Bill Shorten Budget Reply And Accompanying Article

JUST A SHORT note from me to readers of The Red And The Blue this morning; in the wake of opposition “leader” Bill Shorten’s speech in reply last night to the 2015 federal budget, the article intended for publication this morning in this column has been involuntarily deferred, and will appear on this site by about 9pm tonight, Melbourne time. I do apologise for the inconvenience and for the delay.

Regrettably, a partially written article doesn’t cut it: I have been working on a piece in response to the blather and bullshit that passes for the official Labor response to this year’s budget, but unfortunately, it will not appear on the website until later on this evening.

I’ve had something pop up out of left field this morning and this, combined with a pre-existing commitment last night, means the promised article dealing with Shorten is going to have to wait, although I am sure readers will enjoy it when finished and published tonight.

I simply say that the new term I am using to describe opposition “leader” Bill Shorten — economic Neanderthal — has been proven perfectly apt in the past week or so and, last night, when the occasion called for some semblance of responsibility; instead, all we got was more of the vacuous, turgid garbage that has come to characterise this Labor “leader” and this phase of the ALP’s complete lack of any agenda to meaningfully govern this country if the privilege to do so were to go its way.

Indeed, the entrenched sense of entitlement to govern that Labor seems to arrogate to itself these days was well and truly on display.

I will post notice on Twitter when the full article is finished and published — probably at about 9pm tonight — and readers who don’t already follow me can do so at @theredandblue.

In the meantime, I’ll be paying close attention to the fallout from Shorten’s rantings as I go about my business today thanks to the peculiarities of national radio.

See you all tonight.