ISIS Terrorists: Sub-Human Filth Can Rot In Hell

ISIS, ISIL, ISLAMIC STATE, Al-Qaeda — call them what you like — are filthy, sub-human barbarians: uncivilised terrorists utterly devoid of morals, whose only agenda is to rape, torture and kill anyone in their path who cannot be subjugated and enslaved. The free world is united in its outrage at the catastrophe in the Middle East; Australia’s Greens, however, worry the terrorists might suffer wounded feelings. They can rot in hell, too.

It takes a certain chutzpah for members of Parliament to claim their own country’s armed forces could be viewed as terrorists as they deploy to deal with a “movement” whose weapons are the rape of women and children, torture, and gruesome murder, at the same time as they contend these evil creatures might be affronted by depictions of them as terrorists in their own country’s channels of public communication.

But the Communist Party Greens have done it: in deploying to the Middle East to assist a concerted international effort to deal with the scourge that is ISIS, Australia’s own soldiers are the bad guys, whilst some kind of concern should be spared for the feelings of those committing unspeakable atrocities on a rapidly ballooning scale.

“Often our forces could be seen by Iraqi civilians as terrorists,” Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilton told the Senate earlier this week, adding — somewhat confusedly — that “dehumanising and demonising our enemies is an effective tool for leading a nation to war, but this kind of propaganda won’t bring peace.”

Well, here’s a bulletin for the Tasmanian Senator, whose words in years past would have been sufficient to see him imprisoned for treason, sedition, and any number of other offences: the West is at war with ISIS — in the name of human decency, the rule of law, for the safety of the peoples whose welfare is threatened, and for what is right.

Whish-Wilson has pleaded — to the point of begging — to find some other, less offensive term than “terrorists” to refer to the ISIS forces. One can only assume he’s concerned that calling them terrorists will hurt their feelings. One is all broken up about the wounded sensitivities of terrorists, and has no truck with whining about the rights of bloody murderers when women and kids are being raped and killed in the name of “religion.”

Driven by a brand of radical fundamentalist Islam determined to impose a Sharia dictatorship based on an extremely strict interpretation of the Koran on as wide an area and population as possible — with no stated limit in terms of these objectives — the forces behind ISIS (or whatever it calls itself this week) are pure evil; these filthy, sub-human barbarians have to date “executed” by beheading at least three Westerners for the explicit benefit and consumption of the watching Western media.

These murders have served as a gruesome and macabre backdrop to the rape of thousands of civilian women and children; the torture and enslavement of thousands more; and the murder of a countless number of their own people in the name of expanding “the Caliphate” as widely and as comprehensively as possible, transcending national and even continental boundaries, and ostensibly revelling in the violence with which these goals are pursued.

So horrific are the obscenities committed by ISIS that those who have witnessed them are returning from the coalface with deeply seated mental scars that will probably persist for a lifetime; I saw an article this morning by one such journalist from London’s Telegraph newspaper, and this eyewitness account makes for compelling, and sickening, reading.

The Greens, meanwhile — horrified by the prospect that the democratic, civilised world should intervene to try to end the indiscriminate brutality and slaughter — have already tried (and failed) to argue the case for the deployment of Australian troops to be made contingent on an authorising vote of Parliament; it’s a sign of the sickness that afflicts the Senate that the system which allows little bands of fruit cakes to be elected to it on a sliver of the national vote could be used to perpetuate the rape and slaughter that ISIS is ruthlessly and remorselessly engaging in.

Make no mistake, this proposal was really about exploiting the Senate to ensure the violence and carnage in the Middle East is allowed to continue freely; the Greens — given the opportunity — would do everything in their power to stop efforts to deal with ISIS that involved sending Australian troops. The continuation of that violence and carnage would be the direct result.

Not content with this failed endeavour, however, that frightful, pious, sanctimonious figure at the head of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne, weighed into the debate yesterday as The Australian is reporting; her contribution — distilled to its core — is essentially the contention that by sending troops to the Middle East, jihadists will be emboldened to kill more people, and to recruit others to their ranks to assist in this.

Just how ridiculous the Milne position is can be easily illustrated by posing the inverse question: by not sending troops, will jihadists stop recruiting people, stop raping and torturing and killing civilians, and stop trying to spread their insidious and contemptible brand of hardline Islamic terror across the world?

I didn’t think so. About the nicest thing that can be said about Christine Milne is that once again, she has shown herself to be appallingly naive.

Sanctimonious, pious, and appallingly naive: Christine Milne. (Picture: The Australian)

Piers Akerman — the columnist in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph whose opinions so frequently and eloquently mirror my own — has ripped into the Greens over this issue today; he makes the valid point that for a party that so often seeks the succour of UN treaties as a vehicle upon which to attempt to circumvent Australian law in the pursuit of their God-forsaken socialist utopia, the Greens now refuse to heed the views expressed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: the haughty moral indignation with which they brandish the unelected United Nations at the Australian public is disposable, it seems, when even the UN isn’t a convenient fit with their agenda.

Indeed, UN envoy Navi Pillay — a Greens’ favourite, as Piers observes, for her propensity to attack Western democratic governments — has likened the brutality of the ISIS forces to crimes against humanity.

But that little inconvenience doesn’t bother the Greens either.

To be clear, the hardening resolve of the West to respond militarily to the ISIS threat and the imminent actions to do so are not directed against the Muslims of the world, per se; hundreds of millions of Muslims seek only to be left alone to live in peace. No right-minded individual in the West has any quarrel with these people.

Yet the Islamic jihad that is rolling across the Middle East is by no means confined to a localised civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslims, which was the ostensible pretext for this fight in the first place; initially focused on setting up an Islamic State in parts of Iraq, Libya and Syria, the ISIS fungus is creeping outwards on all fronts. Moderate, stable Muslim countries in the region are terrified.

Even Iran has made repeated gestures toward the United States to signal that it wishes to partner Uncle Sam in defeating the ISIS movement.

And just this week, Al-Qaeda (which is the real driver of this terrorist machine) set up shop in India, seeking to recruit and radicalise men to fight in its name, and to spread the “Caliphate” into South Asia — and, chillingly, beyond the recognised boundaries of the Muslim world.

In other words, ISIS is a global threat, not simply a regional one.

But of course, the Greens in Australia simply don’t get it.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is absolutely correct to describe ISIS as a “death cult.” Appropriately (for once), opposition leader Bill Shorten offered Abbott Labor’s unqualified support on the ISIS challenge. US Vice-President Joe Biden vowed that the United States would pursue ISIS jihadists “to the gates of hell if necessary…for hell is where they reside.” British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke of the need for international solidarity to counter “the brutal and poisonous extremism of ISIS.” And Christine Milne and Senator Whish-Wilton have fretted about demonising “terrorists” because such language “implies a very one-sided view of the world.”

Those who would defame Australia’s fine military personnel — not least at a time when many of them will soon face the dangers of dealing with ISIS first hand — are unfit to serve in public office; the Greens are enemies of this country and its best interests. By their utterances on the question of ISIS, they have once again quite openly laid the proof of this out for all to see.

Human catastrophes of this kind tend to bring out the best in good people, whatever their ordinary flaws and differences; to this end Biden has it about right: ISIS should be hunted down as far as the gates of hell. Hell is where they belong, and where they will reside when all is done. It is the duty of decent men and women to rid the Middle East of the scourge that is ISIS — a malignant and despotic junta that threatens to engulf the entire region and, potentially, much of the world around it.

In his pursuit of ISIS to the gates of hell, however, Biden should be unsurprised upon arrival to find mounted on that portcullis a placard from the Australian Greens: after all, the Greens stand for nothing of value, and what they do stand for is reprehensible in its values, principles, and the indecent world that would result if their lunatic ideas were ever comprehensively implemented.

Who cares about hugging trees when there are offended terrorists to champion?

The regrettable truth is that this is nothing new for the Greens. They are mad, bad, and dangerous. They should be railroaded, steamrolled and ignored.

To his eternal credit, Abbott will have neither hesitation nor compunction in doing precisely that when it comes to tackling the menace of ISIS, and to saving as many of the innocent lives possible that are threatened by its evil spread.




16 thoughts on “ISIS Terrorists: Sub-Human Filth Can Rot In Hell

  1. It’s good that the delerious cow from Devonport is speaking up about this. I reckon every time she get a ten second sound bit in on the media she loses about ten percent of her following.
    We are fortunate to have a Prime Minister with intelligence to guide Australia through this mess. Imagine the mess it would become with the psychopath Rudd or the gormless Gillard in charge.
    As the man said, this issue will not go away for a hundred years. The barbarity, brutality, and sickening mayhem unfortunately only rides on teh surface.
    To understand the extent of the problem, have a look at this report
    However, many people will take an uniformed and reactionary view of these events. If reaction is widespread, it will make the problem worse. For those interested in gaining some insite into the issue, could I suggest the author Irshad Manji, and her book “The Trouble with Islam Today” in particular.

    • It’s annoying though that the Delirious Devonport Cow gets at least as much time as the elected Prime Minister of Australia on the ABC, as do the top five or six members of the ALP’s shadow cabinet. The only Coalition minister who doesn’t get cut short is Turnbull, the regressive parties choice to lead the Government to defeat.

  2. Good post Yale. It is to be hoped that Karabar is right, that every time Ms Milne airs her one sided points of view she will lose more followers, eventually she may disappear altogether, one can hope. Quite frankly I am amazed that she has lasted this long. I believe it is her so called “Green” credentials that has saved her, just watch when the going gets a little sticky for her, her tirade switches to some threat to the trees, rivers or what ever positive action the government is trying to do at the time! She surely is the “QUEEN” of negativity, a good subversive voice, a distraction from the real issues. If the Media stayed away from her press conferences we as a people would be a lot better off, maybe then if there was no wind beneath her wings she would eventually crash & burn!!!!

    At long last it would appear, from recent media reports, that World leaders are finally waking up to the fact that there is a very real crisis looming for the western world from the radical Muslim brother hood, Isis or whatever they choose to call themselves. You can be assured that the Jihadist’s fundamental resolve is to have the Muslim faith prevail, policed by their version of Shari Law. Non believers such as us western infidels & many others will have no place in their society and will be eliminated without mercy!!!!! The reason for their stance and the understanding of same are inconsequential, the outcome will now be the same……..You become a believer or your DEAD!!!!

    We as a people have taken our safety for granted for far too long, we no longer have the ability to recognise a threat to our way of life until it actually rises up and bites us on the arse. It is only when the threat comes close to Australia, like the Japs in the Second World War, that Australians start to support the poor bastards that have to defend our shores……. the military. We have become over confident, fat & lazy, cosy in the belief that it either won’t happen here or if it does we will beat them…..WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT ! Some of these people are already in Australia now just waiting for the call to start destabilisation as is already happening in the UK & Europe. Why else do you thing that the UK has recently raised its terrorist threat level?

    Don’t be fooled, there is no doubt that ISIS followers have a radical & inhumane belief in their cause and no matter how much discussion is to be had by world leaders, the outcome will still be the same …… death to the infidel & non believers.

    Tony Abbott needs our support to fight this fight in ISIS’s back yard, not ours!!!!!!!

    • Indeed, but aren’t you being a tad culturally insensitive, Yale? After all, do we Westerners really have the right to pass judgement on cultural practices of other ethnicities and religions, such as public scourging, death by lapidation, female circumcision, or beheading with daggers or chainsaws? Surely a multicultural society must embrace the rich diversity that we have been afforded by contact with a broader world. We must not miss the opportunity to embrace the exotic customs of the Other.

      • Sarcasm notwithstanding Greg, no. We are not being “culturally insensitive.” If “culture” is engaging in the raft of crimes against innocents that ISIS represents, then a culture-free existence is well worth pursuing.

        • Quite so, Yale. In any case, I think cultural insensitivity can sometimes be the only course open to a civilised people.

      • Right is right and wrong is wrong…….too often ‘ culture’ and ‘religion’ are excuses to commit all sorts of injustice and barbarism…such as female circumcision.

  3. The Greens are do nothing head-in-the-sand wankers. When force is needed, they wilt, wither and disappear up their own arses. Not one of them has any character strengths. When the going gets tough, the Greens hide. When the dust has settled, they come out and make grandiose statements about victims, all the time observing others sacrificing themselves for others (sacrifice as in blood, sweat and tears). You will never see Greens scum helping the community, you will never see them volunteer where there are no cameras to witness them standing on a soapbox. They are just filthy vomit-vermin devoid of balls, intellect and resolve.

    I really hope the Greens lose their party status at the next election, but alas, it won’t happen as long as the equally turd gulping ALP sleep alongside their festering carcasses.

  4. Wrong in one respect Yale. The “people” involved in ISIS are not sub humans or animals.

    They are a reminder that always with us is a small percentage that are simply evil. In history they filled the ranks of the Inquisition, they became the Gestapo, SMERSH and the KGB. They are attracted to any ideology that they believe will give them the power to give their basest urges free expression.

    By using the terms “sub human” or the like you give succour to people like the Greens supporters who like to believe “It can’t happen here” or “Australians aren’t like that” and are blind to the totalitarian goals of the Greens.

    ISIS are not sub humans or animals. They are very evil people who exist in every nation and society, just waiting and hoping for the chance to explode. Helping people avoid facing this fact is working in their favour.

    Someone once said that Devils best trick was to convince people that he doesn’t exist. The same is true for the terrorist and totalitarian.

    BTW this is partly at the root of the problem that Green supporters have. By admitting the existence of truly evil human beings they would be admitting that there are some people that simply can’t be talked to and the methods of the war mongering American Military Industrial machine are the only ones that will work. And they’ll never do that. 😉

    • Hi JohnB, I didn’t call them animals, but I did call them “sub-human” — and by that I am talking about an inferior state to the human condition, which is to say less than civilised.

      That said, and aside from that miscommunication, your sentiments echo mine almost exactly. It is why I said the goals of ISIS were being pursued in the name of “religion” where religion has nothing to do with it. It is a simple but lethal case of pure evil motivated by the lust for unbridled power and the willingness to do absolutely anything necessary — literally — to obtain and keep it.

      It is ironic that calling people “deniers” is the insult of choice where the Greens are concerned when in thier own case they are so obviously in denial about the realities in the big bad world. I agree with what you write in your later remark; that perhaps a delegation of the Greens should travel to the ISIS lands to apologise on Australia’s behalf. It would be right up Lee Rhiannon’s street, for example; she can’t keep her nose out of anything that has nothing to do with her. Regrettably, only the Greens could be held accountable for the outcome of such an enterprise. I suspect it would be highly unpleasant for all involved in the delegation.

  5. As an afterthought.

    The Greens seem to like apologising to people who we might have offended. Perhaps Milne and her supporters would like to travel to northern Iraq and apologise to the ISIS group in case they were offended by our calling them “terrorists”.

  6. What we need to do is to ensure that we have a government which has freedom to act rather than having to detour round loner or loonie minorities who have no significant support of voters. We should have a staged plan to first water down preferential voting to a limiting the number of preferences to say three, then two, and finally first past the post. We should also pass laws such that voting rights can be stripped, benefits and passports too and limit the rights of outlaws to the court system generally. Reasons for these are self evident. Then we need the death penalty introduced for treason and terrorism for a start. The fact that western society accords this scum the protection of laws when they have no intention of even according human rights to anyone in their ideological path.

  7. Animals don’ t do this to each other…there has to be a better description.
    However, we owe it to our children ,grandchildren and their children to do everything in our power to wipe out any threat to the Australia we know and love.
    As you can’t tell one Muslim from another – they should all go.
    Am I harsh? ….perhaps….A racist?…no….. A realist?….Absolutely, and I am sick of people pandering to these idiots….!

    • Quite right. If Churchill had spent British resources trying to find which Germans had actually bombed British buildings or killed British citizens, he wouldn’t have led Britain to victory. Instead he indiscriminately bombed Dresden and Hamburg and anywhere else the RAF could reach. You don’t win wars by treating the enemy as an organised gang of criminals. You win by realistically identifying them as an enemy culture; otherwise you lose.

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