Sydney Siege: Muslim Leaders Right On Gunman’s Corpse

CALLS BY MUSLIM LEADERS to dump the body of Sydney siege perpetrator Man Haron Monis in the sea — or to “chuck him in the bloody shithouse” — are appropriate; leaders in Australia’s Muslim community are right to distance themselves from the gunman, and if actioned, their call has the dual advantages of playing well with the public and of ensuring this criminal can never be made a talisman for terror.

A very quick post from me this morning — again, to share some media coverage and briefly comment — although after today I have a couple of weeks off, and over the break we will obviously pick up our conversation in a little more depth.

But a very populist-sounding call by leaders of Australia’s Muslim community to dump the body of siege leader Man Haron Monis is right on the mark, notwithstanding any complexities that otherwise underpin it.

Both Murdoch and the Fairfax press are reporting this morning that Islamic leaders are distancing themselves from the killed siege orchestrator, stating that “no Muslim funeral home will accept him” and that his body should be chucked “in the bloody shithouse.”

I have no quarrel with this kind of sentiment, and I am not about to quibble for a moment about any concerns around “respect for the dead” or other such wasted sentiment when it comes to such an evil specimen as Man Haron Monis.

After all, this was no model of human virtue in life — as we touched upon earlier in the week — who, by his actions, deserves nothing but scorn and contempt in death.

The notion of burial at sea is nothing new, and has in the past been used, at least in part, to ensure any “martyrdom” of slain radical figures is minimised; the precedent of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is a case in point.

And with radicalised renegade Islamic factions growing — and the threat of this manifesting as terror attacks in Australia growing, as the past week’s events have shown — the last thing this country needs is for any fixed burial plot to be made into some kind of shrine or talisman for would-be emulators to make “pilgrimages” to, or utilise in similarly distasteful acts of objectification and worship.

The ramifications of the siege in Sydney will take some time to fully become clear, although it seems a no-brainer to point out that any show of decency or respect — from any quarter of the Muslim community — is likely to provoke outrage among the wider Australian public.

As it should.

Certainly, the calls to dump the body of this monster at sea (or in “the bloody shithouse,” wherever that is in this particular instance) could be construed as in part a populist response on the part of the Islamic community, which obviously and understandably wishes to dissociate itself from this beast, that should play well with the community at large.

It is, however, also right.

This is one idea from Australia’s Muslims that should be vigorously and enthusiastically enacted.



5 thoughts on “Sydney Siege: Muslim Leaders Right On Gunman’s Corpse

  1. The very fact Man Haron Monis has to be buried with ignominy reflects that he does have a substantial following of admirers, like the Palestinians who danced en masse in the streets at the time of the destruction of the Twin Towers. I’m sure there was a good deal of cheering and Mexican waving in Haldon St., Lakemba while Monis was tying up his hostages, hundreds of police, and the centre of Sydney. He may have been acting alone but there’s sure to be thousands more like him, and not only among the hot-headed youth, but also among the middle-aged ‘sheikhs’ and ‘mullahs’ who preach to and teach the rowdy youth. The threat is not from ‘criminals’ but from an entrenched and hateful enemy that makes Team Australia a pathetic irony.

  2. Abbott should ensure this reprobate and all who follow, will be sown inside a pig carcass before burial. Lets see the muslim ‘leaders’ agitate for that.

  3. Any Muslim terrorist (they are the only terrorists) killed in the act of terror must be buried with Pig entrails. This must be made law. They would never enter their so called paradise and will be shunned by their followers.

  4. It’s a wonder the leftist non-intelligentsia didn’t demand a state funeral for the scumbag. I hope his coffin was doused in pig’s blood. At any rate, he’d be right this very minute, bending over for Lucifer and his gargoyle mates.

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