No Apology: David Hicks Is An Embarrassment To Australia

FORMER GUANTANAMO BAY inmate David Hicks has had his conviction in the USA for terrorism-related offences overturned — on a technicality — and now demands an apology from the Australian government over the “injustice” he “suffered.” No apology or recompense is owed to this self-confessed jihadist conspirator who sought to fight against Western interests. Simply stated, Hicks remains a traitor and a national embarrassment.

A quick piece from me this morning, with the weekend soon to enable us to explore issues closer to home and in more depth; in any case, where David Hicks is concerned, the moral case isn’t difficult to make succinctly even if legal wrangling in the matter continues for another decade yet, or longer.

And legal wrangling — perhaps, this time, in an attempt to extract money from the Australian government — seems certain to ensue.

Hicks’ conviction over terror-related offences was formally quashed in the US yesterday; the reason — far from any exoneration, or findings of error in judging the wrongdoing of Hicks, or anything else that might absolve him of culpability — amounted to nothing more than a technicality, with the conviction set aside because key material in the case was found to have been filed late.

The same bleeding heart voices who, 15 years ago, bellowed about “bringing Hicks home” and railing against “imperialist” US military forces who held Hicks for years without trial are now already barking into the wind again, with the Communist Party Greens demanding “an apology” from the federal government over its purported failure to bail Hicks out back in the early 2000s, and ALP mouthpiece Bill Shorten likening the episode to “an injustice” and calling on the Abbott government to act: which is tantamount to the same thing.

Either way, acceding to this kind of demand would open the government to hefty claims for compensation that are neither merited nor warranted.

His lawyer, Stephen Kenny, told the ABC — that outrage factory more attuned to indulging the whims of chardonnay drunks than to advancing the causes of national security or observance of the law — that Hicks is “innocent,” and that it will be the end of people referring to him as “a terrorist.”

As Piers Akerman notes in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph today, it most certainly won’t.

Whatever the his legal status in the USA and Australia, it remains the case that Hicks trained with proscribed terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda, spent time with terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, and was an enthusiastic participant in jihadist campaigns against Western forces that included those of Australia.

Filed out of time, perhaps, he had pleaded guilty to charges of assisting terrorism and to fighting alongside terrorist insurgents in Afghanistan.

As Piers notes, he is on record as repeatedly having boasted of a desire to murder Americans, Jews, and anyone who is not of radical Islamic belief, views backed up with an alarming catalogue of anti-Semitic and anti-Western rhetoric based on the advancement of a fundamentalist and violent terrorist culture.

We could waste more time and space republishing the insidious and treacherous details of Hicks’ reprehensible misdeeds, but there is little point.

His conviction has been quashed — that is the legal side of the matter — but in terms of the terrorist activities he participated in and the atrocities he therefore sought to commit and advance, he not only remains acquitted of none of them but in fact remains an admitted party to these vile acts.

To now suggest he is owed an apology (or worse, some form of compensation) is tasteless, and suggestions to this end by Shorten, Greens leader Christine Milne and others who masquerade as responsible participants in the governance of this country is in itself no less an outrage than the evil deeds Hicks left our shores to participate in.

He is not “innocent” and he remains — in spite of whatever spin some may seek to put upon it — a confessed terrorist.

Many years ago the basis of outrage from the Left centred on the fact that Hicks was held in Guantanamo Bay for years without charge, but in a fraught security environment in the wake of the September 11 attacks in the US and an ongoing threat against Western interests that has proven, with time, to be an enduring one, such an argument is only viable if it is to be accepted that those who are known to seek to destroy the security of ordinary people going about their business ought to be permitted to roam freely to plot and commit their obscene objectives unhindered.

Those who advocate for Hicks now — the likes of Shorten, who holds himself out as a candidate for the Prime Ministership, or Greens leader Milne, whose pious sanctimony apparently finds no grounds in decency or reason — ought to be ashamed of themselves.

David Hicks is a national embarrassment. He is a disgrace to Australia. His freedom should be reward enough for the overturn of his conviction and he should consider himself lucky to have benefited from the technical error that made it possible.

Beyond that, this country doesn’t owe Hicks a thing. He should be told to tell his story walking.



7 thoughts on “No Apology: David Hicks Is An Embarrassment To Australia

  1. You might have mentioned that at the time of Hick’s legal problems, that NO Australian law had been broken. There were no laws at the time that precluded anyone from participating in a foreign action.
    Hicks was railroaded by the US, Howard went along with his masters commands….

    • …and then again I might simply focus on the fact that Hicks is a piece of shit in the big scheme of things whose protestations of being grievously wronged aren’t worth the time it takes to listen to them. He has admitted to what he was charged with and is only free from conviction on a technicality. The laws that apply to him retrospectively are no less valid for the fact. I’m not remotely interested in the “injustice” suffered by David Hicks.

    • Is there a script somewhere that you guys read from? Anytime the left objects there’s always an accusation of obeying masters or some form of dark conspiracy. Where it gets incredibly funny is when Australian leftists complain we are following American masters and the American Democrats complain that they are following Australian ones.

      I have to wonder if it’s a pathological abnormality, that they are so immersed in a “groupthink is good” mentality that the very idea of someone thinking for themselves and reaching their own conclusions is simply unimaginable to them.

      I wonder if there is a helpline for such sorry individuals…..

  2. If there was any justice in the world, Hicks would be nothing more than a skid mark on the sands of Afganistan.

  3. So Hicks said he was on Holiday in Afghanistan. If that’s the case – known war zone – Conclusion Mercenary
    Hicks was in Pakistan, in known Taliban strongholds – was that a holiday too? Conclusion Mercenary
    Hicks was training with the Kosovo Liberation Army – was that a holiday too? Conclusion Mercenary
    From the left leaning Amnesty website;
    From this link “f, after a regular trial, a captured soldier is found to be a mercenary, then he can expect treatment as a common criminal and may face execution.”
    Hicks, the grub should count his lucky stars.

  4. The upside is that this will ensure that no more “Australian” foreign fighters Al-Qaeda or ISIL will be sent to Gitmo or other camps. 😉

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