Statement About, And For Readers Of, The Writings Of Benjamin Fulford

AT TIME OF PUBLICATION — 5pm (Melbourne time) on 4 June 2013 — there has been close to 1,000 visits in the past twelve hours to an article, published on this site in April, relating to the possible investigation of Prime Minister Julia Gillard by fraud Police. It is necessary to issue the following statement.

The Red And The Blue is aware that an article published on this site — relating to possible Police investigation of the Prime Minister of Australia — was reposted overnight (without consultation or consent) on a website edited and published by a Benjamin Fulford.

As a result of the reposting of our article on the Fulford site it has attracted close to 1,000 visits, primarily from the United States of America and Canada, but also appears to have generated additional visits from links to Fulford’s site posted by his readers worldwide.

The Red And The Blue wishes to make it clear, in the clearest possible terms, that it has no connection whatsoever with Mr Fulford and neither endorses nor concurs with the views that form the substance of material published on his website.

We have reviewed Benjamin Fulford’s website and a selection of the links to it posted by his readers, and we suggest to those readers that any reference to the matters we raised regarding any Police investigation into the Prime Minister is irrelevant to the conspiracy theories he apparently seeks to peddle.

It is a matter of record that this column is resolute in its opposition to both the Prime Minister and her government.

Even so, we wish to assure Ms Gillard that we find the views expressed in Benjamin Fulford’s site to be repellant, and that we do not in any way agree with the defamatory and (we believe) factually incorrect statements made about her on that website.

We are also highly sceptical toward, and doubt the validity of, similar smears made by Mr Fulford against British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper — both of whose governments receive support from this column.

The Red And The Blue is committed to free speech, the frank exchange of views, and the freedom of all to express those views with candour and with rigour.

Even so, these liberties also extend to the right to dissent.

In this vein, we reiterate that we disagree totally with the material being propagated and disseminated on Benjamin Fulford’s website, and that we do not support or endorse his views or those of his adherents in any way, shape, or form.

We encourage Mr Fulford’s readers to consider his material with caution, and to exercise the responsibility that comes in tandem with the right to speak freely: namely, to avail themselves of the facts, through additional research, before forming a view of the veracity of a sensationalist publication that, in this case at least, is factually and morally incorrect as well as misleading.

In exercise of our right to free speech and opinion, and to mitigate against the propagation of Mr Fulford’s views to the extent we can, we decline to provide readers with a link to his site, and give notice that we will refuse to publish any comment from his readers seeking to install links, pingbacks or similar to his website through ours.

A copy of this statement will be provided to the Prime Minister’s office for their records.

Yale Stephens

Melbourne, Australia

4 June 2013