FECCA: A Ready-Made, Politically Correct, Post-Election Budget Cut

CHARDONNAY DRUNKS and the bleeding heart industry may object, but FECCA — the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia — has been outed as an abject waste of taxpayer money which should be withdrawn. An Australia resembling FECCA’s vision is to be avoided, not bankrolled.

I’ve read — with wry amusement, tempered by disgust — a story in the Murdoch press today, in which the advocacy of this socially trendy but otherwise useless QANGO is reported as recommending the cessation of the use of Australian slang in Australian workplaces.

Why? To make them more “migrant friendly.”

Presented as an initiative of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the FECCA advisory — apparently produced at taxpayers’ expense — warns the Australian accent can baffle “even English-speaking migrants” and tells bosses and workmates to speak “slowly, clearly and simply.”

My response? Abolish FECCA’s funding.

FECCA — which, ironically, decrees that the term “ethnic” should be replaced in common use with “CALD,” or “Culturally and Linguistically Diverse,” despite the use of the word “ethnic” in its name — would seem, at a not-so-quick glance, to be one of those QANGOs that soak up good taxpayer money on socially “useful” drivel that is counter to the very spirit of Australia; even if we are a nation of immigrants at our genesis.

This is little more than a propaganda machine for the hard ideology of the extreme Left, and does not merit the expenditure of a single dollar by the Commonwealth.

And in a charged election atmosphere in which government expenditure forms a central plank of the argument, this body would seem to represent easy pickings.

Readers can look at FECCA for themselves; its website is www.fecca.org.au.

This type of thing is grotesque, and it irritates me to the fibre that people have to pay extra tax dollars to fund pinko garbage of the likes of FECCA.

It is FECCA — not Australian society and culture — that is truly offensive in this case.

It was put to me recently that migrants come here to join us, not change us: a sentiment I heartily agree with and endorse.

By contrast, FECCA seems to be working to achieve the opposite of this — demanding that Australia, and Australians, abrogate their identity to mollify and pander to the immigrant community, or at least to the various lobbies that purport to be its collective mouthpiece.

No. No. NO.

“Referring to someone as an ‘ethnic’ is not acceptable, given its assumptions and stereotypes, and connotations between the term and other racial slurs such as ‘wog’, ‘chink’ and other discriminatory labels,” the Murdoch article cites FECCA’s “fact” sheet as saying.

“Other” racial slurs?

Wog and chink and “ethnic” all equivalent in their capacity to offend? Spare me.

The “fact” sheets — the “Harmony in the Workplace Guide” — even go so far as to state Australian culture can seem “alien” to migrants – including “Edna Everidge (sic), pavlova, fish and chips, Australian Rules football, the summer barbecue and drinks after work.”

If “migrants” (which, to be frank, sounds more like a codeword for an imaginary entity on which FECCA seeks to base its prescriptions, rather than an actual body of migrants who are actively of the described disposition) genuinely believe such things are so evil that they need to be advocated out of existence, here’s a tip: get the hell out of Australia.

Let’s not mince words: government money shouldn’t be subsidising such rubbish.

FECCA’s set of ten “fact” sheets can be accessed here. They make for truly nauseating reading, and are an insult to a reasonable individual’s intelligence.

And it’s telling that FECCA can’t even live within its means; a quick look at the most recent annual report published on its website shows it operated at a loss of $14,665 for 2011-12, up from a loss of $2,782 the previous year.

Buried in the same report — in a list of revenues and expenditures that seems deliberately vague, to be generous — is an item called “Grant DIAC” (which I gather is from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship) in the sum of $426,000 for 2011-12.

What a total, absolute and utter waste of money.

Another item (“Grants – Others”) appears in the amount of $162,068, although there is no way to know whether this is also taxpayer money.

Whether it is or not, I think funding to FECCA by government should be abolished.

It seems clear that its only purpose is to provide a sinecure to hardcore Lefties from which they can advance their noxious, anti-Australian prescriptions for a social Nirvana nobody with a brain is remotely interested in seeing in this country.

As budget cuts go, this one really is a no-brainer.


3 thoughts on “FECCA: A Ready-Made, Politically Correct, Post-Election Budget Cut

  1. What we have here is discrimination, discrimination against true Australians.

    There’s an old Australianism that has to be quoted here, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.”

    We seem to be great fed a daily dose of this BS, with free loaders coming to this country with their religions and customs which they insist must be forced onto us and the bloody trouble is, that our elected and employed government officials are falling over themselves to accommodate them.

    I still object to the fact that when I go into a bank or our local building society there are signs everywhere declaring that helmets and hoodies and the like are not permitted to be worn in the branches, yet here I am reading them with a maybe woman, who would know, standing in front of me with only her eyes visible. Two laws or two rules applying.

    • James, I think you are being unfair. The immigrants really don’t care, they don’t give a toss.

      It’s not immigrants that want Christmas and Easter renamed in case it might “offend” somebody, it’s busy body Australians who have no life. Any time someone from the actual immigrant community is asked they reply the same way “Go for it, we don’t care.”

      It’s useless dills like those who populate FECCA that cause the problems, not the immigrants. They come here to join us and while they might not understand our humour and Dame Edna, they are willing to find out and give it a try.

      See FECCA and other advocacy groups think that immigrants are sub standard people. Nothing unusul there, they think gays, women and Aboriginals are inferior too. It is an article of faith for them that these groups cannot survive in the big, bad world on a level field and therefore require well meaning busybodies to look after them and to protect them from being confused, upset or offended.

  2. I completely agree Yale.FECCA and these many ‘snouts in the trough’ organizations are nothing more than examples of the self loathing and cultural cringe the Left have for this Nation.They tend to patronise and see others as being the grass that is always greener, needing a pat on the head while wanting the rest of us to pay for their propaganda. And don’t forget the Lefts Arts community funding scams.That’s a discussion all of it’s own.

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