MAKE THAT 9 OF 103…Further to my post less than an hour ago, another resignation from the ranks of the federal ALP is set to occur with news that the odious Nicola Roxon — no favourite of this column — will resign her ministry now and her seat in Parliament at the election. Good riddance.

If a week is a long time in politics, then tonight is the night of the long knives; a further departure from the ranks of the Gillard government is to occur with Nicola Roxon resigning from the ministry immediately, and leaving Parliament at this year’s election.

This is one occasion when I will leave my partisan hat firmly on and say that Australian politics will be the better for Ms Roxon’s pending departure; this noxious member of the ALP has been a blot on the political landscape for too long, and her safe Labor electorate would be better expended on a candidate who might add real value to the national polity.

The ALP now has that opportunity.

Roxon has earned the ire of your Red-And-Blue columnist over many, many years; the list of pretexts for this is too long to reproduce in full in a brief article, but recent examples have been her interference as Attorney-General in Court matters involving former Speaker Peter Slipper; the disgraceful anti-discrimination legislation she has in draft which — if enacted — would expose anyone with an opinion to prosecution; and her role as headkicker-in-chief on the disgusting campaign to falsely and maliciously smear Tony Abbott as a misogynistic hater of women.

(At the same time her leader was defending Slipper, whose musings on women include such morally pristine ramblings as describing their genitalia as “salty mussels in brine”).

I wish the ALP well in finding a suitable candidate to replace Roxon when she vacates her seat of Gellibrand at the upcoming election.

And I simply have two words for Roxon herself: good riddance.



  1. I too am delighted to see the back of Roxon. Now if only we could farewell Tania ‘Whatshername’ that would bring a smile to a few faces. Best of all if the red head was dumped we could at least stand to watch the news again and not look at or listen to her whining, disgusting voice.

  2. No-one on our street watches the news anymore-Thanks Gillard. You slimey Welsh, queen *ss licking scum! But its great we have a BBQ- and Aussies are getting together so gotta thank her for that. Bye Bye TV- Propaganda- Commo,s 🙂

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