied with building the Wall between the US & Mexico to see what was coming from Vlad’s sector!
    The poor Yanks are no better off than us Ozzies, when it comes to choose of politicians, we have “Mal” function on one side & King Billly on the other, a little like Laurel & Hardy or maybe Bud Abbott & Lou Costello don’t you think?

    • Sadly, we no longer choose our Presidents or Prime Ministers. It is selection by media.
      We have more chance of finding out what one of the Karadashians is wearing than what is happening politically or economically in our respective countries. If it doesn’t suit the leftist agenda, it won’t get printed. As an example, why is the media not all over the story of Hillary defending and getting a reduced sentence for the rapist of a 12 year old girl in 1975 Or how about the corruption within the Clinton foundation and just how much the Australian Government has donated to the Clinton Foundation to date.

  3. Welcome back Yale, yes we were getting a bit concerned that you’d fallen off the perch.
    I think Hillary’s camp (ie US media) might shoot themselves in the foot with this one. If you read every bit a crap currently printed it would seem that Hillary has it in the bag. This will certainly make some Hillary supporters complacent enough not to bother taking time off work on a Tuesday to vote for her. Trump’s Deplorables however, generally don’t have jobs, mortgages, or careers to worry about so they have plenty of free time. (that’s a joke). I know Trump can sometimes be blunt and basic but I do believe he is running for President for the right reasons. Hillary on the other hand is running for President to benefit the Clintons and it won’t take long for this to become evident should she win.

  4. I do not recall a time, where I have so disenfranchised by politics in this country. Too many games being played, and not enough proper governing being done. In the US, if Trump does not get over the line, he should not accept the defeat. Too many unanswered questions about old Hillary!

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