Muslim Rioters In Sydney: Deport Them

Something happened in Sydney today that has angered me deeply: a riot by Australian Muslims. It is not their right to demonstrate that I question, but why and how they did so, and what it was over. And frankly, those who “love Osama” and call for beheadings in Australia should be thrown out of this country.

At the outset, can I just say to the lily-livered compassion babblers, bleeding hearts, assorted do-gooder types and the like who may have stumbled across this article to actually read it in its entirety before running off on the usual half-baked tangents that people in such groups are wont to do; in any case, I’m no less entitled to my views than they are, which is the whole point of this column.

And sometimes, a line has to be drawn.

Today’s riot in Sydney appears to have been some kind of rally on a “brothers in arms” basis that spiralled out of control; a local mob going out in sympathy with its brethren elsewhere in the world. The pretext — flimsy as it is — emanates from a film, made in America by a radical Christian group, and condemned by the US government and other governments across the world.

This film — reportedly produced by a US religious group called Media for Christ, and entitled Innocence of Muslims — is said to “mock” the Muslim religion, and according to a report from the Fairfax press portrays the prophet Muhammad as a womaniser and paedophile.

A small detail that seems to have been overlooked in the mad stampede of the hordes of rioters is that the film was made by a Coptic Christian from Egypt, who violated conditions of his parole on release from a US jail to do so, and who seems to have produced the film under false pretences and overdubbed the finished result with anti-Islamist propaganda.

(According to a report from the Murdoch press, the casting call lists the leading roles as George, Condalisa (sic) and Hillary, but in the finished version, the script was doctored to make them represent the Prophet Muhammad and figures from the Koran).

I’ve seen bits of the film, and it’s ridiculous: zero credibility, zero factual or intellectual basis whatsoever, and absolutely zero point in watching any more of it than the bare minimum required to see that it is utter crap.

So let’s get the most important thing into perspective first — contrary to the wild and delirious claims of today’s group and others like them elsewhere in the world, this was no state-sanctioned, anti-Muslim piece produced by the US government. This was the work of a group overseen by an individual, and not a very clever one at that.

Yet the whole point of today’s riot — as with the others that have preceded it elsewhere — was to protest against the US infidel and its alleged violation of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

And this begs the rather obvious question: why the need to wreak pandemonium in central Sydney, if Uncle Sam is the target in the first place?

Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t think the Muslim riots that have gone on in the US and elsewhere are justified, either; but even if they were, Australia — by the rioters’ own admission — was not their target.

So why do it?

To be completely candid, I think the furore surrounding Innocence of Muslims is simply an excuse to cause religion-based trouble.

People have died in the riots that have been staged over this; indeed, in Sydney today many people were injured, including Police, who at one stage were pelted with bottles and other missiles by the rampaging crowd.

To be fair, the vast majority of the Muslim community — be it here in Australia, or elsewhere in the free world — are responsible and peaceful people, who obey the laws in this country and who do add to our society on account of their presence here.

However, there is also a faction of radical Islam that is not and should never be welcome; as far as I am concerned, today’s little stunt in Sydney represents an opportunity to round some of these people up and to get rid of them.

Residency and citizenship in Australia impose certain responsibilities in return for the privileges they confer upon the recipient. Responsibilities such as obeying Australian laws, respect for Australia’s system of governance and institutions, and participating in mainstream Australian society.

Australia has been very openly welcoming to people of Muslim faith, as it has to people of many other faiths and from a diverse range of nationalities.

But it annoys me to hear anecdotes that fast food outlets in parts of the country now stock only halal meats to avoid offending the Muslim minority; that sporting centres in Sydney are operating segregated facilities for men and women out of “respect” for Muslim patrons; and it infuriates me that any Muslim resident should dare to make the suggestion that Sharia law be adopted in Australia under any circumstances whatsoever.

Yet all of this — and many other occurrences like them — happen with increasing regularity; in return, we get the sort of violence occurring that we saw in Sydney this afternoon, staged on religious grounds that are at best spurious, and over an issue that does not involve Australia, the country these men now purport to call home.

Yes, young Muslim men — hundreds of them — marching through the Pitt Street mall, chanting slogans such as “Obama, Obama, We Love Osama” and carrying placards bearing slogans like “Behead All Those That Insult The Prophet.”

Can I just say that people who think and operate along these lines have no place in Australian society?

That people who want to run a jihad through the streets of Sydney have no right to be there in the first place? In Sydney, that is. Or in Australia at all.

And I must say that far from welcoming this type of lawlessness and anti-social behaviour, we should be jettisoning its perpetrators. We don’t need people like this in Australia, and they don’t deserve to be here.

One protester — identified in numerous reports as Abdullah Sary — claimed the mob had assembled in peace and “were disappointed” police used tear gas, which defies belief, given the number of riot police who were injured today by out-of-control thugs.

“This was a non-violent protest but people don’t like seeing their brothers attacked by dogs and ending up in hospital,” he said, which begs the question: did they expect to be allowed to rampage through Sydney unhindered?

Sary — who admitted that he hadn’t even seen the film that was supposed to be the reason for all of this — offered the justification that “if you attack the prophet you are attacking our way of life.”

If today’s antics represent the “way of life” of these people, then it is to be hoped the NSW Police, in the cold light of day tomorrow, make good use of the ample television and CCTV footage that was recorded today to identify the ringleaders and other serious offenders, round them up, and hand them over to Immigration for deportation.

In fact, any of these people holding the citizenship of another country should have their Australian residency or citizenship rescinded, and be packed off to their country of origin — and barred from ever returning.

This is not the Australian way of life, and irrespective of the justifications or excuses proffered for their actions, what happened today cannot and should not be tolerated.

And at the end of the day, tolerance does not extend to accepting religiously based rioting in Australia.

To their credit, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott condemned today’s events, as did Greens leader Christine Milne; I’d challenge any of them to make an example of the people responsible for today’s riot, and to send to the rest the clear message that this type of misconduct will indeed be met with the starkest of consequences.

I’m the first to welcome anyone into this country who wants a better life, providing they come through the appropriate channels, and provided that once here they obey Australian law and observe Australian customs, and treat Australia as what it is to them: a new home, yes, but a place that has allowed them to escape from whatever it was they were on the run from when they left it.

What I will never support is attempts to transform Australia into something else — it is not a Muslim society, and never will be; nor can I tolerate the type of lawless violence, perpetrated in the name of peace but based on religion, that transpired in Sydney today.

And neither should anyone else in this country — do-gooder bleeding-hearted compassion babblers included.


164 thoughts on “Muslim Rioters In Sydney: Deport Them

  1. Could not agree more, We should not be changing everything to Halal or building rooms for muslim men and women infact we should not have to adjust ANY part of our culture or way of life to accomodate any person that comes to this country or ours. Why?? Because they came here we did not invite them.

    • Precisely. We do not need them here. Alas I feel this is only the beginning. We should not treat them like they are doing to us. It makes me mad when i went to school with people of other faiths , never did they demand anything of us. Get rid of these outrageous people and we should stop allowing any more into this country. Ms. Gillard wants us as a communist( as a former secretary of the party) country and giving these radicals a free ride. They should not get a red cent from us and should be out of here on the first plane leaving for their country of origin and if born here to the country of their ancestors.They have no alllegiance to this country only to their imam and most probably have never even read the Koran otherwise they would no behave as they are. We do not carry on when things are said about Jesus and its true that Mohommad married a 7 year old child called Asha but the jerk that made the video is a real idiot has no scuples as surely he would hav realised what these in some cases illiterate people would do with such a video. We are not responsible and neither is the US Govenment only a stupid few.

    • Actually yes the government did invite them here in the 70 s,shows you have no knowledge of the history of immigration ….

      • Something has to be done about this… as in prosecution through the courts according to the law. Or are we going to start deporting christians who incite hate, WAIT I’ve got it guys how about everyone who commits a crime is kicked out of the country. Drunk and Disorderly see you later, too many speeding tickets on your way mate.

  2. Great article. As an American who grew up in the A.C.T, and whose father was a diplomat, I have to say that I am sickened by all of this. When I watched the News today and heard of the riots in Sydney my first reaction was to say, “Please deport them Australia,” so it was nice to hear you utter the same sentiments. Australia was a great place to live, and I made many wonderful friends who I am still in contact with, and they too said the same thing. Deport. I am with you on that.

    • Thanks Jennifer. It’s a sad fact we’ve got enough trouble with the people who live here without being forced to put up with this type of thing from people who are given a go here. Unfortunately this has happened once too many times, and I really do think it’s time to crack down on those who think yesterday’s goings-on in Sydney represent an appropriate method of “doing business.”

    • According to this logic all americans should be deported from australia because they support the Extremist Westboro Baptist Church, back to america you go Jennifer. Judging a whole population on the actions of a small percentage is abhorrent and one of the factors America finds itself the target of terrorist attacks.

      • The difference is that Westboro Baptist Church has never staged a riot and sent riot cops to hospital – they are just sad individuals with a message. Added to that no-one is proposing we deport the “whole population on the actions of a small percentage”. They want to judge the small percentage on the actions of the small percentage. Deport those who actually DID something and leave the tens of thousands who are just living their life alone? Seems like a….you know, LEGAL system to me.

        If I lead a riot through Brisbane and bashed people then I’m pretty sure I’d be headed straight for prison. As should these people.

      • I think it was fairly clear that I was referring to the rabid protestors in Sydney not the entire muslim population of Australia. Cheap shot. You seem to condone terrorist attacks too. Uncivilized thug.

  3. Well said.
    I totally agree.
    As an aside, I can’t recall any Christian riots concerning the movie “The Life of Brian”!

    • Indeed, if this film was making fun of Jesus and a crowd of Christians acted this way (unlikely given the teaching ‘turn the other cheek’) I bet the criticism would be raining down. But the PC mush heads in power are being notably quiet about this little stoush between radical Islam and our country’s laws.

  4. This piece eminating from Australia, the penal colony with racism-provoking policies, is at it again. It is undeniable that Australia was, and still is, a racist nation.

    May I say what a ghastly piece of substandard journalism this is. No doubt you were wating for such an event like this to occur. Your in-depth inept analysis is littered with propaganda, your attempt to pursuade the general public about your hidden agenda is disgraceful. Your piece is nothing more than a provocation – fuelling the flames of hate directed at the Muslim world. It is a well known fact that the vast majority of Convict Australians are indeed ignorant and lack perception about the history of the world and culture – particularly, when it concerns the Mid-East.

    You lack the intellect, the decency and the understanding concerning the turmoil in the Mid-East crisis propagated by the masters of the Political/Military Western elites, meddling and occupying their countries. This includes: the Zionist media that partake in corporate greed, the Western strategy to divide and conquer the Mid-East, avarice, transgression, occupying Mid-East lands, and oppressing their people through their belligerent actions by dropping democracy bombs, killing and war – all this just for oil. And now, insulting their prophet.

    You may argue freedom of speech, well, in that case, then why are people whether lay or experts are forbidden to speak about the Holocaust? People that even mention the Holocaust are banished from this world. (ie, David Irving and many others). So much for freedom of speech, and yet, you delibertaley neglect to raise that as an important issue – democratic right of free speech. I can only imagine, if this had been something on the Jewish faith on the Talmud which has some interesting excerpts, if you just comment the words from the Talmud about certain things, you would be persecuted. You would get attacked for simply reprinting what’s in the book with no commentary. Isn’t this limiting our free speech we have where we cannot talk about what actually is; and yet, demonising their prophet is freedom of speech.

    Incidentally, unless you are Aborginal or Torres Strait Islander, then you are an immigrant. Australians (convicts or otherwise) should recognise Aboriginal Sovereignty. Did you forget about the dark chapter of the Australian history, and the inhuman treatment towards the Aboriginals that were perpetrated by the authorities and Convicts? Of course you did…

    • Allistair — I’m not going to argue with you, except to say that not only do I think you’re wrong, but you obviously haven’t bothered to read the opinion piece posted all that closely. Then again, I’m sure it doesn’t suit you to know it’s not all part of some Zionist conspiracy.

      Some of us in this country don’t actually want the sort of thing that transpired yesterday to happen.

      I have published your comment unamended so other readers are able to see it in full.

    • DEAR ALlISTAIR you are clearly English and not a happy one at that, nor well informed from afar .
      your argument is flawed and anger misdirected – did an Aussie boy dump you ? you are very angry at an entire nation ; Australia…..
      first of all , the penal colony ref you made was created by England – remember ? not we Aussies and the percentage of Australians who are decedents of convicts represent less than .1 of 1%. The latest census states that over 40% of Australian’s parents or themselves were not even born here let alone 200 years ago.
      – the aboriginal issues you refer to were created by the English in their colonisation- we the citizens have been trying to clean up the mess YOUR COUNTRY created ever since and you statement ; ”
      and my final point [ i could write 1000 words tearing apart your profound illogical and ill-informed diatribe] is that comparing aboriginal issues [that do exist and which both the aboriginal and ‘ white’ community are committed to solving – its complex – not sure if you understand complex] and the issues with hardline and extremist muslims [advocating violence against women here just for wearing a bikini at the beach – amongst 1000s of atrocities Aussies have had to deal with over the last 20 years in particular] simply does not correlate , nor help either issue.
      Your own comment : ” you clearly lack the intellect, the decency and the understanding concerning the turmoil in the Mid-East ” swipes an extraordinarily broad brush across all Australians and demonstrates precisely the type of intolerance we are railing against in sydney and is case in point as to why your ‘ sage advice’ above is even more hysterical and less informed than the piece of journalism you refer.
      nice work ,you are historically incorrect, unresearched unintelligent , unhelpful, insulting [ but i dont want to behead you] and beyond hypocrisy when it comes to the ” integration’ and tolerance that has transpired in the UK.
      i doubt you’ve ever been to Australia from your comments or if so i refer again to my original point – were you dumped by your aussie boyfriend ?

      • Hey Andrew,
        am a pommie myself and agree with what you say,I live here in Oz and love it,love so much about the life here,people of all cultures live here and I think we get along really well,there is issues everywhere with different views but we are lucky we can express ourselves,was out today at the beach and heard boys and girls talking about niggers made me feel sad,have lived and worked all over the world and have not heard that word for years,and more shocking from young people,lets not pretend rascism in Oz is real but the people here are bright and positive,we have to stand together and grow together,come on peeps we can do this,love and peace to you all x

    • You stand on your history of English Imperialism & Colonialism, so obviously we were taught well from our mentors. You did not recognize Aboriginal sovereignty when you first landed.

    • Unlike many in the UK … inclusive of you … we Australians have learnt and apologised for our mistakes made to aboriginal people over a century ago. This is 2012, and the people of the UK are in fact convicts themselves. Look into your own history before criticising ours. We are far from racist, we are just protecting our way of life and our laws for all Australians, no matter their beliefs. Considering your more recent history of problems with Irish extremists and how hard you fought not to be over run by Germany in wwii ( with our help by the way ) these extremists are no better than Hitler and his Nazi’s. Difference is that are not taking the full onslaught approach. They are creating issues from the inside out. Westerner were asked to get involved in the middle east conflict. The crises was well under way before any western involvement. They were killing and fighting their own well before we came along. We just don’t want them bringing it here to our society and having any religion, dictate to us how to dress, behave, worship, or what laws to follow. No other religion in this country has ever been as demanding, threatening, nor racist to a country that has welcomed them to it. I don’t see any Muslims extremist exercising their right of freedom of speech in these forums or discussions because like the nematodes they are , they destroy from the inside out.

    • As an australian the “Convict mentality” etc is completely untrue, however your points about this piece being inaccurate, racist and full of propaganda is entirely on point, safe to say it is the belief of very few of us

    • First of all, I agree with what everyone else is saying. I am more inclined to more drastic measures but as we are in the 21st century deportation is the best way to go.
      But I am really angry with how Allistair has just ragged on Australia for being racist towards aboriginals…. clearly you have never been to Australia and seen it for yourself.
      You have not seen the riots the aboriginal community perpetrated towards our prime minister because of a mundane and legal comment by a police officer. Nor their burning of the Australian flag. And these are just national events.
      My aunt was raped and beaten by 4 aboriginal men whilst walking down the street.
      My work colleague has had to have a metal plate grafted to his skull due to being bashed by 20 aboriginals… and his girlfriend is half aboriginal. Their justification was because he was white. And the judge didn’t even charge the offenders.
      So who are the racists in our country?
      And England claimed Australia by right of conquest… Australia only has to recognise English sovereignty.

    • What a generalising snob you are. Upon scrutiny, are you any more informed than the people you profess to know inside and out? Have you researched Australian history and contemporary sociology at an academic level in this country? I am amused by those on the right and left who peddle perceptions of whole groups to further their shrill no-room-for-reasonable-discussion arguments. It’s just a two-way mud-sling, really. I think you are protesting too much here. Your umbrage has blinded you to his florid disclaimers. This author chap here isn’t in any way ignorant or unworldly, but he is letting his disgust of the extreme behaviour of a few dozen thugs get in the way of sense and reason. I wouldn’t condone deportation for young men with extreme views and behaviour that is anti-social and neither would I advocate “throwing the book” at them. Such a punitive action would make a mockery of a civilised and fair legal system and society, which every citizen has a right to access regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. Get some perspective gentlemen and try not to fan the flames of juvenility with your fear, loathing and blind prejudice (yes, author AND commenter)

      . Enough already!

      • I don’t disagree, karabar. I thought it would end when I stopped “Amina” from posting Islamic propaganda here. I’m loathe to censor anyone but it might be time to close comments on this article.

  5. Very well written article and would represent the views of 99.99% of the Australian community and law abiding Australians who know the true meaning of being an Australian citizen. One would think that those people that promoted this communal type of community violence would have violated their Australian Citizenship. Those perpetrators of violence that have accepted Australian citizenship and now abuse it should be stripped of their taxpayer benefits if they receive any, cancel their Australian citizenship, round them up and send them back to the place they came from. We don’t need these violent sorts of people in Australia as they will only continue to breed and promote their violent ways to demand what they want. Without a firm response, the signal will be that they can do it again and on a greater scale if decided by them.

    So much for multiculturalism and tolerance. True Australian law abiding citizens should not have to tolerate this mob mentality and the violence that goes with it regardless of whether it is acceptable in Middle Eastern countries or not. Australia is not the Middle East or a Muslim country. This violence is a way of life that most honest law abiding Australian Muslims quite rightly appear to have denounced as criminal activity. This may be so but there are still sufficient numbers of this violent element that continues this type of activity in both Muslim and non Muslim countries throughout the world over and over again.

    What should be of more concern to the 99.99% of law abiding Australian citizens who reject this violence is the apparent inability of Australian Immigration processes to properly assess the suitability of these violent people to enter Australia and become Australian citizens in the first place.

    It is clear that our borders are not being properly protected and “some” of the people being allowed into Australia are clearly deceiving Immigration officials. One must also question the role of ASIO. I understand that ASIO’s role is the security and protection of Australia’s people and Australia’s territorial and border integrity from serious threats, such as espionage, sabotage, politically motivated violence, the promotion of communal violence, attacks on Australia’s defence system and acts of foreign interference. It is evident that what happened in Sydney in September 2012 fell within a category of promotion of a communal type of community violence. In response, our Federal Labor Politicians should be taking more decisive action by increasing their support for both the NSW State Police, Deportation Officials and ASIO, but will they!!!!???

    • Unfortunately a lot that participated yesterday were probably born here. It’s more distressing that they also refused to disperse unless those that were arrested were freed. That is illegal and a cause for the rest to be detained that refused to leave.

  6. Brilliant, well articulated and soundly reasoned. It’s sad that I’ve heard similar calls based on racial hatred, it’s good to hear the reasoned justification.
    People will probably still call you a racist for this but who cares, reality is not prejudiced.

    • Hi Thomas, yes, I will be called all sorts of things (and, indeed, have just approved such a comment) but the thing is that you either call these things as they are, or they just continue on a larger scale.

      And yes, I too have heard plenty of unreasoning and unreasonable calls of the type you mention. I think it’s critical to remember that there are an awful lot of good Muslim people who are quite happy to go about their lives without going out of their way to do the sort of thing some of the less desirable members of their faith did in Sydney yesterday, and elsewhere prior to that.

  7. Yes, they have got to go. The arrogance and intolerance of, anything they are not in control of, is criminal. Not just unsavoury. They walk around like they own the place. These extreme Muslim youths are so offensive. They are feral and are just waiting to be lawless. Round them up and deport. And that is from someone who hates racism.

    Gillard should seize the chance to win votes and deport these people. But alas we hav to go through the channels and let them roam free because of goddam political correctness. Wat about practical madness? That’s Wat leaving the ringleaders on Australian soil would be.

    • Saying “I hate racism” does not mean that your views aren’t racist. I hate offending people but your views are bigoted and inherently racist/xenophobic.

  8. The moderate Muslims do nothing to stop the hard liners. They donate to the Mosques, they give them power and resources, and then try to disassociate themselves from the results. Then again, since it’s the death penalty for trying to leave the faith I guess they’re a bit stuck…

    • The moderate christians do nothing to stop the hardliners. The donate to churches, they give them power and resources, and then try to disassociate themselves from the results. Then again since it’s eternal damnation for trying to leave the faith I guess they’re a bit stuck…

      • Well said. I think we can generally say we all hate the really hardcore religious people and don’t mind the normal ones.

  9. Well spoken mate, it’s a shame that such a minority of idiots fuel such a dangerous stereotype for a better majority. It’s ok to be angry, but who it is directed at and how has been gravely misplaced. I hope the law is just enough to punish those who spread violence and hatred in a country where people try to escape such terror.

    • It’s always the way Rob — a few rotten apples in every barrel, and so it is in this case. It’s the rotten apples that need to be weeded out and removed from Australia — not the barrel as a whole.

    • This is so stupid- if the leaders of theirs are telling them to do this, then what will the ignorant ones do? It is all messed up and they are a bunch of rotten crowd indeed. Proud of my Christian teachings. 🙂

  10. yep – now violent scenes in sydney yet Australian muslim “leaders” asking for tolerance stating it was only a ‘FEW HUNDRED’ bad apples. what a joke – how about tolerance being showed to us – it was only ONE bad apple on the other side of the world who made some dumb clip – now sydney city centre flooded with raging muslims protesting- incl children holding up posters calling for beheadings, inciting violence, being violent, and signs with ‘we love osama…’ days after sept 11 anniversary….. insanity!!!. they demand of us exactly what they are unprepared to do – tolerance ! beyond tolerance – they demand we MUST ABIDE AS THEY DEMAND OR DIE according to their placards in sydney yesterday – but now muslim leaders and their followers are DEMANDING more tolerance from us, after racist rapes against ‘ aussie skip sluts’, cronulla verbal attacks on women inciting the riot [ i did not agree with they response however] – just come to bondi beach [ near the life guard tower is where they hang and lsiten to the packs of muslims disgusting anti social, racist, violent behaviour every warm weekend !!! yet they demand more than tolerance, many demand COMPLIANCE from us.many now living here want a muslim global caliphate, sharia law but refuse to conform to our laws, commit ritual female mutilation and honour killings right here in australia against our laws!!! and now they advocate beheadings [ children holding those placards – it sickens me ] because 1 idiot on the other side of the world ‘ insults them’ – im a christian but respect anyones right to criticise Jesus. that doesnt phase me one bit – im not that insecure i have to kill you if you dont like my flavour of God. and that’s the guts of it – they do this in the name of their religion – great religion eh ? point is, a significant number/ % hate us, hate australia but love the free medical, schooling, welfare benefits, free housing after fleeing here because their own people [ not all] destroyed their own countries – killing each other – shiite against sunni – everyday bombings in syria, iraq, egypt, libya, algeria, lebanon, afghanistan, iran, yemen, nigeria, somalia to name a couple – etc etc etc – nearly all muslims killing muslims – insanity. DO YOU HEAR OR SEE VIOLENT PROTESTS AROUND THE WORLD ABOUT THE LATEST CAR BOMB OUTSIDE A SHIITE MOSQUE IN IRAQ ACTUALLY KILLING SCORES OF MUSLIMS – NOT JUST ‘INSULTING’ THEM ? ITS JUST AN EXCUSE TO HATE THE WEST – SO IF THEY HATE IT HERE SO MUCH THEN GO BACK BUT THE SCHOOLS, MEDICAL, HOUSING WELFARE ETC ARE TOO GOOD TO REFUSE – AND WHY CAN WE AFFORD THESE – BECAUE WE DONT RUN AROUND TEARING AUSTRALIA APART – NATIONALITIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE BUILT THIS COUNTRY TO THE POINT WE CAN PROVIDE THESE SERVICES- UNTIL NOW !!! western foreign policies have been shit for many years in these regions, but muslims are responsible for killing more of each every day other than the western allies ever did ! lets pull out of every muslim country – leave them to it – we just need alternative energy which is why the western political and commercial interests are there. we should should have developed alternate energy to oil 40 years ago but were held back by the US and UK oil industry oligopoly trading with the arabs – but thats another story….freakin cranky today after watching news this morning. so does that now make me am i racist ? i am asking myself that question for the first time in my life. if the classification is discrimination against people that scream for my countrymen to die for expressing contrary views on religion, support female mutilation and stonings and call my daughter a whore for wearing a bikini whilst surfing with her dad- then i guess i am now. not against muslims , but against those that support the above – sad but true………..AND HOW ABOUT THE MODERATE MUSLIM ” LEADERS” MAKE SOME F$%KIN NOISE WHEN SO CALLED ‘ FIRE BRAND CLERICS’ SPEW THEIR BILE ON THEIR VISITS [ OR LIVE HERE] MORE OFTEN – SHOW SOME BALLS MODERATE MUSLIM LEADERS IF YOU DONT WANT A BACKLASH AGAINST YOUR ENTIRE CULTURE LIVING HERE – THE GREATEST ONUS IS ON YOU – STEP UP OR STEP RIGHT OUT OF THIS BEAUTIFUL AND TOLERANT COUNTRY !!!! – SHOW SOME RESPECT AND HELP THE SOLUTION NOT BE TACITLY COMPLIANT WITH THOSE CREATING THE PROBLEM !!!!

    • So the US, considering their drone bombings on innocents in Pakistan, bombing afghani weddings, are a different flavour of Muslim? Wake up. Muslims are here to stay, because I’m as white as they get. British Australian. I’m a Muslim. I’ll curse the actions of the west even though I’m a westerner, because the collective heart of the Muslim Ummah is in pain. A feeling you, and any other non muslim cannot understand. Shia’s commit shirk. They have innovated on Islam (like the Ahmidiyas), and as such will reap the recompense of their actions.. whether it be from the Sunni’s or from Allah subhaana wa ta’ala himself. You don’t understand anything about the problems of the differences of Muslims. Not one iota. If you do not follow a Sunni path, The four main scholars (of which my beloved Abu Hanifah may Allah be pleased with him and grant him the highest level of Jannah), then you commit shirk. This is a major sin, and is to be punished AS A LAST RESORT. The Qur’an, The Ahadith are very clear that education and Da’wah to the true path is priority one, if they will not admit their sin then By Allah they are to be punished in this world or by Ar-Rohmaanir Roheem himself in the grave and in the hereafter. It suits the Muslim cause to kill them so they do not spread their lies. I support the Sunni cause, because I am an educated Muslim. I know my deen, I know my history, I know my science, I know my comparative religion, I know the seerah of the prophet, and from this understanding I understand that Islam is to be spread world-wide by the mercy of Allah, It is the Mercy of The almighty that everyone needs. He is our salvation from him himself.

      And again. “If you didn’t study Islam, Don’t say anything about Islam” Dr Zakir Naik.
      You can’t act as a GP without study, nor as an engineer without study, So clearly neither The Doctor nor the Engineer would put any value in your opinion. Why is Islam any different. You have no idea the level at which you must study, the time you must devote, the disciplines you MUST acquire to have even one clue what you are talking about.
      Tahfiz, Tajweed, Aqidah, Seerah of the prophet, The four Imams, science, and above all Arabic. If you don’t read, speak or understand Arabic you can not understand Islam. The depth and richness of the language means an english translation is lacking none in one meaning, nor two, nor three.. one arabic word can be an entire english sentence. One arabic word can have 30 or more english translations. Without the all encompassing knowledge, You will gain no more than 5% of understanding on your own.. maybe 15-20% of being taught by someone on a level as basic as the educational standards acceptable here.

      Ignorance is no longer bliss, It is as its called. Ignorance. Plain and simple.

      Our agenda is of the highest level. Its is the Agenda of Allah Subhaana wa ta’ala. Yours is personal, or collective with your ignorant brothers and sisters.

      Attempt an understanding of Surah Al-Fatiha, Walla you will not come to the true one, But it is the quintessential Qur’anic verse, Which is why we recite it in the beginning of every Salat we offer.
      1. Bismillaar Ar-Rohmaanir Roheem
      2. Alhumdulillaahi Rabbil’ aalameen
      3. Ar-Rohmaanir Roheem
      4. Maliki Yawm ad deen
      5. ‘Iyaaka n’abudu wa ‘iyaaka nasta’een
      6. Ihdinas-siraatol Mustaqeem
      7. Siraatol-lazeena ‘an’amta alayhim ghairil-maghdoobi’alayhim wa lad-daaalleen

      1. In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
      2. All praise and thanks are Allah’s, The lord of the Alameen (Humans, Jinn, Angels and all that exists) [from biological life to space and time:this is not part of the verse simply my addition for a better understanding]
      3. The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
      4. The only owner (and the only ruling judge) of The Day of Recompense (ie. day of resurrection/judgement)
      5. You (alone) we worship, and You (alone) we ask for help (for each and every thing)
      6. Guide us to the straight path
      7. The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who have earned You Anger, nor of those who went astray.

      You will read it and think you understand it. But walla, You don’t. This surah will be studied by real students of Islam for days, weeks. You don’t have Allah in your heart nor on your side, So you will never understand until you repent and gain His Mercy.

      Allahu Akbar.

      • Islam is a crime against humanity, the sooner it is removed from the free world the better.
        Islam should never be allowed to leave planet Earth, Islam should be baned from out space, keeping the stars free from stupidity.

  11. To Allistair, Our history is dotted with English attrocities wiping out all native Tasmanians and many other aborigines not caused by convicts but English people who came here with thoughts of getting rich etc. Dont think that many people have convicts in their ancestry as a lot died or went back to the UK and others settled down to lead far better lives. Look at your own past when you even murdered a king. Look what you did in Ireland and India so do not speak about us here when many are not what you are making us out to be. As for being racist we have welcomed many people from many different nations and do not drive gypsies off vacant land like in the UK. As for the Holocaust I do not recall anyone mentioning that it did not happen and as a matter of fact two of my best friends are Jewish and a former friend of my mother’s had a tattoo done by nazi germans because of her Jewish beliefs and have never been told to deny it happened here that the Holocaust was non existent. You are living in a dream world if you think that because we do believe in freedom of speech not violence to prove a point we are against the Jewish nation. If you think we lack the intellect etc about Middle East Affairs you are decidedly wrong. The turmoil is a matter of fact but since these Muslim extremists behaved so badly and even hurt police and others that we should tolerate them and their actions you obviously have no concept of radicalism.

  12. Well written. I feel it’s all in the master plan of the extremists to create civil unrest here as it has in the country of origin, and its working. Unless government officials make a stand on this sort of behaviour and make an example of these people to show it will not be tolerated, I fear they will succeed. The ‘ she’ll be right mate ‘ attitude just isn’t going to work. This extreme and unfounded, and in most cases unrecognised form of islam/muslim religion is the only form of religion, or should I say under the guise of a religion, that has ever been so problematic in a country that has embraced all religions and cultures with open arms and acceptance. Make a stand Australia.

  13. I think that all writers have expressed their distain for the Sydney muslim riots very well, with the exception of Allister from the UK who is obviously a muslim with the same rage as the rioters (perhaps he is the local riot organisor in the UK). The whole thing seems to me to be a bit of a storm in a tea cup don’t you think?? Who in their right mind would riot because of a low brow movie that was made by some non-descript, dumb ass jerk, thousands of kilometres away?? I however, think that there must have been more behind the event in Sydney. Was it staged to show the power that the muslim community can bring to bear when ever & wherever they so desire?? Disrupt the peace, cause concern, set the stage to critise Australians for being heavy handed & racist????? Stupid polititcions have passed laws against racism. Muslims can & will use those laws against christians no matter what colour they are. Those same laws also prevent the government from kicking them out of our wonderful country. There is no such person as a peaceful muslim, they obey the their spiritual leader or die, no ifs or buts or maybes. They have already made overtures to have Shari law introduced in Australia, mark my words some dumb ass pollie will see its introduction as a vote winner & bingo we will all roue the day.

    Well done Yale it is a pity that someone with the power to do something about this fetering sore won’t do anything about it. Look how long it took them to reopen the off shore processing centres!!!

  14. Agree with you 100%.
    I’m from Brisbane and the fact that these people can come here and cause issues such as this based completely off of something that they ‘believe’.. Grow up.
    Deport them and Barr them from ever returning. This isn’t a lawless third world country. We DO NOT have to put up with their primitive, violent ways.

  15. What are the Laws concearning deportation of citizens/residents that don’t abide with the relevent statutes?

  16. I’ve spent most of my life in area & I’ve been subject to their cowardly gang attacks,racist abuse & general is only the start.i wish we were not so divided and come out and call a spade a spade.mostly Lebanese men who seem to have an intense inherent hatred for the school life was intolerable as a result of these types.they’re all grown up now and continue to spew forth their own frustration on the rest of us.they have no reasoning as their parents have instilled most of their attitudes.i fear much worse if something not done.who’s country is this.

  17. Great news report. Almost correct, however after 2years of fighting for my right to SAY NO TO BURQAS and reading the Koran, hadiths that create the islmic Suna and enforced by Sharia. These so called muslim extremist are nothing more normal muslims following their islamic rule book to the core.

    • Ahadith, firstly is the plural form of Hadith, As the addition of an S to a word is the english plural form which simply cannot be applied to an Arabic word. Secondly The Qur’an does not “create the islamic Sunnah”. Thirdly to say that the Ahadith “create the Islamic Sunnah” is also incorrect, as the word Sunnah means recommendation and advice, and is applied in the form “The Sunnah of The Prophet Muhammad” Salallahu Aleihi Wa Salaam. Fourthly, It is not “The Islamic Sunnah”, as should be clear simply by the third point but people generally need be spoon fed when they attempt to speak of things they have no real education in.

      To say “Islamic Sunnah” is to say the advice or recommendation of Islam. There is a distinction, As Fiqh encompassing all areas of disciplines in Islam (which while vastly important is not directly applicable in providing you with correct information in place of your assumption of knowledge and seems frankly a little out of reach for you at this point considering that your short comment was entirely wrong and is simply an opinion formed on what I can confidently say would have been a shallow study using materials from anti-Islamic websites, pre and/or proceeded with the authors opinion of interpretation on subject matters that are only truly to be understood by one who is fluent in Arabic and is an actual student of Islam) will be absolute about what is fardh – Obligatory – for Muslims. Whereas The Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Salallahu aleihi wa salaam, the greatest of mankind that ever was and ever will be, The FIRST man who will enter into Jannah and may Allah Subhaana wa ta’ala grant him The Highest Level of Jannah (paradise), are derived from his speech and his actions, which are recorded extensively in the Ahadith collections, Which will be ultimately (after a lengthy process which is the science of the Ahadith, (one of many disciplines I mentioned earlier) rated on four levels Sahih – Sound, These are basically authentic based on the very specific criteria under which they are scrutinised. Hasan – Good, These are accepted to be of known narrators who understand the Hadith, they are unambiguous. Da’if – Weak. Narrator may not be trustworthy, may be ambigious and then could contradict a Sahih or Hasan hadith etc. Maudu’ – Fabricated or forged. Usually would go against the nature of The Prophet Salallahu aleihi wa salaam, his usual sayings, contradictory, narrator could be a proven liar or to have a weak memory etc. Without doing a google search you probably have no idea of the size of the collection of Ahadith, and I’m sure you don’t know the scholars either. There is no way you have read all of the Ahadith that emphasise The Law of Allah subhaana wa ta’ala, and indicate the Sunnah of the prophet in relation to what you have deduced by means without substantiating knowledge to be The Muslim actions based on creed, law and The Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Salallahu aleihi wa salaam.

      The Sunnah of Sadiq, Beloved Rasool Salallahu aleihi wa salaam is not a part of Shariah. As I explained before, It is the recommendation. There is no sin upon a Muslim who does not perform The Sunnah of Allah’s Final Messenger, there are simply greater rewards for those who follow it. Most Muslims do, I certainly do. We seek to emulate the greatest man that has been and will ever be, As it is his recommendation to do so to gain Allah Subhaana wa ta’ala ‘s pleasure and mercy.

      On to the modesty in Islam, and the sacred state of women in Islam. To say you have a right to ban the Burqa (Abaya, hijab and Niqab, I already know you are ignorant of much) is to say that you have the right to force a women to expose what Allah subhaana wa ta’laa has ordained be covered, protected. The ‘Awrah. That is the most arrogant statement, and I hear it all the time. You do not even know WHY a woman wears it. I have just told you. It is because a womens beauty is sacred, a woman is to be protected, A woman is to maintain her modesty and we do this of our own will, first and foremost as everything a Muslim does to please Our Creator, but also because we want to cover ourselves. We do not want to be leered at by neanderthals, Any woman who enjoys such attention has a sickness in her heart. She has a need for external influence to feel confident in herself, to feel good about herself. Women who have Allah subhaana wa ta’laa with them feel pleased with Allah, and blessed by Allah and as such do not require such vulgar attention. Do not say you have a right to ban a woman from covering herself, concealing her beauty and saving it for the sanctity of her marriage. You do not have a right to tell women to dress in a way so as to show parts of themselves that they do not want to, just as you have no right to tell a typical western woman to walk around naked.
      School is out, Class dismissed.

      • The only point you need to understand is that you can Blar,Blar,Blar as much as you like, however it does not make you right on anything you say or state. Your view point is only your view point, The Koran is a man-made book of horrors. Muslims can keep killing Muslims every day in there backwards countries, just keep your B.S out of the free world.
        I still have not seen my last post????
        Islam is a crime against Humanity, and you will see this slogan become main stream over the next year.
        Beat the rush become a Buddhist, join the human race!

        • Alhumdulillah Ar-Rohmaanir Roheem

          This was not simply my view point neither certainly was not blah, blah, blah. (An educated person would have read with interest, and before anyone says they are not educated I will say that the Author of this article would most likely not disagree on that point) They were statements of fact on and in Islam. You made incorrect comments on matters on that which are not contained within the area where we can simply have opinions alone. We can have opinions of factual information, The information itself is not the object of the opinion, it is the subject. You can believe what you want on what are situations whereby all parameters of opinions can be neither correct not incorrect. You spoke incorrectly. Contextually, you wrote as if you were delivering factual information, which you were not. You were giving your uneducated opinion (you are uneducated on Islam, I am not applying this in a form any larger than this) on matters that have been accounted for, that we have written record of ergo whether or not you believe Islam is a true religion or not has no weight in your statement.

          As I am sitting here right now we can both understand that Islam exists as a religion to Muslims, As Buddhism exists to Buddhists. (In fact, as muslims we don’t deny all other religions as other religions do, we acknowledge of that which we can be certain of, and can only speculate on the rest through interpretations that will differ, through historical and religious cross referencing etc. Allah subhaana wa ta’ala tells us in The Holy Qur’an that a prophet was sent to all nations. We have certain knowledge of some nations, we have certain knowledge of Prophets (peace be upon them all) by name, some without names and some that are simply mentioned to have existed so as a Muslim, we can have opinions on what are points of speculation or conjecture, not on that of which we have certain knowledge. It is not an impossibility that Buddha was not a prophet and that it was not an incorrect religion for specific people in a specific time, and who were the Sumerians drawing about? etc) This is the point that if you understand, you will begin to learn how to discern between opinions and information. To be basic about it, if it has clear cut answers, if it is collective information, written record etc then opinion is applied on the answers, opinions themselves are not the answers. When there is no answer, when all opinions can be correct (so to speak, we cannot be so arrogant as to say we can know anything 100% within parameters of opinion, not a single one of us)

          According to the facts in and of Islam (a point in which there is no way to substantiate this specifically as an area of belief, Beliefs are applied outside of this, and in fact you can have a good idea of what I mean if you draw a circle inside it write “facts of the religion” and on the outside “the idea of the religion” itself)

          Your reply is testimony to the fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about, because when faced with my reply, of which the subjects were entirely on the basis of your comments, all you did is took a big step outside of that circle I told you to draw because you know you cannot compete against me within it (as I have taken 3 lines, and demonstrated how little information you have and how much I have), all you can do is tell me I believe in a false religion and give me your opinion. Thats fine, I am not worried about your opinions, Where I find it and when I see fit I will endeavor to give the correct information in place of the incorrect information.

          I have barely scratched the surface of my own opinion here, But my own opinion is far less important than the factual information I have to offer. It is not opinions based on limited knowledge and the stigma of the natural mob mentally of the human condition. (Yes, as the rioting Muslims fall under this, so do the people who come out in collective to voice their opinions and opposition, understand I am not saying that each carries this out in the same way or even putting a limit on how many ways there are, simply that they are both the same underlying condition)

          I need not comment any further on your reply, because on this issue I am inside that circle you are clearly never coming in. There are some great Islamic ideas in Buddhism, as in most religions. You will even find Islam in the stories of the Aboriginal dream time. In my opinion, testimony to well.. The Islamic testimony of faith. Testimony that Allah is what he means.

          Allahu Akbar!

          • The formal way you express your propaganda is very amusing. Most facts that you state about Islam are just untruths that have been converted to truths via the followers of Islam.
            Islam is called a religion by convenience only, the Arab war lords of that time period needed to unite the Arab primitive tribes thus creating a totalitarian theology, that controls and dictates the way a ‘person who has submitted’ (A Muslim) from birth the death.
            You may or may not know who I am, but I am an Artist, well establish, well recognized, I specialise in glass. My last series of works were based on Aisha and her slavery to Islam.
            The next few series will be discussing NAZISM, COMMUNISM & ISLAM and there totalitarian roots.
            Because you are such a nice guy, I will be dedicating the MOHAMA-SUTRA series to you, the Paedophile Mohamad and his little girls.
            My biggest project is the Crystal Koran series, 114 Korans each one representing a Sura, each casting having the vile words of the Koran imbedded within the glass block. Glass being one of the purist materials on earth, and able to survive for thousands of years, will convey to the future people of the world the horrors of Islam and the made up crazy ranting’s of the self-named profit.
            Islam will never defeat the free Artist of the world.

            • Firstly, I am not such a nice guy. I am such a nice woman. As an artist I would imagine you would have exceptional eye and mind for detail, yet this small fact that I have posted as Amina eluded you. Its a small and unimportant matter though what is important is that Aminah bint Wahb is the blessed mother of Muhammad.

              Secondly I am rather unconcerned with who you are, or what you do and vice versa I’m sure. I don’t need to reveal anything of myself to attempt to make a point, which unfortunately has completely passed you by. You are still talking outside the circle. Whatever you believe of the content of Islam doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, whether you think it all falsehood or not. Within the framework of Islam, which exists and not once did I ever tell you that you have to believe in it, like it or accept it as a truth for yourself. My point was based on the framework, your comment was incorrect, as your comment was not contextually an opinion, It was a statement of fact. Facts of Islam exist, whether or not you believe it is a religion.

              For example : One can discuss the themes, ideas and messages conveyed in a fictional writing yes? The fictional writing exists, its themes exists, its ideas exists and any conveyance of message exist. Whether you choose to believe it is a work of fiction or something else is entirely irrelevant when it comes to the discussion of the specificities of the text. Do you understand? Truthfully, understand what it was I was saying.

              Surah An-Nur
              40. Or (the state of the disbeliever) is like the darkness in a vast deep sea, overwhelmed with waves topped by waves, topped by dark clouds, (layers of) darkness upon darkness: if a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it! And he for whom Allah has not appointed light for him there is no light.

              Islam is not supposed to over-take the world you think is free, which I think is a gift from Allah, owned by Allah ergo not free, of which we can never come close to repaying, So submission to him and his will in my best effort is all I can do. I would never say you need to do this, I don’t know you, As a brother in humanity I wish that the mercy of God, in whatever form you decide to believe in him, be upon you as Muslims we understand that he is the most merciful and every man who enters Jannah does so of The Mercy of Alah; But I am concerned with My husband’s relationship with Allah, My family’s relationship with Allah (which does not exist as they are athiests) That Allah may bless my Husband and myself with Pious children, That he may be with them and my Husband, even if he sees fit to leave me, It is better for me that he be with them if he is to allow any of us to stray. I cannot say that I don’t care if you make it to the heavens or to the fire, I will simply love you for the sake of Allah, even though you are an enemy of Islam and Islam is an enemy to you. In spite of all of this, It is clear to a Muslim that we have predestination, that our names are set in Jannah and Jahannam alike, have been since before the beginning of time, Allah knows everything that will happen. He knows where every single grain of sand will fall in a sandstorm. He has closed the eyes and hearts of some whom he will never guide to the straight path. Clearly, This means Islam is not supposed to take over the world as Allah has told us that some, indeed many obviously, amongst us will not find the truth in and of Islam, and never will. He will not allow them, Which is why a Muslim feels blessed by Allah, as he has indeed guided us…. As your belief guides you.

              You clearly understand that the framework of Islam exists, you speak about it constantly, but not in the context of what I am trying to have you understand. It simply matters not that you believe it is false, As it matters not that I believe it is true. It matters not of its origins, nor purpose for the sake of this point. What matters is that the difference between opinion and certain knowledge. Have your opinion as I have mine, It is a gift from God, But if you want to speak of facts then surely it be known to you that you must research to find them.

              There is nothing amusing about formality, As a Muslim I have a responsibility to present myself in the best manner possible. It this a mere coincidence that most any dignified human would seek to do the same? I think not. But, you are free to think otherwise. Do and think as you will, But do not be deceitful, Fly your opinion flag in full view but do not remove from that flag though that which will deceive people into mistaking one thing for another.

              Sadly, It is my belief that still this will not settle into its correct place within you, As I believe you are in the darkness of That Vast Deep Sea. You have every right one could ever give you to disagree with this. I would not suggest to have it any other way.

              As long as glass can remain, Is as quickly as it can shatter. It is a good metaphor for the condition of the human mind.

              In view of this article. Let the law punish any of whom are proven guilty of wrong doing. Let that law punish them appropriately, without prejudice. Calling for deportation is an uprising against the government, Democracy is not civil liberty to call for laws to be bent with the force of prejudice, That people is against the very foundation of Democracy.

              • Amina, this is very simple. If immigrants come to this country and choose to engage in riot and affray, the destruction of property and injuring law enforcement officials, they should be deported. It is not an “uprising against government” and nobody is calling for “laws to be bent with the force of prejudice.”

                Ordinary Australians are fed up with the over-representation of immigrants in crime, having paid taxes redistributed toward those immigrants in the form of welfare, resettlement measures, and a fair chunk of change going to fund various support organisations, community liaison initiatives and the like.

                The people who made this about Islam were the protesters themselves, with their calls to behead infidels, declarations of “love” for Osama and the like.

                I say again: if your people can’t behave in accordance with AUSTRALIAN LAW they can get the hell out of Australia. Your arguments in defence of Islam are eloquent, but they don’t convince that the riot in Sydney was justifiable. Illegal actions cannot be excused. And if compliance with the law is too much to ask of any individual in Muslim communities — indeed, ANY immigrant community — those persons should go and live somewhere else.

                • Bismillahir Rohmanir roheem

                  So if an immigrant in Australia commits a crime, they should be deported? They should by-pass the standard judicial system that would punish the crimes appropriately according to our laws, part of the same system that gave them rights to live here? By this logic brother, you are saying Australia should be deporting all non-Australians who commit crimes here? I have to be honest, I would have to do some deep digging to come up with any sort of an even semi-realistic statistic on the number of people that would be leaving our shores each month.

                  Now come on, I find it hard to believe that you see this as reasonable, let alone viable. Fact is, as people have said, many of them may have been born here ergo couldn’t be deported no matter what anyone tried. I was not there, So I don’t judge either way. I have no doubt that Muslim brothers and police were injured alike. I never said that anyone who committed a crime should not be weighted with the recompense, I said the opposite in fact. (unfortunately police seem to have a strong immunity to punishment, I’m sure that the bad po-po however are but a mere small fraction of the force, comparable to extremist Muslims amongst fundamental muslims [or moderate/progressive muslims which is an internal muslim problem]. This is not the same, I already know that this will need to be addressed. I follow the fundamentals of Islam. I have lived in Australia all my life and have committed crimes, and faced court, in my pre-Islam days. The fundamentals of Islam very simply keep me from doing what I did as an ordinary young Aussie)

                  In democracy, we have the same rights alike. Don’t pigeon hole here, there are Australians of English and indeed native heritage who commit atrocities, who don’t care to work, and who reap the benefits of the system the same way immigrants, or non-english Australians do. What you are talking about are lazy, unproductive useless members of society and I’m sorry but a Muslim riot over something that is deeply offensive, and cuts right through the hearts of the Ummah does not have a clear cut pathway leading to what you are talking about. Those people are of all colours, faiths and kinds. Don’t place upon what applies to global society based on the human condition to different issues simply because it conveniently suits your opinion. You don’t know anything else of any of the individuals involved, So why try and label them in a way that you have no way of knowing is apt or not. The multifaceted nature of man-kind is far to complex to be simplified to the level you try to take it.

                  Something I didn’t see mentioned were the Cronulla Riots? Why not? Because it doesn’t suit anyones agenda against Islam. Islam is realistic of life. Life can be violent, and cruel, and painful… Just as it can be peaceful, merciful and contented. Jesus has not returned yet, Jesus peace be upon him is a man whose scale tips to the peaceful and merciful side. Muhammad was balanced between the two, and that is the current balance of all life on earth. Be slightly more realistic, and less idealistic because perfect ideas have never, are not and will never be reality. Perfection is a quality reserved for Allah, Al rohman Al roheem.

                  You must consider this, The riot was in Sydney because those people are in Sydney. Wherever it was that they were, they were always going to do what they were going to do. Because, truly it is a riot within the heart and soul and the power of the love of Islam and our beloved Prophet salallahu aleihi wa salaam is felt collectively world-wide, by the Muslim Ummah. We all face the Qiblah, Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah, to offer Salat because no matter where we are in Allah’s world, we are The Ummah of Muhammad salallahu aleiha wa salaam and will die for That Ummah. Imagine deeply in your mind, the collective image of all of my Ummah, facing towards the same point, doing the same actions and reciting the same words (save for the moments of reciting the surahs of our own choosing, and any du’a made between actions or in sujood), It is an overwhelming feeling for me in the best possible way… I imagine if this overwhelms any anti-Islamic then it is out of feelings I won’t feel anymore (Alhumdulillah!). It is a kind of connectivity any other fails to live up to.

                  Allahu Akbar

                  • I respect your opinions, and I have no issue with any peace-loving, law-abiding Muslim who comes to this country.

                    I will put this very succinctly: RELIGIOUS-BASED RIOTING HAS NO PLACE IN AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY.

                    In any case, the riot was over something that happened in the USA which was either deliberately misrepresented or deliberately misinterpreted. Either way, it is neither a justification nor an acceptable pretext for what went on in Sydney.

                    Some of the people involved openly admitted not having seen the film that was the excuse for the riot and others said they didn’t even know why it was happening. So they joined the pack and went out rioting and smashing property and hurting people anyway.

                    There are other criminals in this country, nobody denies that, but immigrants going out rioting on religious grounds…sorry. No sympathy here. I’m neither a racist nor a bigot, but every country has its own character, and in Australia that does not include religious riots. I can’t agree with you.

                    • Bismillahir rohmanir roheem

                      To limit what people can and can not take opposition to is not in keeping with this Democracy. People will riot over taxes, wages.. people will just stop and drop work for demanding pay rises. If these issues are acceptable to protest and riot over, then how can one exclude religion? Are you saying Australia need be a Godless country, or one that simply backseats religion as a silent passenger on a capitalist conquest parading as The Australian Dream? There are much more important things than an extra few dollars in the pocket… Like our Creator, alhumdulillah, and all of his messengers, may he be pleased with all of them. He is THE reason.

                      (The superficiality of situation is simply as the surface of the earth we walk on, Dictated by the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from below and within, so let us worry of the earthquakes and magma that spew forth before they shake and flow)

                      To say that religion is excluded from that which a person can take fervent opposition to is not befitting of democracy, you know that which befits not democracy is exclusion of any person/s right to what is important in their life.

                      I’m not saying that my Brothers should be attacking unprovoked, breaking mans law, but if they happen to have been provoked as an individual then he has his right to fight back (can’t argue with this, if the police were attacked unprovoked then they fought back. vice versa? neither of us were there, I’m sure there was a bit of both lets not be unrealistic mob mentality will manifest within any mob, Shaytan the whisperer is never silent) In fact the laws of Man on a fundamental level don’t contradict the laws of Allah… So any of those men who are guilty are guilty before Allah over and above anyone or anything else in existence, And Muslims themselves should be more aware of this than anyone and it is common in Islam to say to judge of your own self before the day you stand under the scrutiny of the judgement of Allah. “Maliki yawn ad deen”. It was a recommended practice that one judge himself on his deeds of the day each night, seek the forgiveness of Allah and rectify that which he did wrong the following day. If only this was common practice nowadays, we wouldn’t have this problem. Deportation is not the answer though, Unless you want to throw the oil the US is trying to control onto an already blazing inferno. It makes no sense to seek for forceful segregation, especially on the grounds of religion, Is there not already enough problems born of situations such as this?

                      I can’t agree with deportation for immigrants who break the laws of the country. On this point let me ask you, If an immigrant rapes and murders a woman here… would you have him deported to his country in which he may not be held accountable for such a heinous crime, or would you have him punished here to the full extent of our law to ensure that such an evil person be punished in his worldly life? according to our laws which I assume you find to be perfectly apt and acceptable.


                    • Australian history has a few examples of religion-based riots. E.g. Catholics vis Protestants at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. To say a religion-based riot has no place in our society would be denying the truth. In general, a riot should not have a place in our or any democratic society as peaceful demonstrations should be achieve the goals. I wouldn’t take any different religion-based riots from the one to other cause-driven riots.

      • It seems too coincidental that these responses from Amina Islam started within 24 hours of the butchering of a British soldier in London in the name of Islam. The response claims to relate to something Sergio wrote more than eight months ago and attacks comments made about Islam. Another characteristic that distinguishes many Muslims is their refusal to see the evil in what they or other Muslims have done. Allegations of wrongdoing are apparently particularly reprehensible when made by non-Muslims. Where was the apology for the Cronulla riots? The destruction of the giant Buddha statues in Arghanistan? The recent destruction of tombs of Muslim saints in Timbuctou? The Sydney riots?

        Within a few hours of the London murder, the British PM reiterated the Muslim PR message that is intellectually insulting to the entire western world, that “there is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act”. In addition, he made another mistake, describing the act as a “betrayal of Islam”, when it was really a portrayal of that ideology. On BBC TV, a well-known Muslim convert again repeated the lie that Islam is the “religion of peace”. There was no recognition that revulsion towards Muslims is now at a peak. It is time to remind western politicians that western people were supposed to have been freed from religious oppression more than 250 years ago. Yet, now politicians and governments in every western country provide special concessions to followers of this particular religion to uphold and maintain their oppressive beliefs and practices. The media also give them preferential treatment, describing the people who set fire to cars in Sweden as immigrants and others who murder western soldiers as having Arabic appearance. As for laws being misused to prevent the deportation or expulsion of dangerous individuals from Australia, laws can be changed to deal with changing circumstances. In Syria, there have been calls for autonomous areas to be declared to enable the separation of waring sectarian groups, while in Burma after initially attempting to push Muslims out of their region, the government has gone down the different path of setting population growth limits for Rohingyas. Both of these are constructive suggestions. People need to think about other alternatives. Re-defining the boundaries of middle eastern countries could enable the repatriation of refugees to their original countries (but to a different town or city). After all, there is no future in allowing the continuing expansion of Muslim enclaves in western countries. It is a mix that has never worked. The leaders of Britain, France and Germany have already agreed that pan-culturalism has been a failure. Now, it is time to undo the damage.

        • I agree with you Andre. For what it’s worth, this Amina Islam is trying to insist that what went on in Sydney was a democratic right the Muslims are entitled to exercise and that religious rioting should be regarded as no worse than a riot over anything else.

          It misses the point entirely. I was prepared to discuss it with her but that’s a line that I think is crossed when anyone starts to insist on a right to riot on religious grounds in Australia.

          Are we — or any other law-abiding citizen of a western democratic country — bigoted or intolerant because we refuse to accept religious violence in our countries from immigrants? I don’t think so.

  18. My Parents migrated here from Italy over 45 years ago – they chose to come to Australia, because of the many opportunities available to them, which had been taken away in their homeland because of the war. They wanted their future children to live in peace & have the comforts that they never had. My Mum & Dad took the oath & swore allegiance to their new country.

    They told their children stories of Italy; Of growing up in a beautiful country rich in history & culture & taught them to be proud of their mixed heritage. They worked hard, built a wonderful life for their family in ‘Os-traaa-liyaa’ & instilled in their children respect & loyalty for the wonderful land that is Oz. The Grandchildren smile, when their Nan says ‘Mate’ or ‘Fair dinkum’ in her European accent.

    Watching the riots on Television, my Mother shook her head in sadness – unable to comprehend the hatred emmanating from the young protestors & the ignorance of their parents, for instilling this inside their children & she commented,

    ‘Don’t they know how lucky they are to be here? If they hate us so much, why don’t they go home?’

    • I think there are hundreds of thousands of immigrant families like your parents, Angela, who find what happened on Sunday incomprehensible; we’ve got the best immigrant tradition in the world in Australia — it’s a huge part of what we are as a country. What happened at the weekend is a disgrace. I agree with your sentiments as do, doubtlessly, millions of others; I’m not heartless, but I really do think that if this is how people want to behave when they come to this country then they don’t belong here, and should be sent back.

    • Angela…. that is a great quote from your mother. I wish we could print that on every national paper. Because that is really the solution to the problem.

  19. An eyewitness of what happened said: “I think that if the police had left the protesters alone they would have marched, chanted and prayed in peace. Instead, the police goaded the protesters, in particular the youth, and so the police are responsible for the clashes that took place.
    Their use of pepper spray and truncheons was extremely aggressive and unprovoked. There was no need to surround the rally and charge the protesters and there was no need for the police to come out in such massive force.”
    Full account at:
    The media zoomed in on the most outrageous placard. This has been whipped up to incite more hatred. My main point is why did the NSW police act so aggressively to a peaceful protest with some offensive placards? After all, placards calling Gillard Bob Brown’s whore at ACT protests did not provoke an attack by police. Why should this protest be treated differently?
    And the movie that started all this outrage was a complete provocation itself (as this commentator has fairly noted), written, produced, and directed by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an extremist anti-Muslim Egyptian-American Coptic Christian in his mid fifties. Nakoula is a felon convicted in California on bank fraud charges, for which he received a suspended 21-month sentence and was fined $790,000. The film was a deliberate attempt to fabricate the life and history of Islam’s major figure by mocking his life and depicting him in the most offensive manner: irrational, liar, crazy, filthy, coward, killer, thief, slave-trader, philanderer, pedophile, sexually deviant, while his wives were portrayed as ignorant, prostitutes or sexually enslaved. Not that this justifies violence, but I am sure many Chrisitians would protest a film portraying Jesus this way (which Life Of Brian did NOT). According to press reports the low budget movie was filmed last year and starred sixty actors who recently released a statement stating that they were never told that the movie was about the prophet Muhammad. They also maintained that most of the offensive language was later dubbed over their images. Screened last June in a Hollywood theatre the movie was a flop that barely registered on anyone’s radar. The producer then contacted another Egyptian-American extremist Copt, Morris Sadek, 70, who for decades has led an anti-Muslim campaign in the U.S.. Nakoula asked for his help in promoting and distributing the film. According to the Associated Press, Sadek then contacted his friend, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who is infamous for his calls to publicly burn the Qur’an. Their contacts in the media beat it up from there. Major religious scholars and groups across the Muslim world issued strong statements of condemnation and called for peaceful protests. They did NOT advocate violence. In the hope of further stirring the pot, Nakoula, the producer of the vile film, duped the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal in two separate interviews as he concocted a story that he was an Israeli-American collecting Jewish money in order to produce the film. So there is a considerable effort to whip up violent responses here, and it is not a simple black-and-white issue. Nothing justifies violence, but the question is why did this happen?

    • Elena, I think your eyewitness was watching a different protest to the one everyone else did…

      However, you are right about the production of the film — the “false pretences” I mentioned. The guy’s parole conditions included stipulations that he didn’t go near the internet — clearly he did — and the actors in question were under the impression they were playing figures from the Bush administration, but the work was later doctored.

      • And were you an eyewitness, Yale? More than 100 police were sent in against a protest reported as about 200 strong. Police kettled the protesters, they used pepper spray, they hit and knocked people to the ground. This was not in response to anything in particular, except for the fact that the protest was occurring. Some highly offensive placards? yes. Does this merit a flogging by police?

    • ELENA
      – you immediately prefaced your diatribe with this – i quote you :
      ” This has been whipped up to incite more hatred. My main point is why did the NSW police act so aggressively to a peaceful protest ”
      ” peaceful protest ” ?
      incitement for beheading [ amongst many things including violence ] is not [ and legislated against] ‘ peaceful.
      CUT THE CRAP –
      REALLY – instead of justifying these extremists ; try understanding our CULTURE – you live in – TOLERATE US FOR ONCE – SEE OUR PERSPECTIVE FOR ONCE – you just further galvanise division – there is no excuse for such behaviour – imagine if Christians carried on like that in , lets see: INDONESIA, SOMALIA, SAUDI ARABIA, NIGERIA, IRAQ, IRAN, EGYPT, TURKEY, MALDIVES, PAKISTAN, TURKMENISTAN, YEMEN, MOROCCO, LIBIYA, SYRIA, MALAYSIA, ALGERIA, ANY OF THE UAE STATES, KUWAIT, OMAN, TUNISIA, ALGERIA etc etc etc etc etc just to name a few………….GIVE ME A FKN BREAK –
      smell the coffee – you are in Australia – we have been tolerant – we have provided free medical, schools, the fkn DOLE. housing, multilingual facilities and translators , halal fkn mcdonalds without complaint – even charities provide food and clothing for ANY RACE IN NEED HERE – TOLERANCE PERSONIFIED !!!!!!!

      • I’m not a Muslim, I am a daughter of refugees who fled nazism in Spain. Your diatribe of hate is exactly why we need to think before we knee-jerk react, or we will continue a spiral of hatred until we do have scenes in Australia as bad as those overseas. I don’t like the placard and I don’t encourage it, but the cameras zoomed in on the most offensive placard, as cameras always do, to whip up the sort of hysteria you are responding with. The police over-reacted and that’s what sparked the violence. It’s not the first violent protest in Australia, or have you forgotten when the miners and steelworkers smashed in the doors of Parliament House in Canberra in response to job cuts? Think before you run off at the mouth.

    • Anti-Islamic ideas are as subliminally sent out to the dull masses as much as they are outwardly and openly. “The new world order” is real, But as beloved Muhammad conquered in his battles and did the work of Allah, Allah will place his favour on our Ummah when those who have strayed return to the straight path. As a New-zealand born, British citizen, permanent Australian resident revert to Islam I do not support unjustified terrorism. From neither Muslims Nor any else, particular reference here to the US who are drone bombing Afghani weddings, innocent Pakistanis and have the nerve to call Muslims terrorists and themselves “liberators”. Never heard of what they are doing with their drones? not surprised, Western media isn’t blind to it, it simply doesn’t suit the agenda. None but Allah has the knowledge of who has committed major sin, and who has faught in the name and path of Allah. Elena has sent a very important message. Don’t be so naive as to believe that an iceberg is simply the tip above the water. Free Masons, Illuminati. Shaytan, the whisperer, is the easiest voice to hear and his is the easiest path to follow. Our main Jihad is against our own ‘fitrah’, in case anyone thinks Jihad simply means holy war or fighting in the name of Allah, Simply read the Hadith of the Prophet Salallahu Aleihi Wa Salaam where he says the best Jihad and most difficult Jihad is the one of our own evil inclinations.

      Dr Zakir Naik. “If you didn’t study Islam, don’t say anything about Islam”

      Ash Hadu La Illaha Ilallah, Wa ash Hadu ana Muhammadun ‘Abduhu Rasooluh

  20. I have a convict heritage an am proud of it.
    My Grandparents, farther, uncles and cousins fought in both wars and help build the country that we live in today. Have you thought of how different our country would be if we lost any of these events and did not stand up for our own beliefs. Some of the comments from others have touched on when we first landed in Australia, I hope they realise that we were brought here by the English, chained and flogged and stuffed in the hull of ships. This was not a pleasure cruise. Australians, all Australians have changed this country to make it what it is today.. With migrants coming from around Europe and Asia, Australia evolved and at no point did we have riots based on religion. Can anyone name another religion in this day and age that has such a radical belief and demands nations change their own values to cater for this belief?
    I agree with one of the other articles, we should (all western countries) leave the middle east, oil is not a reason to stay, let them sell the oil to each other, this would last until they realise they don’t have any money and not much more to export than oil..

    Allistair – do realise how much money is sent from western countries to the middle east to support their communities even before you look at the money gained by the middle east through trade with the west.
    Most of the rioters in Sydney were more than likely born in Australia and have never lived in or been to the middle east, which sadly means they are being taught this radical view against the west people and groups that also live in Australia. The vice president of the muslim community
    in Sydney spoke on radio this morning and said – a film was that mocks our belief by the WESTERN WORLD – even this man could not say that ONE man in America made a film.
    On the news last night we watched a seminar featuring speakers against the western community vowing that they will never be part of our society which was endorsed by all attending.
    We do not need these people in our society, is it wrong for a community or a nation to voice their disapproval of this view.. No of course not…If they don’t want to be part of our western society than they should stand up for their beliefs and leave…which they will not do because living in Australia and living in the middle east is very different.

    I believe like most of you, round them all up and send them back
    Stop the seminars and the anti western teachings being held within Australia
    Stop the funding and bring our soldiers home
    Leave the middle east, let them fight their own wars, they Hate the western society and Blame all of their problems on us, so leave it to them to sort out and leave them in the middle east.

    • I agree to have the soldiers sent back home. Australians and the rest. They have no business there. But make no mistake, We are converting, we are spreading and may Allah subhaana wa ta’ala, Ah Romaanhir-Roheem, Maliki yawn ad deen, spread The Muslim Ummah as rapidly as the filth of this Dunya spread their STD’s and HIV. It will spread only so far, as people like the author and the majority of the commentators are destined for Jahannam. The hereafter is forever, Consider what you would rather for your ‘Ruh in the hereafter.

      Allahu Akbar.

  21. The article seems to imply that most of the rioters are recent migrants, who could be identified as such and deported. That may be not the case. There is marginalised Muslim minority in this country. They do not heed their community nor religious leaders’ advice. They are radicalised because of their maladjusted position in the society caused by low education, unemployment, etc. This is a social problem of other parts of our society too. It is just unfortunate that Muslim marginalised groups are being easier organised along the religious line. Australian Muslim community should make more efforts in integrating themselves into the society and get more involved in work with their own marginalised members to steer them clear of radicalisation, help them with the integration. I fully support the author’s point on ‘political correctness’ doing a bad service to us all. Though, as a society, we respect everyone’s right to confess any religion, we should not change the secular base of the society and start adjusting our secular lifestyle to accommodate contrasting or competing demands of many religious denominations, Islamic or otherwise. I do not like the idea of having to bow to any prejudices of any religious faith. The more we yield to the pressure of demands from religious followers to change the way we live, the more dissent and rift we cause in the society.

    • I’d be interested to know your background Roman — from your writing style it sounds like you may have experience of some of these issues (if it’s possible to ascertain that from the written word!) I think I see where you’re coming from — you make some good points here.

      I don’t agree with the reason you give for “radicalisation (low education, employment etc) — I think people should take a bit more responsibility and try other ways to improve their lot than joining radical groups and causing the sort of trouble that happened in Sydney at the weekend, or worse. And remember there are also a lot of non-Muslim Australians who are unemployed and poorly educated who don’t go around rioting and so forth. I do, however, think you make a very good point at the end of your post; I think this is a large part of the problem. Thanks for your comment.

      • I am a first generation migrant not from a Muslim country. I’m an atheist. What prompted me to write the comment is a trend I observe in this country and the country I’ve migrated from: minor extremist incidents become major ones over time, as left not addressed properly by working with the root causes; in the process certain % of the populace develop hatred towards all representatives of the minority group. I do not want that to happen in Australia.

        • …and I think you’ve neatly summed the problem up. I think you make good common sense. Unfortunately, you were also right to recognise in your earlier point the issue of political correctness; as you would know, it’s basically illegal to do anything other than let minorities do whatever they like — and when they do something bad, you’re a racist for saying they did something bad. I think your view of the situation is spot on.

  22. I am tired of all the excuses by Muslims of how bad they are being treated, how they have no opportunities, how society is marginalising them etc.. etc..
    I myself came to this country more than 30 years ago with ABSOLUTELY nothing. My parents and I were political refugees from the War in Indochina in the ’70s. We lived in a camp for years before we were lucky enough to be accepted as refugees by Australia.
    My parents worked hard, learnt English and taught me that I must assimilate in the country that was kind enough to accept us.
    I was taught that as later arrivals it is up to us to fit in with Aust society, not the other way round.
    Yes, there are racists in this country – there are racists of all flavours everywhere. I used to cop my fair share of abuse, that is nothing new. I still cop racial abuse – so what?
    Every single religion has their crackpots and nutheads. Do the Buddhists go around murdering everyone who mocks them? Do the Christians go around killing everyone because of the film “The Life of Brian” or the piece of crap that was supposedly Art called p – – – Christ? Why do the Muslims always threaten to kill or behead people when some nuthead does something against their faith or prophet?

    • And that’s the other half of the story, isn’t it Linda? Everyone else who has come here — from your part of the world included — doesn’t seem to have too much trouble getting along with everyone else…I agree with you.

      Thanks for your comment. It’s been a surprise to find just how many people have read this particular article and have made thoroughly reasonable points from completely different perspectives…

    • Muslims are quite defensive of ‘Isa, Jesus peace be upon him, which I’m sure you don’t know. Muslims really dislike that he is the son of god and he is god and he the holy spirit and god is the holy spirit when clearly Jesus himself says there is none to be worshipped but thy father… Why dust though callest me good, there is none good but the father. Its endless, Muslims love Jesus, peace be upon him, too. Muslims love all the prophets, may allah be pleased with all his serverts, But Muhammad salallahu aleihi wassalam was the last and final messenger, and the best of mankind that ever was or ever will be. And it is a testimony to the unwavering love of our deen that has us defend more fervently our book, our teachings from Sadiq, beloved rasool and The one god. Why are other faiths less confident of themselves? because they are riddled with lies, dillusions, innovations, omissions, additions. Why was the gospel of barnabas removed? because it mentions our rasool by name. Deceit has been created by deceitful men in history, which is why the qur’an has divine protection. It is as now as it was then and atleast 3 million people worldwide have memorised and if they recite together they recite the exact same thing, down to the very specific pronunciation of the arabic sounds. We love our deen, The one god and the prophet who founded Islam more than anyone else loves anything in their religion. Love is a powerful emotion, and it causes people to do stupid things. But a stupid thing in the name of Allah out of love for him above everything else is better than sitting back and doing nothing.

  23. Well done Yale. Brilliant article. It is a sad reality that it wont be long til the Muslims will have the majority on this planet. They breed like rabbits. Unfortunately these filthy putrid extremists are using democracy against us. It makes me wonder whether its time to start asking whether democracy as a concept is flawed. As for this Allistair cretan from the UK… Worry about your own back yard before you snipe from 10,000km away.

  24. It is an atrocity that what Eric says is frighteningly true – the Muslims are set to take over whether it be by force (their preferred measure) or simply breeding out every other culture.
    We are sitting back and letting them because everyone is too scared to be labelled a racist or other such ludicrous term for simply making these lunatics abide by our laws.
    Andrew Bolt did an incredible show on Sunday and was not afraid to state that perhaps it is time to restrict Muslim immigration ( I would prefer it stopped altogether) until the ones who are here assimilate…good luck with that one.
    They do nothing to enhance this great Country, in fact, as evidenced in Sydney, are intent on bringing us down.
    The Italians and Greeks, the immigrants of yesteryear, worked hard and made their way in Australia as law abiding citizens.
    Yes, many of the older folk didn’t learn English, but the youth became Aussies through and through.
    I attended school with many in southern Sydney during the 70s.
    Just remember this “Every Muslim may not be a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim.”

    • Lets just establish some facts before coming to the conclusion of the Muslim world domination. From wiki:
      1. Total number of Muslims in the world population is 23%
      2. Total number of Muslims in Australia 2.25%
      So the reality doesn’t support the claim they are taking over the world, Anthony. What makes them different from lots of other religious people is they are vociferous and some of them are militant. Having said that, I still think that we should not confuse the loud minority with quiet majority. We have our fare share of Muslims in Adelaide. They are just like any other category of migrants. I personally know my son’s Muslim friend’s family. Apart from saying they are hard-working people who want to succeed in this country and give their children the best chance they can, I have no negative things to say. I’m not trying to tell that everybody is like them but neither is in any other community in this country.

      • Roman most Muslim extremists will tell you that exactly what they aim to do… have all countries follow shari law. Many have been heard saying that Australian women will have to learn to have more babies like Muslim women so they to can contribute to the growing numbers. That they will bare many children to teach shari law and the teachings of Islam.

      • @TJ, the intentions could be as grand as they wish but that doesn’t mean we should take them seriously, does it?

  25. Yale, your article has certainly seen some varied & diverse opinions being put forward, all signs of a subject well presented. Apart from the crap which flowed from people like Allister, Tonic & the like, there are a number of points put forward that are extremely note worthy:-

    1. All cultures living in Australia need to co-exist in harmony with each other, there being no tolerance here for extremists and yes, if they are new to the country & act in an extremist manner endangering the public & or commit a criminal offence they should & must be expelled, not jailed to make a martyr out of them;

    2. People have the right to have differing opinions & points of view and the right to express those opinions etc in a democratic & peaceful manner. Yes & even rally for their cause, placards & all, providing that it is done peacefully & without endangering others;

    3. More needs to be done by spiritul leaders of all faiths, to help over come deep seated & long held intolerances & hatred of other cultures. After all some of these people in all probabiliy fled their home country to get away from these problems in the first place;

    4. Australians have always supported the beliefs “that everyone deserves a fair go” which applies to new & old arrivals alike. History show that Australians will fight long & hard to see this happens. We may have the attitude that ” She’ll be right mate!” but don’t be mistaken, when this right is in jeopardy we will fight back & fight back hard.

    Australia has taken in vast numbers of people fleeing from oppression, persecution, religious intolerance, wars, poverty, starvation, to name just a few. In the main the majority of these persons have assimilated into Australian society flawlessly, indeed Australia has been enriched in so many ways by these cultures. It will be a great shame & disgrace, if the hatred & violence that we see nearly every night on the news, is allowed to start here in Australia. A number of writers agree that the riots in Sydney may be the start of things to come. If this is so, than it is time to act just as radically as the rioters & expel them now !!! and a word to the media:-

    “Sensationilism does sell advertising but it is too high a price to pay for the loss of peace, dignity & harmony”. Chose a more balance approach to reporting the news in the furture & society as a whole will be better off!

  26. As I asked before, can you name any other religion or in fact any other topic that demands such attention. New migrants, old migrants, born here or fleeing from a war torn country, if you want to stay, support and be part of the Australian community, it is pretty simple, if not LEAVE.
    I am sick of the bullshit that surounds this subject, along with all of the bullshit that comes with it.
    To start a riot in Sydney and for riots to start all over the world over a film and someone’s belief in religion is absurd and you cannot justify this action by any means. You cannot also deny the violence that comes with the muslim religion and their absurd view of the western culture.
    And of course its not all of them, it’s just enough of them to upset most of Australia and most of the western society, world wide. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is really sad that all of the muslim community will have to wear this, and of course all of the other deeds that are done under the name of Allah.

    Before you write some bullshit comment on my personal view on this topic……..
    Name another religion that demands nations and society’s change their own values to cater for this belief? Do I believe in God maybe…do I believe in your….but than again, does it matter…

  27. Make no mistake, folks.

    The radical fundamentalists in islam have only 1 objective.
    The entire world to be ruled by sharia law.
    Every upheaval, riot, bombing, murder they commit is driving toward that one goal.

    To Elena Garcia – there was a lot more than 1 placard zoomed in on that were equally offensive

    • Sorry are you saying they deserved a flogging from police, then? I see offensive stuff regularly but that doesn’t entitle me to bash people and spray them with pepper spray (but just because I don’t bash them doesn’t mean I approve of their offensiveness).Your type of thinking is what right-wing American Christians use to justify murdering workers at abortion clinics…

      • Elena, I saw footage of a protestor smacking a police officer in the face – unprovoked. The riots were unacceptable, but I do not believe that those who protested should be deported. The rational response is that they be charged with public affray, assaulting police and property damage (if any). Trade unionists have been known to riot in a similarly ‘un-Australian’ fashion, and no one suggests they be deported (although I could be persuaded into believing that that’s a bloody good idea!!).

        I also don’t believe that the actions of a few dickheads (technical term) should tarnish an entire religion. There are many thousands of peace loving Muslims who despair at such riots/violence, because they know that their lot in life will be that little bit harder for a while – they won’t be able to walk down the street without some moron yelling insults, hurling garbage at them (or worse) and telling them to get out of the country.

        Further, I don’t believe that the country will be overrun by Muslims. For crying out loud. If you’re that scared of such an eventuality, then go hide under your bed. Such an assertion is ridiculous, ill-informed crap, and the people who subscribe to such a view are, frankly, narrow-minded biggots.

        Those who espouse the equally stupid theory that Sharia law is not far from being introduced wholesale in this country clearly have no understanding as to the fundamental principle of Australian law – namely the Constitution. In order for Sharia law to be introduced wholesale in Australia, the Constitution would have to be effectively overthrown. The only way THAT will happen is that a majority of people in a majority of states votes to have the Constitution struck out in its entirety, and a new one introduced. How quickly do you think the Muslim population would need to multiply to ensure it achieves these majority outcomes? Given the success rate of referendums in this country, such an outcome is so beyond the realms of possibility I can’t even believe I have to explain it.

        The saddest thing of all is that which Yale mentioned in his article – the protestors have wrongly targeted the US (in general), and should instead be turning their collective attention to the mono-brain celled fool who created it in the first place. The US (per se) wasn’t responsible for that heinous piece of filth (aka ‘the video’), and the US government has been lobbying Google to get it removed (that it doesn’t breach Google’s terms of service causes one to scratch one’s head).

        Every religion, including Christianity, has a rogue sect (or 3), which interprets certain facets of its religion violently. The Ku Klux Klan, West Virginia White Pride, Neo-Nazis … just to name a few. No one suggests that the KKK speaks for all Christians, do they? No one suggests that all Christians should be deported due to the actions of their deranged KKK brethren.

        In summary, those who seek to label all Muslims as violent, Sharia-law loving radicals hell-bent on taking over Australia really need to find a sense of proportion – let alone a brain.

      • Elena they were trying to storm the American Embassy so yes they were repelled with all means necessary to do so. Had they continued to rally out side and protest then all good, even with there offensive threatening material, but they attempted to enter. Had the same thing happened in Islam or most middle eastern countries you wouldn’t have been pepper sprayed, you would have been SHOT ! Yes those that tried to enter ( under those circumstances ) deserved a flogging. The police that were doing their job didn’t deserve to be attacked and hospitalised.

      • Sorry Elena, I only saw OUR Police being flogged by placard bearing Osama Bin Laden supporters. That equated to treason in my books and they should be deported as they support a vile Muslim terrorist. Tell me someone…..anyone, would this behaviour be tolerated in a Muslim Country from Australians? What sort of punishment would we be dealt? Can our women walk their streets in the attire that normal is within our culture? Interesting questions and I think we all know the answers.

      • When people in large groups show public aggression, making law-abiding citizens fearful of their safety, then police must use necessary force to quell this riot. And rioting is exactly what they were doing. Police did the same in Cronulla. It’s curious you feel police should be subject to violence without response. Your analogy about abortion clinics is absolutely bizzare.

  28. It’s time for a divorce
    As far as the overall argument goes, do we accept that Western and Muslim populations are incompatible for a number of fundamental reasons? We can talk a lot about this and appear as politically correct as we wish in recognizing and “respecting” each side, but it does not remove the inevitable conclusion that the two groups do not agree on the most basic human rights and freedoms. It is time to lobby political parties to take action to start to undo the ongoing immigration stuff-ups that have allowed this bad situation to develop here. The issue around asylum seekers and unannounced arrivals is one that continues to be dominated by the views of left-wing individuals who seem to have no awareness that Australia has absolutely no legal or moral obligation to accept any applicants for asylum whether they arrive business class by air or in a leaky boat. The UNHCR’s “safe third country” concept gives Australia the right to refuse to re-settle or even process unannounced people here. (The only time the government has to process an application is when the person is persecuted in a neighbouring country – for example Christians fleeing Indonesia). But even in that situation, the applicant has no clear legal right to choose Australia as their country of refuge – they can still be sent on to a UN refugee camp. Interestingly, not even right-wing politicians ever discuss this. It is another area where Australians have been too nice for their own good.

    If the Federal government were to exercise this right, it could switch assistance from people who have circumvented the system to others who are absolutely more deserving. I’m talking about the millions of UN-registered refugees, orphaned children and the entire Hazara population of Afghanistan (who are currently marked for elimination by the Taliban). These people are all in need of serious assistance and we can deliver this assistance to them without destabilizing our own society.

    Simply accepting more refugees here does not resolve the situation in the countries they have fled and no-one appears to have any solutions for any of the outbreaks of carnage happening in failed states around the world at the moment. What are needed are more safe halfway houses.

    To return to the riots, for a lot of Australians, what is more concerning is the feeling that these thugs in Sydney were acting out what many other Muslims were thinking and feeling. And this appears to be an extension of the appalling violence happening in places such as Syria, Somalia and Sudan where Muslim extremists have been massacring anyone they don’t like. Seen from a national security perspective, if the government here does not currently have laws that enable it to deport / banish visa holders and citizens who carry out religiously justified acts of violence, it ought to set these up urgently. That would have been an effective response to the Cronulla Riots and ought to be in place as wars around the world escalate.

    Name one industrialized Western country where the local population is thrilled to have Islamic extremists living close by?

    It’s time these violent individuals are returned to the closest failed state with a warning that they have no sense of humour.


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  30. Yale, perhaps this complete list of comments should be sent to our Politicians to show them what we, Australians, really think and want from this issue.
    Then maybe someone there would grow some and give the majority of Australians the safety and security that we all deserve and expect from this violence ,which is permeating it’s evil web thoughout our culture, before it is too late.

  31. Yeah mate,
    Great article. The bit about deporting THEM seems a little odd though.
    How are you proposing anyone deport THEM?
    THEY are Australian Citizens. So you’ll have as much luck deporting THEM as THEY’LL have at deporting YOU.
    I think you’re missing the point about what it is to be Australian.
    No-one’s gonna be deported mate, unless you become PM, in which case you’ll probably deport everyone you don’t like and crack open a VB.

    • If they can come over, they can go as well. France, UK, Holland, etc… did deport extreme islamic imams. You need to choose: do you allow them to come in and cause a constant stir? If you remove a problem, the problem is gone. It’s not exactly the death penalty, but somewhere in the future, you’re gonna need to solve this issue. The longer you wait, the worse it’s going to be. I.e.: if the allies captured Hitler after he didn’t honor the Versailles treatment, there wouldn’t have been a world war. But all they did back then was waiting and ssssh’ing and waiting and ssssh’ing, until it was sept 1st, 1939 and too late. The same thing is happening right now, however,on a lower pace. Your police forces aren’t going to be able to stop 10.000 muslims. But that will occur first in Europe.

  32. When I was in Sydney for vacation, in 2004, I bought some drinks in a small shop. I’ll never forget the conversation I had, not with the owner, but with his worker. He was a muslim, he said he lived in my country (Belgium) as well and ended up in Australia. “One day” he said ” in every house in the world will live a muslim”. That is what they are after. That is their ultimate wet dream. Although, you live on the other side of the world, your words sounds very familiar to me. Silently, they persuate schools to serve only halal food. They urge supermarkets not to sell chocolates filled with alcohol, they don’t respect our rights of freedom of speech (“why is it good for?”). In Egypt, a Christian has been sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment for insulting islam. You risk the death penalty if you try to convert a muslim in Algeria. You get death threats in Holland if you were a muslim and become an atheïst. In Brussels many native women are harassed by muslims, insulted, called a whore for not wearing a veil,… They demand respect, but they don’t respect other religions. According to islam, hindoeism, janiism, boeddhism.. are all devilish religions who worship satan. Atheists are worst than pigs and should be killed, etc… Where is their respect? All this stuff happens all over the world. I spoke to someone from Czechia about islam. Same story overthere. He said: ” they hate us”. I wonder, if there isn’t going to be enough police around to stop the protesters, what is going to happen next? It will be a very difficult puzzle, but what I did notice: the more muslims you allow in your country, the more problems you get later on. If there were a 500 muslims youngsters causing an uproar 10 years ago, you now have 2000. I think,somewhere in the future, there will be a terrible war and it will be fought out by our children. I hope I’m wrong. The second option is becoming a muslim yourself and the latter is to live under muslim dictatorship. Ask the christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, etc… what that means. Ask the people of Trappes, near Paris, France, what it is like, to live in a town dominated by muslims. That is, if you can find someone who isn’t muslim. And don’t bother trying to find a beer or a glass of wine neither… 28km from Paris.

    • Jan, this is pure scaremongering. Muslims are only 2.25% of this country. They can dream as much as they want about a Muslim in every house. It is just not going to happen here. After the riot in Sydney, where there are probably more marginalised Muslims than elsewhere, nothing of the kind has happened anywhere else.

      As to terrible wars. Who knows, Europe has more problems and more Muslim countries next to them than us. We have Indonesia with 300M of Muslims. We we try to keep a good relationship with them and influence them as much as we can so they stay a secular state and not run by extremists. So far, so good.

      • Well, in Brussels, 25% of the population is muslim, and that number is still growing by the day. That is app. 250,000 people. It use to be 2.25% as well. How would Sydney look like with 25% muslims? They don’t integrate. They don’t watch our tv stations or read our newspapers. They have satelite tv and muslim banks where they put their money, so they can live in their own world, with their set of rules in our modern society. Gays are constantly bashed by them, don’t try to wear a skirt as a woman.. they’ll harass you constantly. If you’re a woman on a bike, wearing a short, they will spit at you, if you’re a lesbian couple, they will smack your face on the pavement. I am not making this up. This is reality to us. In Brussels, every year 50,000 people are victim of some form of fysical violence. That is 500,000 people within 10 years. We only have 10,000 prison cells. Letting them muslims in by such numbers -of course, under the supervision of the socialist party- created so many wounded people, murders, social tensions, fear, anxiety, unsafety… it has been a total disaster. Most of them are not ready to live in an open free society. We paid a huge price for this. Just last month, there was an article about Saoudi-Arabia financing radical muslim schools in Brussels. What is this doing to a society? It’s making it harder. Why are we even allowing this? The (socialist) government hasn’t been doing anything to solve this or any of the problems, other than calling every form of criticism racial hatery, which is BS. By doing nothing, the problem only grew. More people will get hurt, beaten up, stabbed and end up with emotional damage in the future. The French/Brussels socialist media hardly mention these problems. That is pure censorhip. I could never post on their forum, what I write overhere. They would censor it. What is it with socialism & the truth? I was a socialist. I stopped being one, after reading all their BS-propaganda & seeing the poor result of their policy: one of the highest taxes in the world, one of the highest government debts in the world and way too much (unpunished) crime. That is socialism. In reality it’s not working. What the war concerns: I’m only repeating the words of a French officer from the secret service from France who said this in a French docu. Seeing how things evolved locally, I concur.

      • @jan, is there statistics that confirms that Muslims represent disproportionately high % as perpetrators of physical violence in the Netherlands? If it is just an impression you or anybody else gets, well, we can’t trust our impressions as they are very subjective.

      • Muslims in prison:

        BELGIUM – 35%

        DENMARK – 20%

        GREAT BRITAIN – 11%

        FRANCE – 50%-70%

        GERMANY – 5%

        ITALY – 13%

        THE NETHERLANDS – 26%

        NORWAY – Over 30%

        SPAIN – 70%

        SWITZERLAND – 57.8% in Champ-Dollon prison

        So, I reckon this will be Australia’s future. Let me get one thing clear: I am not a racist and I am not connected to a far right party or group. I’ve been drinking wine with a muslim last week. Not everyone are not all bad apples. But that doesn’t mean we have to take all this crap for the bad guys. Most of them are unemployed, underqualified, or illegal but not sent back. That is socialism. IMO, the best thing to do is sending them back. They came over, were taking good care of, but then they blew their chances. Our socialist goverment let them stay, gave them allowences, and they remain unemployed… They were unemployed in Morrocco, now they are unemployed in Belgium. The burden is ours. Don’t see the point. Plus they demand VIP treatment, because they are muslim… And i’m not even going to start ranting about the hundreds & hundreds East-European gangs that are operating in our country, to steal our wealth… or the 10,000’s and 10,000’s of East-Europeans commiting social fraud. Or the immigration fraud from people coming from Asia & Africa. In 10 years, our population grew with 10%. That is a lot. Nothing else but from immigration. Most of them are low qualified, and will remain unemployed, most likely for the rest of their lives. In the meantime, taxes are rising again. Socialists love to tax.

      • Yes, you were right, re over-representation. This discussion refers to a publication that indicates the over-representation of Muslims in crimes statistics in Netherlands here:

        There is a problem. However, I don’t think the root of it is a particular religious association causing its members to be more violent or more criminal. Research done by EUMC (Muslims in the European Union, Discrimination and Islamophobia 2006)
        tells, I quote:
        “Many Muslims acknowledge that they themselves also need to do more to engage
        with wider society, to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that they face and to
        take greater responsibility for integration. However, engagement and participation
        need also encouragement and support from mainstream society that needs to do
        more to accommodate diversity and remove barriers to integration.
        Political leaders and the institutions have a particular responsibility to send a clear
        message of respect to all communities and provide convincing answers. Now more
        than ever they must establish meaningful intercultural dialogue and promote
        practical initiatives to bring communities together and tackle prejudice, disaffection
        and marginalisation. Policy responses need to acknowledge that Muslim
        communities in general have experienced long-standing discrimination, whether
        direct or indirect, which has impacted on employment opportunities, education
        standards and social marginalisation.”

        I’d like to draw your attention to the last sentence, as I believe that is the root cause. Christian-based society (Western, if you like) is still too-bigoted to treat all equally, despite all the policies. It is us, rank and file, who look at the “others” as at the aliens to be discriminated against, consciously or subconsciously.

        Perhaps, until our own society matures enough to abandon their bigoted views, there should be a policy limiting the number of Muslim or other “too-different” immigrants. However, Australia being a signatory to the refugee convention is limited in available means of achieving such a control. However we could follow the way Netherlands has tried by setting strict rules and limits on family migration.

        Re: your reference to “socialist government” policy in Netherlands as the cause of the high number of Muslim migrants, I’d disagree with that based on this quote from from wiki here
        “During the 1960s and 1970s the Netherlands needed a larger labour force for the labour intense jobs in the lower educated sectors. These sectors were short of workers because of the traditionally service-oriented Dutch economy. The Netherlands concluded recruitment agreements with countries like Turkey and Morocco, allowing people from these countries to stay in the Netherlands[citation needed] (smaller numbers of Muslim immigrants in this time came from Tunisia and Algeria).
        Official work immigration ended in 1973, but the number of Moroccans and Turks remained on the increase as immigrants brought their family to the country using family reunification laws. A number of Surinamese Muslims came to the Netherlands before and after the independence of Suriname in 1975.”

        The cause of high number of Muslim migrants in Netherlands doesn’t seem to be related to a particular party’s policy but seems to have been justified by economic reasons, just like in the rest of the EUCD countries, apart from taking refugees, we try to fill job vacancies we can’t fill otherwise.

        Re the allowances given to the unemployed. I don’t think the situation will improve, if you take them away. It will only cause more crimes and disparity in the society.

  33. As a young country we should look at what has happened around the world, by letting muslims settle in their country and take heed..I agree with the article from Jan this just does not work.. Our basic views are just completely different…
    The heads of the muslim community in Sydney spoke about the child carrying the sign and suggested that the child more than likely just picked up the sign and raised it..if you have a close look at the mother, instead of talking to the child and letting him know that it’s not nice to cut peoples head off, she is taking a photo of the child…
    And Steve deporting them is easy you just stamp them with “Return to Sender”…
    And the scum that were born in Australia carrying placards in support of Osama Bin Laden (which for me are even worse) should.. just be given to our armed forces….sorry but what I was going to write was far worse and not constructive..anyway just stamp them with “We love christ so f*** you” and send them to the middle east for a relaxing holiday.

  34. I’m over this debate,,,,,
    it was centred around the violent and inciting riots in sydney.

  35. I have just been reading this article from Time World that talks about the 4 1/2 year prison sentence given to one of the protestors for kicking a police dog and pushing a police woman. The journalist seems anti-Australian, suggesting a more progressive legal system would just allow the dog kicking to proceed with only a token penalty. (How is that civilized?) I was very pleased to see the judge say that she would have preferred to make the sentence much longer if that were permitted by law. The convicted criminal also took part in the Cronulla riots (surprise, surprise) and was known to police.

    What I am not clear about is what sentences were handed out to the other individuals who were taken to court by the police. This is apparently connected with recent threats to blow up a police station in the western suburbs of Sydney (Yes, a bomb was found)

    Anyway, here’s the link:

    Please post a link if any of you have any further information?


  36. To Sister Amina, I greet you in the name of Allah Subhana Taala and peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasalam. Also, I would like to commend Alistair of the U.K for his true and straight forward facts relating to the history of the Australian civilisation, how it came into existence and their racist attitude towards Muslims. Alistair, you were on the button with that rendition. Sister Amina, Wow! What can I say. You are an intellectual with profound knowledge. You single handedly took on these Bigots and finished them off nicely. They are just a bunch of propaganda artists who should try bluffing the birds. They were indeed ignorant and lacked perception. As you quoted Dr. Zakir Naik “If you didn’t study Islam, don’t say anything about Islam”. Most certainly, if they were not ignorant, they would have read with interest. Unfortunately, these infidels lack the mental ability to comprehend the message of this Great religion of Islam. All they are drowned in is the filth of Western influence and teachings. They lack religious tolerance because of their ungodly lifestyle that they lead. The police brutality on innocent Muslims in Sydney was a national disgrace. It was based purely on racist grounds. A provocation on a peaceful march. It was unfortunate that a Muslim brother was sentenced to a more than four years prison term just for pushing a police officer. It also shows the injustice of the criminal system in Australia. The day is coming when Allah Subhana Ta’ala will punish the unjust of this world. Allahu Akbar.

    • You’re just a wanker – a troll, attempting to cause friction on this site. If you truly do believe the crap you wrote, you’re not living in the ‘real’ world. And let’s face it, most Muslims don’t live in the ‘real’ world. You talk about Westerners not having religious tolerance. The last I looked it was all the Islamic countries of the world fighting each other, imploding on factional religious infighting between themselves. Ungodly lifestyle we Westerns have? Ha – where’s that crap coming from! Your Muslim teachers and scribes threw that crap at you when you were 3 years old perhaps? That’s when they start working on your fucked up minds about the West. If it such a ungodly lifestyle, why have you Islamic wankers gone to great lengths to escape from your own Islamic ‘paradise’ and travel to the other side of the world begging for Western countries like Australia to take you in? Why are you so dependent on the West? If we were the failed nations, why are you coming to us? All Muslims are ungrateful, divisive shit stirrers HIGHLY ENVIOUS of the West. That ‘Muslim brother’ should have been deported, along with his family. In fact we should ethnic cleanse Australia of all Muslims ASAP – deport all the scum back to where they came from. That should teach the lot of your scum to shut the fuck up if you are stuck back in your Islamic hell holes that your people have created for yourselves! It seems you lot are the lepers of today’s world – hated wherever you go, and with good reason.

      • In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the most Merciful. Allah, the Master, the Creator, the Sustainer and Lords of the universe. He Begets not, nor is he Begotten. Peace, Blessings and Salutations upon the Greatest of all Creation, Our beloved Prophet Muhammed Mustafa Sallalahu Alaihe Wasalam. My dear learned sister Amina, you have summed up your arguments in a very factual and conclusive manner. It’s true, Arrogance does breed Ignorance. Unfortunately it’s not acknowledged. An impure heart pollutes and poisons an entire body. An Infidels arrow will always point towards a faithful believer. The forces of Good will always verse the forces of Evil. There will always remain a clear distinction between a Muslim and an infidel because for them ‘Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair’. So for those ‘Down Under’. Remember, in the hereafter you will remain down under!!! ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’

        • Oh for goodness sake, the point of this article was

          1. There was a riot in Sydney.


          3. Their pretext for doing so was spurious at best and irrelevant to anything that had happened to them (or their bloody brethren) in Australia.

          4. The culprits went out of their way to incite violence against anyone who dared criticise this alleged expression of their faith.

          I am continuing to allow both sides to publish comments (even the jackanapse who thought he/she would be clever and post it in a foreign language – a repeat of which will see the comment deleted) but come on folks — this isn’t a Christianity vs Islam issue, although the passions on both sides clearly runs high; it’s over a religious-based riot during which multiple criminal acts were committed.

          Under AUSTRALIAN LAW, that is; and the one thing I will say is that Sharia law is NOT WELCOME IN THIS COUNTRY, so don’t even bother trying to advocate it in this forum.

          • .Well said. Yale. Keeping any Muslim on track is a very difficult thing to do. Australian Law is the Law, Islam has no place in Australia,(Sharia, Halal, Burqas/Niqabs, )
            Islam is a crime against humanity, how the majority of people around the world deal with this Ideology called Islam (like NAZISM & COMMUNISM) is the true issue

      • To Andre! I believe Karl Marx was an Atheist. Are you a follower, if so, what is your interest in this discussion!!!

    • Bismillahi-Rahmaanir-Roheem
      As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu brother Shabir, Allah yubaarik fiik my beloved brother. You are absolutely correct. The tainted lense of the Godless western culture entraps them in arrogance and it is arrogance that begets ignorance. Arrogance in the sense of assuming which opens their doors to both igorance in the sense of ignoring and of not knowing. Arrogance is one of the worst diseases of the heart and one of the most dangerous states in which to exist, if Allah subhana wa ta’ala has not written guidance for them due to v

      • Your responses are a remarkable demonstration of Karl Marx’s premise that religion is the opiate of the people. Glad I’m not an addict.

    • Bismillahi-Rahmaanir-Roheem
      As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu brother Shabir, Allah yubaarik fiik my beloved brother.
      Alhamdullilah. All praise is due to Allah subhana wa ta’ala, Lord of all the worlds. Eternal and total blessings upon the most beloved Rasoollulah, Muhammad salallahu aleihi wa salam.

      You are absolutely correct. The tainted lense of the Godless western culture entraps them in arrogance and it is arrogance that begets ignorance. Arrogance in the sense of assuming which opens their doors to both igorance in the sense of ignoring and of not knowing. Arrogance is one of the worst diseases of the heart and one of the most dangerous states in which to exist, if Allah subhana wa ta’ala, Rabbiyal ‘Aalameen, has not written guidance for them it is because they will never attain a state of humility. Henceforth, the hearts are sealed and the eyes are blinded. When they arrogantly follow and propogate ignorant misguidance, they have taken the shayateen as their allies and friends. As Allah, glorified and exalted is he, guides whom he wills so too does he misguide whom he wills.

      There are two hadith of our most beloved Rasoollulah salallahu aleihi wa salam that immediately come to mind.

      In the body there is a piece of flesh, if it is pure, clean and good the entire body will be pure, clean and good. If it is dirty, impure and not good the whole body will be dirty, impure and not good. BEHOLD! That piece of flesh is the heart.

      Arrogance is to turn away from the truth when it is given to you and to look down on people.

      These are not verbatim and I did not provide the reference nor chain of narration, Allah forgive me, I am just working off the top of my head.

      Allah the glorified says in Surat Al-A’raaf ayah 146 : “I shall turn away from my ayat those who behave arrogantly on the earth in a wrongful manner”

      Do not let their arrogance weigh heavily on you, as Ali ibn Abi Talib Allah be well pleased with him, said “if you want to recognise the most righteous amongst the Muslims, then see in which direction the arrows of the kuffar are going.”
      The oppression, in every sense of the word and every way in which it is carried out (from the evil of the assad regime to small time bigot bloggers) is the beginning of our victory. The kuffar will never understand that a righteous death in the path of Allah is victory. And they do not know that for every glare or negative remark towards a Muslim has reward written for the one they ignorantly believe they have belittled.

      On the day of judgement, when we shine with a pure light from ablution, they will notice us in the way Aadaam aleihi salam saw the shining face of Dawud when Allah showed him his progeny. It is then they come to know they only belittled themselves, what an aweful awareness awaits them. May Allah remove from them their arrogance that they will be in the condition to receive the truth. They mock at us, they slander The Blessed Muhammad al-Mustafa salallahu aleihi wa salam but worst of all they deny HE who created them, who provides for and nourishes them… but I still have tears for them for surely Jahannam is the worst abode.

      May Rabbiyal ‘Aalameen grant you every
      goodness in this dunya and in the akhira. May he bless you with a strong Mu’mineen lineage all the way up to Qiyamah and may he take you in the best condition. I ask of Allah almighty to grant you, myself and the mu’mineen The Shahada as our last utterance.

      Allah Hafiz my dear brother, I eagerly await the day we meet in Jannah, Inshallah Inshallah.

    • To Shabeer Haroun, I studied Marx at University and remembered him warning people about the mind-numbing effects of believing in religion and his desire for people to become aware of reality and actively involved in improving their life experience. I am not a follower of any religion, just following what looks like an unresolvable argument. If you want to see what I think (which is typically western), look for all the references to Andre on this page.

    • That’s rather ignorant. One must know what one is talking about before making silly comments.
      Wudu/Ablution : Minimum five times a day a Muslim will thoroughly wash their hands, each hand three times making sure to get in between the fingers from the tip to the palm, ensuring also to wash the thumbs in the same manner. Three times the palms and the back of the hands and the wrists. Then, we will brush our teeth and gargle water right to the back of the throat three times. Three times also we sniff some water into the nostrils, and then expel the water along with the mucus. Three times we wash our face, ensuring not to miss even one millimeter of skin. Then, we will wash in our ears with the index finger wipe over the ears and wash behind the ears. Following this, we will wash our arms to just above the elbow three times each arm, wipe over our head with water and then wash our feet just above the ankle three times each, making sure to wash in between the toes and then wash the hands again after having washed our feet.
      As Muslims, we are required to remove certain body hair. Both Men and Women must remove pubic and under-arm hair, as this hair would otherwise cause an odor.
      After one answers the call of nature, we wash with water and tissue and then dry with tissue/toilet paper. I’m sure you know what a Bidet is. They are popular in European homes, they are for the purpose of washing oneself after using the toilet. Previous to Muslim influence, they did not have these and in fact the kings of England used to make a big show of his monthly bath.

      Opinions based on ignorance and lack of knowledge are fairly useless.
      Opinions based on facts gained through research are worth hearing, even if one disagrees.

  37. Miks sa lihtsalt ei vittu seal kuradi wankers. Sa ei ole siin teretulnud. Jumala eest sa wankers, vihastada tagasi koju.Hais sinult mob on hullem kui 1000 kaameleid. Sa oled lihtsalt jobu – troll, üritades põhjustada lahkhelisid selles kohas. Kui te tõesti usun jama sa kirjutasid, et sa ei ela “päris” maailma. Ja olgem ausad, enamik moslemeid ei ela “päris” maailma. Te räägite lääne, millel ei ole usuline sallivus.Viimati ma vaatasin, et see oli kõik islami riigid maailmas võitlevad omavahel, imploding kohta factional religioosne lähivõitlus omavahel. Jumalavallatu elustiili me Westerns on? Ha – kuhu see jama pärit! Teie Muslim õpetajad ja kirjatundjad viskasin selle jama juures, kui sa olid 3-aastane ehk? See, kui nad alustada tööd oma perses meelt West. Kui see nii kole eluviis, miks sa islami wankers läinud suure põgeneda oma islami “paradiis” ja reisida teisel pool maailma kerjamine Lääne riigid nagu Austraalia, et võtta sind? Miks sa nii sõltuv West? Kui me oleksime suutnud rahvad, miks sa tuled meiega? Kõik moslemid on tänamatu, lahkarvamusi sitt segajad VÄGA kadedad West. See moslemi venna tulnuks küüditati koos perega. Tegelikult peaksime etnilise puhastatav Austraalia kõigi moslemite ASAP – deporteerida kõik saast tagasi sinna, kust nad tulid. See peaks õpetama palju oma saast on vait kui te ei suuda tagasi oma islami põrgu augud, et teie inimesed on loonud endile! Tundub, sa palju ei pidalitõbist tänapäeva maailmas – vihkasid kuhu minna, ja mõjuval põhjusel.

      • Hi Yale,

        The comments you have asked for in English are SJ’s September 13, 2013 12:11 pm comments translated into Estonian. I guess there’s an Estonian reader on here?

        I hope all your readers are checking all the items they buy to ensure they don’t have Halal Certification Authority labels on them. I definitely don’t want to be funding Sharia.


  38. Andre : I was an off and on homeless drug addict some years ago. If addiction is a condition I live with, Islam is the only addiction I enjoy and will never desire to give up. Islam is not just a religion, it is life complete for a Muslim. For me, if it is not in the path of Allah, then I don’t need it. To live in this condition keeps a smile on my face and peace and love in my heart. You are my brother in humanity, and I wish nothing but good for you because we all have the right to goodness in this world. Whether or not we get it is another issue. But, The Ultimate Decisions are with Allah.

  39. Yale Stevens.
    In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

    There has not been, nor will there ever be, a limit, rule or law that will not be transgressed nor broken anywhere in the world. There are criminals in every society, in every walk of life, in every religion. You want Muslims, who are probably citizens, to be deported for rioting – look to the past violent demonstrations by non-Muslims, Macquarie fields riots? shall they be deported to? And what of the gay rights battle in the 70’s? Because there has been similar violence, committed by non-muslims who are acting upon something important and dear to them. What about white Australian non-Muslim murderers and rapists? You’re happy for them to be punished by the law but don’t want them deported? You are not being completely honest in my opinion, your prejudice blinds you to the hypocrisy. I believe you want Islam outlawed in this country, and yet talk about freedoms. I recently attended a rally in support of the wrongfully ousted Muhammad Morsi – Almost all those who were there were Muslim, some were not but they were supporting what it is you value, Your right to your opinion in democracy. We we shouting “la illaha illallah, ya Muhammad Rasoollulah” “Allahu Akbar”. We prayed to Allah together, and there was not a single incident. If a person commits a crime, then he should be punished to the extent of the law for the crime. Be honest about your prejudice, But please in a respectful manner. Go and research Islam, and when you see or learn of a Muslim who breaks a law of Islam you will find he will automatically have broken the law of the country he is in. And don’t assume that what is acceptable in Sharia is allowed to be implemented by any Muhammad, Mahmoud or Ahmed. Any judgement and punishment of Sharia can be implemented only by those with Authority to do so and only where Sharia exists, and the most harsh of punishments in Sharia are off the table the second even one iota of doubt is raised. Within our legal system, it is “beyond reasonable doubt”. Sharia, when implemented correctly (There are countries ruled by corrupt men who break the law they claim to implement), is beyond ALL doubt. In our legal system (Australian law), A man can commit an abhorrent crime, strike up a deal with police and receive a reduced charge and henceforth a reduced sentence so long as the police are interested in something. On the other hand, a man who may commit a crime the police are not interested in going any further with will receive no such deal, no reduction in charge or sentence and those two men may end up with a similar sentence. This does not happen in Sharia. It is harsh for the worst crimes, execution for rapists etc. When someones daughter, sister, wife or mother is raped does that family not wish for the death of the abhorrent criminal who committed such an abominable act?

    Islam and western culture cannot completely co-exist, for a true Muslim. Assimilation is off the table, and we have the freedom for this as you have your freedoms. Those who have mixed and matched have lost their way. We cannot touch anything haram, western banks use our money to invest in the short term money market to profit from interest. In Islam, Interest is theft. Do people in this country not feel that the interest the pay is a burden? In Islam, hideous mortgages and interest rates that they raise as they will do not exist. Interest loans do not exist, what you borrow is what you pay back. There was comment about how we have our own banks, a LOT of non-Muslims use Islamic banks because they see the sense in not having their wealth usurped through interest. And business looks for opportunity for profit. Where there exists a demand, someone will fill it whether you like it or not – They like money more than your opinion and therefore halal will continue to rise as the number of Muslims here is on the rise and I’m not just talking about immigrants. Aussies are converting in good numbers. I am one of them and I know for a fact that an organisation in Lakemba receives new converts at a rate of around 3 people per week. This is just one organisation, assume the same happens with similar places around the country – How do the numbers sound?

    Buying anything that is Halal certified does not fund Sharia since it does not exist here, it funds the certifying body who do the work to certify. Its the same as Meat Standards of Australia. MSA certified meat needs the certifying body and work to be paid for. Quite frankly, you would be unknowingly eating foods that are halal certified. A lot of meat now in butcher shops is halal certified, though no true Muslim would buy it as this certification is the absolute minimum standard of halal. If you eat chicken, I promise you that you are eating halal certified more than half the time.

    This is a country and world owned by none other than Allah and as such a Muslim may live anywhere on Allah’s earth he so chooses, so long as he gains residency legally. He shall practice his religion, He shall dislike other culture, He shall dislike to see Alcohol everywhere, women who are scantily clad, men without facial hair as it is a feminine quality, Homosexuals, men who wear tight jeans and pink shirts like women, women who dress like men. The list is incredibly lengthy. But, he is only doing the same thing you are doing the simple fact is that you are in opposition as are they. Though, In Islam every human has a right to respect and all other human rights even if they are non-Muslim. I will only ever speak in rather general terms in condemnation of certain actions, cultures and ideals of people which oppose mine, but if I meet that person face to face I will smile, I will give respect, I will provide assistance if needed and will not deny a single one of their rights. But, I am entitled on a secular level to have my opinions as are you. This is the way of The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Muslims who deviate from this need to change their ways and seek the forgiveness of Allah and those whom they have wronged. If he is a criminal and breaks the law, then he is a criminal because he is a criminal, not because he is a Muslim. Implement the law to the letter. To call for deportation, and then talk about tolerating moderate Muslims is a sign of ignorant hypocrisy which will never bring you peace and be able to accept that people oppose one another in millions of ways, not just Islam verse western culture.

    Please my brother, for the sake of the peace and comfort of your heart. Understand, White non-Muslim Australians break the law too, so to do immigrants from other walks of life and countries. Don’t pick and choose facts to spread an opinion that will only anger Muslims, as you risk causing the weak ones to act incorrectly – And this is exactly what you are opposing to begin with.

    Peace be with you Brother.

  40. Bismillahir-Rahmaanir-Roheem. Rabbiyal ‘Aalameen.
    The Cherisher, sustainer, nourisher, protector and provider of All that exists from Mankind, to the animals, the mountains and a single grain of sand.
    May his peace and blessings be upon The Most Beloved creature, The Best of Creation Muhammad Salallahu Aleihi Wa Salam.

    Sergio, I have every right to wear hijab and niqab as other women have their rights to reveal themselves. There are Australian Muslims, So halal has a place. Ideally, a Muslim will import products from Islamic nations, will hand slaughter in the true halal mercy style, and sell these to Muslims. To say Australian born muslims don’t have a right to these things is a rejection of the democracy you probably love. Spend some time thinking. How does a woman wearing hijab and niqab even effect you? Is it because you cannot leer at her womanly features? Because this is the reason why we do it. I get glares, I get horrible comments, I get rubbish thrown at me simply because I am covered as a Muslim woman should be. This happens usually when I am in Sydney CBD going to and from TAFE, though it happens in many other places. The people who do this are always of white skin. I do nothing but mind my business and get on with what I am doing, and this is the way people behave. Is it myself, or is it them, who is acting incorrectly? We both know it is them. If we catch eye contact, I smile as a non-verbal greeting. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that a smile is a charity, so smile to those whom you see. If they were to greet me, speak with me they will find me to be very polite, respectful and kind. Instead, out of ignorance I get pelted with garbage and have insults directed to me simply because of the way I am dressed. I would not even say a word if a woman walked around the city in a bikini – I would simply just look away and feel sadness in my heart for her because she would be degraded by the thoughts in the minds of men.

    Democracy for everyone except those that you disagree with? Please think upon this and Allah willing you will see this is plain hypocrisy.

    Sharia does not exist in Australia and probably never will, but to be perfectly honest it doesn’t need to because a Muslim adheres to Sharia anyway and you don’t even notice the difference. A Muslim is not allowed to implement Sharia sanctions or punishments upon anyone, as any other citizen is not allowed to implement the law themselves upon anyone else. Anyone who does either of these is a criminal, plain and simple.

    Criminals and corruption are crimes against humanity. Don’t take other peoples opinion as fact, go and research and you will find you are entirely wrong about Islam and you will also learn that Muslims are humans too who deviate who do things wrong and commit crime like all other types of people. This is not exclusive to Islam. Every law in existence has been broken by every kind of person. broaden your thinking Brother, God gave us the power of logic and reasoning for a reason.

    And Allah knows best.

    • First and final warning “Amina” (we both know that’s not your name).

      Stop posting all of this shit.

      The article is a discussion about the riot in Sydney, not some opportunity to network your Muslim friends and try to sell the faith to others (or chide those who are immune to it).

      One more and I start deleting.

      You’ve just about stayed as long as I want to entertain you here.

      • Yale Stephens. I don’t think it’s fair to make assumptions whether people are lying or not. The sister is a Muslim and her name is Amina. It’s a female Muslim name. Further, I don’t think that she is attempting to use your services to network fellow Muslims, neither to sell her faith to non Muslims. She is simply defending the honour of Islam. The negative comments about Islam received from most non Muslims were truly disturbing and unfounded. Most were derogatory. This is an open discussion. Why not delete the one’s using vulgar terms on our comments. Lets mediate on a fair level. Being bias only makes it obvious that the attitude towards Islam is based on racism.

      • Bismillari-Rahmaanir-Roheem, Subhana Rabbiyal ‘Ala
        In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. Glory be to the Lord Most High. Complete blessings upon Muhammad sallalahu aleihi wa salam, his family and companions.

        Yale, Amina is not currently my legal name no. It is Monique, but as I am yet undecided on middle and last name I have not formally changed it yet. I only want to do it once, so I want to deliberate over it to take for myself the best choice. However, Amina will be my legal name and as such am getting myself into the habit of using it in situations where what is official is not required.

        Firstly, There was a reply to Sergio in which he stated that a Muslim Woman has no right to wear Hijab and Niqab, which is also irrelevant to the riots so I’d like to think someone of you’re intellect could see this double standard.

        Secondly, I was addressing other issues raised by others concerning matters of Islam such as Sharia and Halal. If one will allow open slander, one should too allow open defense.

        Thirdly, I was very much on topic of the riots when I specifically directed comment towards yourself, and as you stated you were allowing open discussion I was discussing. Instead of using bad language and stating that you will delete comments because you dislike them, raise your point of specific objection. I very much addressed the issue of rioting with you, giving example of violent riots in which guilty parties were non-Muslim (though in the case of Cronulla it was tit for tat for tit for tat, and since two wrongs don’t make a right, neither do four nor 6 nor 8 etc.) I also gave example of a peaceful Muslim rally I recently attended to show that for the most part, when these take place they do not actually become riotous, Though the passion for Allah and Muhammad was there in full force.

        Lastly, if this is still unsatisfactory, I welcome you to let me know in a respectful manner and I will, as you ask for, no longer take part in further discussion and will ask you to forgive any offense I may have caused I try my best to choose words that do not aim anything offensive toward an individual as each has their right to personal respect, but as I am human too I can make these mistakes also. May Allah forgive my shortcomings. I am not here to cause anyone distress, annoyance or otherwise. I’m here to defend what is being defamed, generally speaking much more by others commentators on here rather than yourself (who for the most part fail to relate to the riots, which you have shown is a criteria that need be fulfilled), One cannot judge a whole based on the actions of a few and that is what people have unfortunately been doing. I am simply trying to demonstrate true Muslim values, and to have people understand that when a Muslim transgresses those limits it may lead to him being a criminal of some sort, in the same way anyone else from any other walk of life becomes criminal when they transgress.

        May Allah give your mind the broadest of spectrum, and I wish you peace and happiness in this world.

        • Ramadama ding dong! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! May the Dead Parrot sketch live on forever.
          It is completely incomprehensible to me that a woman would surrender her mind body and soul to this vicious unholy tribe you call Isam. This country has seen suffrage grow over a century to the point that if there is not equality between the sexes, it if anything leans towards the female.
          Instead you decide to capitulate to paedophiles, misogynists, rapists, and murderers.
          You are correct. If you wish to hide behind a tent through which you peer out at the world, then that is your prerogative. You have sentenced yourself to life within the psychological prison called Islam, and that is what is most disgusting to the rest of us.
          The violence which is advocated by the totalitarian ideology to which you profess is repulsive. The penetrating hatred that exists regarding Sunni and Shiite tribes is archaic and anti-human. We do not wish to import that mindset here.
          That is not to say that many of the half million adherents to Islam who wish to call this country home are not welcome; so long as they are willing to assimilate and rid themselves of the ghastly customs and traditions which cause grief and pain in their homelands, and OBEY AUSTRALIAN LAW. We will not abide the gangland mentality which seems to accompany your creed.

    • Lets get a few basic facts straight, ISLAM IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
      The western world has developed a concept of freedom for its members, including the freedom to warship any god or no god in the freedom of there home.
      This concept is based on free will (not submission) our democracy is based on the idea of freedom of expression and open justice.
      As islam does not allow for any other law but the law of your god allah, islam will always be dysfunctional as its numbers grow in any community. You yourself admitted that you follow “the path/way” sharia on a personal level, just by doing this you are in conflict with all our western values.
      We the tolerant must stop being tolerant of the intolerant (being islam and the muslims follow its rules).
      The world will need to rename islam as to what it truly is, “not a religion” but a political and legal controlling life style.
      Like NAZISM & COMMUNISM, ISLAM is just another totalitarian system hiding within the name of a theology.
      Within Australia there are now to many Muslims in our great country, since 1996 the original Muslim population and grown from 100,000 people to around 460,000 people. Most economic and illegal boat people are muslim bringing in even more fundamental views of your paedophile profit. (Fine example of freedom of expression).
      All people are welcome into Australia via legal means, Australia hopefully will be dropping the left wing /socialist concept of Multi-culturalism and reverting back to assimilation and integration in the next 5 years.
      As an artist (another concept islam stands against, 3-D sculptures), you will see more and more public backlash against the stupidity of all things Islamic, including your hijab and defiantly full-face coverings such as the niqab & burqa.
      You personally will be interested in the Art Work now in progress,
      -Nazism,Communism & islam.
      -Homage to Theo
      -Evil suras/114 glass cast crystal korans with the truth of the evil things within the book of mohammad the warlord and Paedophile.

  41. There have been a number of statements over the last few days recommending that westerners find out more about Islam. It is true that this ideology is commonly misrepresented by both apologist western media and Islamic media. There is a fascinating bunch of videos about this available on the internet at this URL: One of the best is an analysis of a speech by David Cameron where he seriously misrepresents the Koran: Another interesting one is about Koranic justification for paedophilia: It’s time the population woke up to this very dangerous and predatory ideology.

  42. I believe I forgot to address the Osama Bin Laden issue. Here is my stance. If he actually killed innocent people, then he is a criminal and May Allah punish him to the extent of his crimes. If he killed people who themselves were involved in the same behaviour, and had intention of none other than correct Jihad then I will not say a bad word about him, but cannot raise him to a status of hero as quite frankly we will never be given the complete truth of the facts – Rarely does this ever happen. The Ally of this country, The US, are still involved in killing innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan with their drones. My Husband is from Pakistan, His whole Family is still there. They are Targeting The Talibans, The correct Afghan Taliban defend the innocent and condemn the killing of civilians, and abhor the killing of women and children. These are acts that are carried out by the Pakistani Taliban, who have transgressed so far beyond the limits that they are bringing death to innocent people of their own nation because of the indiscriminate drone bombings carried out by the US. The Afghan Taliban too target the Pakistani Taliban, They however do not do it indiscriminately because they uphold the value of saving innocent people, especially women and children. May Allah grant victory to the Taliban of correctness in defeating those who kill innocent people, and may he eradicate those who act in such an abhorrent and incorrect manner. (I don’t understand why they adopted the term ‘Taliban’ as it is Pashto for students, with its root in the Arabic Talib which is best translated as “seekers of knowledge”.)

    I feel that you may claim this to be off topic, but you raised the issue of Osama Bin Laden, may Allah judge him accordingly, so I am addressing it and giving the honest and true Muslim perspective as best as I can, though even other Muslims would disagree with me over some issues because arrogance and ignorance exists everywhere. I can be long winded, and as such some people don’t bother reading in entirety. I suppose I have an extended thought process whereby I am aim to reconcile problems or issues through bringing more thorough information and/or opinion because knowledge is the key to understanding. Though I do not for one second Believe that you, Yale, are of those people who have the laziness within them they do not bother, if you did you would not be writing articles and if you did no one would read them with much seriousness as they would have no depth. This is clearly not the case.

    Forgive me if you feel this has gone off on too far a distant tangent, But I ask that you not delete my comments as there are always sides to every story and it is detrimental to society to allow only one side – Imagine if this is what happened in a courtroom. Woe be unto those who have removed the balance of equality and fairness from this world. Instead, if you would like me to discontinue discussion, then upon your direct request to do so, I will respectfully oblige such a request.

    Again, May peace be with you Brother.

    • I can’t decipher whether you simply selectively process information, or whether you are so completely misled and misinformed that you create these distortions inside your head.

      Now you tell us that it is not only Sunni that hate Shiite and visa versa, but the Taliban in Pakistan are the baddies and the Taliban in Afghanistan are the righteous. Is that what you think?
      It seems to me that the Taliban controlled Afghanistan before the current era. The Taliban in Afghanistan prevent girls from attending school, publicly beat women for no apparent reason, and stone people to death, commit horrid atrocities, and behead people for something they said. Is this the ‘righteous’ group of animals to which you submit?

      • There are actually deviant ‘sects’ within Afghan Taliban, which is why I make reference to the ‘correct Taliban’, as I am aware that there have been divides – probably much more aware of these particular facts than yourself, though thorough research is the solution to this.

  43. Sergio I am not interested in Artwork of any kind, depiction and sculptures of any people or characters and such will not look at any art work whether it be pro or anti Islamic, or of any nature at all. I will inadvertently see it, but will just move my gaze elsewhere.

    I am a Muslim. I was born in New Zealand, I came to Australia with my Mother when I was 3 months old, she was born in England and The Family came to Australia when she was around 6. I am a permanent resident here, I hold both New Zealand and British Citizenship. Previous to becoming Muslim, I was a criminal I broke the laws of this country. Since becoming Muslim I have not broken a law, nor transgressed any limit if you research Sharia thoroughly and the Law of Allah thoroughly you will, Inshallah, come to see that breaking a law of this country also means breaking a Law of Allah Subhana wa ta’ala. Crime is a crime against humanity whether it is committed by Muslims or non-Muslims. You are basing your ideas and opinions on false perceptions that have come from other peoples ideas and opinions, and as such I cannot take your opinion as seriously as one who comes from a point of knowledge. There are plenty of sources online from The Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama’a (sunni’s) whereby you may obtain knowledge of Islam from a pure source, rather from second, third, fourth and most likely 50th hand opinions. Once you have studied that which is fact not opinion, if you still hold the same ideas then one is inclined to take you more seriously and have respect for the fact that you have taken the initiative to obtain your opinion from first hand knowledge. Considering what you have written is barely any different to the comment directly preceding, and such I have already addressed most if not all of this I see myself standing with my nose touching a wall that can unfortunately only be taken down by yourself and not by me. So, I wish you peace and happiness and success in your endevours in this world and ask that Allah place peace and comfort into your heart, and give guidance.

    Lastly Brother, One does not have to adopt western values in order to be in compliance of the law of the land. One must follow the laws of the country one is in, and the case of Australia there is no single law that contradicts a Law of Allah. If you find one that you believe does, I would like to hear about it from you Brother.


    • Amina, why don’t you tell the rest of the poeple on this Blog the secend part of the sura about following the law of the land you live in/ that is not Muslim?
      Your book called the koran and the long winded hadiths are not that complex to read, I tell everyone to read them, so they can get a better understand of how stupid the Islamic submissive rule of law is.
      The only source I will use to expose the evil islam is the Koran. please don’t go on about not reading Arabic (being your next line).
      There is only one law in Australia, if you can not live by it, move to an Islamic country and put a Burqa on.
      Islam will fail world wide, people are getting sick of the word islam. muslim, terrorist, death, sunni/shiti, etc etc etc.

      • If you’re sick of those words stop saying them, reading them and writing them. No? If you are sick of something, ignore it.

        I live by the laws of this country, this is what I really don’t understand. Why do you assume because I follow the laws of Islam I do not follow the laws of this country?
        The Laws of this country are laws that exist in Islam, Islam just have further law that we adhere to and it does not break the law of this country.

        You bring me one law of this country that I break by following the laws of Islam and then we have a valid discussion. And you’re right about Arabic. English doesn’t qualify to translate Arabic, one who does not understand Arabic cannot comprehend this fully. We can translate the meaning as best as possible, but there will be differences from one translator to another as each will choose the english word he feels most appropriate.

        Let me just ask you about one word. Rabb. How many English words and phrases are needed to translate this?

        Hadith and Qur’an do not seem to be difficult, but to each there can be literal and metaphorical meaning and not one meaning each. The depth of the words is something one needs to ponder upon honestly. Some things are straight forward, when it it dealing with a simple matter that is black and white, but life is not like that for the most part so why would the books of life and the teachers of men be any different.

        And Brother, to which Surah are you referring? I don’t recall quoting anything but one Ayah from Surah Al ‘Araf and that Surah speaks about what Satan did, what the people of the past did and the punishment that came to them from Allah, it warns people not to go against Allah or invent lies against Allah or he will throw down the punishment, to be extremely brief (Allah forgive me this is a sin to be brief when speaking of Qur’an). If you don’t believe in Allah, then you don’t believe in Satan, you don’t believe in the punishment of the people of the past or the punishment of the people in the future, so why are you worried about it at all?

        If you are, however, referring to a different Surah please tell me which one.

        Though, Out of respect for the wishes of the owner of this website, Yale, Might I suggest if this discussion is to be continued he make another article or area to do so, as he would like people to stick to the topic at hand, and people’s objections and my refutation only goes on tangents that become ever more distant from the article.

        Yale? I leave that one in your decision Brother. Forgive me for deviating, but I think most everyone here is.

        • Amina, I am completely uninterested in conducting or entertaining any discussion on this site based on the merits of Islam versus…what can only be described (based on the responses your postings have elicited here) as hostility toward your faith.

          I make no judgement either way on that count.

          The primary purpose of this site is to discuss politics directly and issues that occur (e.g. the riot in Sydney last year) that are topical and fall under the banner of political discourse.

          Should you wish to discuss your religion at length, it is not that desire to which I object: very simply, this isn’t the place to do it, and I am sure you will be able to find other discussion forums in which such discourse and debate are not only welcome, but which form the central purpose of those forums.

          In the meantime, however, the continued attempts to sell/justify/rationalise Islam are provoking hostility from my readers, and rightly so, given so many Australians remain disgusted at what transpired in Sydney last September.

          The point is that a justification or rationalisation of Islam is not going to dissipate that disgust. Rather, it will only feed it.

          It is my position that the illegal acts that were committed in the course of that riot (to say nothing, for example, of co-opting children to carry placards calling for the beheading of anyone who disagreed with its perpetrators) constitute a despicable breach of faith between this country, which has been more than prepared to make Islamic people welcome, and those Islamic people themselves, who seemed to wish to institute their Jihad against God-knows-who into Australian life.

          This was not and is not acceptable, and such acts should under no circumstances be tolerated.

          There is no right to religious violence in this country, and nor should there be, and those who believe differently — especially immigrants (irrespective of origin or creed) who believe otherwise need to be kicked out in short order.

          I suggest you reread the original article again, because it was in no way an attack on the central pillars of your religion (with the exception, of course, that anyone who sees that religion as conferring upon them the right to act in Australia in a manner contrary to Australian law should get the hell out of here).

          Either way, this is not the place for a theophilosophical discussion or debate, and it is for THAT reason I have asked you to stop it: the reactions you are generating are predictable, but whether you like them or not or feel them unjustified, the debate you’re seeking should be happening in another place — not here.

          • Its fine brother. I never said religious violence is acceptable, I have been over and over again calling people who break the law criminals regardless of who they are. It was more the commentators who made comments that were a little off topic which are incorrect and misconceptions about Islam, So my comments were directed accordingly.

            If you wish to allow only comments that are anti-Islamic, on an article in which you talk about Muslims, without allowing for a pro-Islamic refutation then I see the true colours of the flag you are flying, And in Islam we have been taught that once we reach the immovable wall of ignorance we just say “allahu ‘Alam” meaning Allah knows best. If he seals a heart, only he knows why.

            But as I said a couple of times. Inform respectfully if you wish that I do not attempt to eliminate the misconception of your readers, Then I will respectfully accept your wish and will no longer comment. Alhamdullilah, I think you made your best attempt at this and its a good thing. I may still read your articles, but you have my word as an oath sworn to Allah subhanana wa ta’ala that I will not post another comment on your website.

            Thankyou for accommodating me for the length of time that you did, Thankyou for being of the people who handled themselves in a manner in which you attempted respect, which is what we should all aim for, and didn’t resort to undesirable language and I wish you peace, happiness and success in your endeavours. This is the God given right of all human beings.


  44. Karabar. Brother, Thankyou for acknowledging my right to Hijab and Niqab I am most appreciate of this. I do not want the Ahlul-Bayt VS Ahlus-Sunnah devide to come here either, I don’t think you would understand what it is actually about in truth, But I do and because of that I wish for nothing more in this world than for the enmity between the two to end. It is heavy on the heart when a Shia kills a Sunni simply he has for himself the names of either of Abu-Bakr, Umar or Usman or a female the name of A’isha. Those three men were the first three Caliphs, as appointed by The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and A’isha. The Shia people ask for Allah’s curse upon them, and they were the four most beloved of The Prophet. Enmity stems from the fact that some people believed that Ali ibn Abi Talib allah bless him should have been fist Caliph, but he was fourth. Time only furthers the divide and now the Shia version of Islam is incorrect in my opinion, simply because they worship and seek assistance of Ali ibn Ali Talib, a man who is dead, rather than seeking Allah alone. This is Shirq, which is the reason why Sunni’s attack Shias. On both sides, people who do these things are wrong and I will ask of nothing from Allah for myself my entire life if he united the Shia and Sunni brothers and Sisters,

    A’isha was the wife whom people use to Slander the Prophet peace be upon him as a Paedophile. Yes. She was promised in Marriage by Abu-Bakr at the age of 6, There are Hadith (authentic narrations) that explain the A’isha had reached the age of distinction at the age of 9 (meaning, the hadith talks about the symptoms a woman experiences before and during menses). A lot of people, Muslims included have trouble reconciling this. But, This was nearly 1,500 years ago where the average life expectancy was rather low, atleast half of what it is today. These are different times where women have the luxury of delaying having children until they are older as they are generally expected to live for twice as long. Some time ago, the average age of reaching puberty for females was between 11 and 14. To be rather personal, just because it is pertinent, I was 14. In more recent times, the age of puberty in females is beginning to drop back to 9-12. Why? Only Allah knows. Perhaps life expectancy will drop again. It is forbidden in Islam to marry women against there will, and there are horrible practices where people break the law. This is the fundamental point I have been trying to make all along. There is law of Islam, and there are criminals who break it – But there are laws that criminals break anywhere. A criminal is a criminal because he is a criminal.

    A’isha may Allah be please with her was not married against her will, and she loved The Prophet dearly which you would come to know if you were to do some honest research regarding her sayings and her life. Previous to A’isha, The Prophet’s first wife, Khadija may Allah be please with her, sent a marriage offer through her relative to The Prophet because of his honest, upstanding character. Peace be upon him. He at the time was 25 and she was 40. They were married for 15 years and had children, their sons died in young age but their daughters lived to marry and have children, may Allah bless them. He did not marry again until after the death of his beloved Khadija, a woman 15 years his senior who was twice a widow. If he was as people slander him, peace be upon him as, then this marriage does not fit into their viewpoint. Clearly, this is not peadophilia. The ages of his other wives at the time of marriage range from approximately 20 to 40. Some of which were widows. He also took women who slaves, in order that he may free them. This was the practice of the companions. They use to work to accumulate wealth, to purchase slaves held by the pagans of the Quraish so that they could free them.

    A Muslim is to submit to the will of Allah and the Will of Allah alone, and if this done correctly this Muslim will be nothing but law abiding – until a law is created that bans what Allah has commanded. Such as banning the Niqab in france. To be law abiding does not mean one has to adopt western culture. Western culture promotes intoxicants, sex and immorality and no one is obliged to adhere to such values. As advertising for cancer sticks was banned, alhamdullilah, so too should advertisement for Alcohol and scantily clad women should not be used to sell products, neither should men – This is degrading in the eyes of a Muslim, and in the eyes of non-Muslims who see it for what it is.

    Western culture is to follow trends, everyone has to be up with it to be ‘in’ and I personally believe trend is a tool of the shaytan to lead people astray and as such try to stick to my values. One does not need the latest fashions and ideas of the people to be in modern times.

    For a Muslim, this life in this world is nothing but a test for the hereafter, where Allah will sort us according to our deeds. Those who are wrong are wrong and will receive due punishment, those who are right are right and will receive great reward. Each time you insult a Muslim, and they do not react in an inappropriate manner, Allah records for them a reward. So, remember that next time you want to say words that are of bad quality specifically directed to a Muslim, you are earning for him a reward from Allah. And you will say there is no Allah, and fine you have been given your right to that choice, But Upon death all shall come to know the truth so may Allah guide those whose hearts are not yet sealed, so that they may be proud on the day we are brought forth for judgement.

    May peace be with you, Anger hurts the one who is angry more than anyone else.

    • Angry? Do you think I am angry? It is sympathy for you, a fellow Kiwi, that has been brainwashed with this BULLSHIT.
      You seem guilt-ridden for something you have done in your past. While the Christian faith quintessence is that of forgiveness, apparently Islam concentrates on self-flagellation. That is what you are doing by submitting to this archaic stone-age nonsense. ‘Intoxicants, sex and scantily clad men and women’ are not essential elements of ‘Western culture’. Western culture is about liberty and the freedom of the individual to choose. There is no incentive to make the wrong choice. Many people do, in my opinion. And, for what it’s worth, it seems to me that you have made the wrong choice by hooking up with people such as this imam or whoever he is that rants about exterminating Jews and anyone else he does not agree with.

      Monique, people such as that are not nice. I am aware that there are many among your faith that are nice, which is why I cannot understand your siding with these irrational, insane, and dangerous spokesmen.

      • I do not listen to any Sheikh or Imam who calls for extermination of anyone. My Sheikh of choice is Mufti Isma’il ibn Musa Menk of Zimbabwe, if you have a chance and the will to do so I would recommend giving him a watch/listen on youtube. He is just about the most popular Sheikh amongst Sunni’s, especially the younger ones and he inspires love and urges upright, proper and respectful character. He is one in a billion, May Allah preserve him to old old age so that we may, Muslim and non-Muslim benefit from his wisdom and his peaceful, loving and beautiful character.

        Bad language comes from a point of anger whether you feel it or not. It comes from a place of unease or unrest. It is not something that one of calm character uses.

        We are taught by the Prophet peace be upon him that we have to have forgiveness for those who wrong, and must seek forgiveness for anything we do wrong from Allah and from whom we have wronged. A Christian forgives those who wrong them, But believe their salvation and forgiveness comes from the sacrifice of their son of god/man-god/part of god. We believe we must seek forgiveness as we are accountable for our own actions and as such no one and nothing else can atone for our sins.
        It is a Shia who literally physically self-flagellates, even though Allah forbids that we do anything to intentionally physically harm ourselves.

        And FYI the stone age ended around 2000BC.

        This has become very off topic, and out of respect for Yale I feel guilty about this and will no longer continue with off topic discussion. I’m happy to pick it back up if Yale wishes to create an appropriate area to do so, So let’s all of us respect this request because this his website after all and I’m certain he puts a lot of effort into it and we should not belittle ones efforts.

        Peace be with you Brother Kiwi.

        • I agree that no-one will be particularly upset if this discussion comes to an end.
          I hope that sooner or later you will become aware of the ideology you have chosen. In the mean time, best of luck. Cheers.

  45. Hey Amino or Monique why don’t you start up your own blog about islam? That way those of us who visit this blog for interesting insights on politics will be happy seeing nothing about islam and you can write as many words on islam as you like. This is a Western concept of like for like that should be familiar to you since you’re a Kiwi. I’m in a good mood since the election and can afford to be slightly magnanimous even to a raving harpy.

    • There is no god and you have been indoctrinated meaning that what you’re saying are not your words, but the words from someone else.

      • Congratulations Jan, A staggering refutation. Let me gasp for air over here now.

        By the by Jan, Do a google search of “you have been indoctrinated” (quotation marks included, as to search the exact phrase) and then tell me again about using the words from someone else. May Allah have mercy on you and your family.

        • I am Dutch, so now you make a fool of yourself by ‘believing’ that my mother language is English. That is the problem with muslims: you believe, but you don’t know. But anyway, there is no Allah. If there was an Allah, then he loves the jews more than his own followers: there are 29 times more muslims than jews, but 29 times more jews won a noble prize than muslims. America is the would-be satan for a lot of islamists; but yet it’s the biggest nation on earth. There is not even one single devine action that comes from your so called allah. Nothing. Every war against the west has been lost. No help from allah there. It has always and have always been a game of people. Not allah. There is no allah. How come the west is so much better off than the average muslim country? Why did muslims migrated to the west? To be closer to allah or for the money? May you find enlighment!

          • Erik are you also Jan? If not, I am not sure to what you are replying.

            I will carry on though as if you are firstly and secondly as if this is actually a response to my reply to ‘Jan’, as otherwise I am not sure from where you have come and what in The Name of Allah you are referring to.

            You may search “you have been indoctrinated” in any language you like, you will still find it word for word, in it’s own language, used ad nauseam.

            Nobel prize. Where to begin? Perhaps one need mention one thing to see the value of this ‘prize’. War criminals who have been awarded nobel ‘peace’ prizes. Unfortunately I already know this sentence alone will not suffice, so I have no choice but to direct you to the appropriate information to understand why this is such a farce. You will need to familiarise yourself with The Nurembrg Principles, look at ‘winners’ of the nobel ‘peace prize’ and then come to an understanding by combining the two. I will mention two things briefly here also. Le Duc Tho and henry kissinger. Le Duc Tho turned it down because peace had not been restored, an honourable act. However, henry kissinger accepted the award whilst they were still terrorising Cambodia with bombs, he then went on to commit further war crimes. barack obama though I will be here for 3 hours if I was to go any further.

            The Golden Age of Islam ended in the 13th century, obviously well before Alfred Nobel and the inception of the awards. Considering that we cannot go back in time, it is impossible to say what would be of Science, Maths etc were it not for The Golden Age of Islam. You may take as much objection to this as you like, but fact is fact. There would likely have been another group in place doing much the same, but it wasn’t another group. It was The Muslims.

            In what way do you define America as to call it the biggest nation on Earth? It is neither the biggest nor the most populous, I’ll take a stab at it and assume you mean it is the most powerful. At what cost to human life? Consider this; If america did not invade Vietnam and subsequently begin carpet bombing Cambodia illegally would The Khmer Rouge have risen to terrorise and mass-murder innocent people?

            Why is ‘the west’ so much better off than the average Muslim Country? Why do Muslim countries struggle to survive, why are they devastated by suffering whilst the west or the non-muslims do not? It is of three things. Muslims suffer as punishment for those of them who are being punished, and those of them who are not being punished and are yet caught in the same suffering are being tested. Disbelievers are left without such tests and without this worldly punishment, because they know not and Allah subhana wa ta’ala leaves them with enjoyment for a while.

            Here is where you will find I am using words that are not my own. They are The Words of Allah, These are Verses that apply to the previous paragraph.

            Surah Al-Baqarah 155
            “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient”

            SuratAl Imran 185
            “Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.” (Those who are deluded are in enjoyment)

            SuratAr-Ra’d 8
            “For those who have responded to their Lord is the best [reward], but those who did not respond to Him – if they had all that is in the earth entirely and the like of it with it, they would [attempt to] ransom themselves thereby. Those will have the worst account, and their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the resting place.” (It does not matter how much you have it will not help you)

            SuratAr-Ra’d 22 – 26

            “And those who are patient, seeking the countenance of their Lord, and establish prayer and spend from what We have provided for them secretly and publicly and prevent evil with good – those will have the good consequence of [this] home –
            Gardens of perpetual residence; they will enter them with whoever were righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their descendants. And the angels will enter upon them from every gate, [saying], “Peace be upon you for what you patiently endured”. And excellent is the final home. But those who break the covenant of Allah after contracting it and sever that which Allah has ordered to be joined and spread corruption on earth – for them is the curse, and they will have the worst home. Allah extends provision for whom He wills and restricts [it]. And they rejoice in the worldly life, while the worldly life is not, compared to the Hereafter, except [brief] enjoyment.” (Muslims who turn from Islam and become Kuffar, may be punished here and in the hereafter or just in the hereafter it is for Allah subhana wa ta’ala to decide. Again enjoyment of this worldy life is specified as to relate to those who shall be the dwellers of the fire.)

            Surah Yunus 58
            “Say, “In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than what they accumulate.” (Again, what you gain of material and worldly things matters not, none are successful until they achieve The Mercy of Allah)\

            Surah Yunus 60
            “And what will be the supposition of those who invent falsehood about Allah on the Day of Resurrection? Indeed, Allah is full of bounty to the people, but most of them are not grateful.” (Allah gives of his bounty to all of creation believers or not)

            Surah Yunus 69-70
            “Say, “Indeed, those who invent falsehood about Allah will not succeed. [For them is brief] enjoyment in this world; then to Us is their return; then We will make them taste the severe punishment because they used to disbelieve”
            (I left these two till last very purposefully. Disbelievers are left with brief enjoyment in this world. In no place does Allah subhana wa ta’ala say that he tests Disbelievers, many places he says he leaves them with brief enjoyment in this worldly life)

            That is all I shall be saying. We are all in the hands of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and is not for me to remove the ignorance from another, that is for He who Created all that exists.

            [Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah, For posting here again. I actually forgot I said I never would and have remembered half way through, but I only need His Forgiveness for this]

            • Amina, I have approved this comment but I don’t want essays trying to sell Islam, or lengthy quotes from the Koran, or use of this site to network Islam if any of your fellow travellers show up here like they did last time. Free speech is one thing. This site is not a forum for you (or anyone else) to engage in advocacy of Islam and I won’t tolerate it here. Just a friendly warning.

            • Okay, it’s ‘indoctrinating’ and I’ll try never to forget this. The point is that if you close yourself from any other religion and way of life, how can you be sure you’re following the right religion? If you were born in South-America, you would have been catholic. In Tibet: a buddhist. In the UK: a protestant. But you happen to be born in a muslim country (or perhaps a family in oz?) where ‘infidels’ would get the death penalty if they don’t believe anymore (= blasphemy = death). What is your personal take on this and would you agree if Australia would do the same thing to muslims if it would adopt the same style of policy in dealing with different religions like the average muslim country: death penalty for those who don’t like the state religion? I am atheist cause I am 100% sure that there is no god. I live in a country where I am allowed to say this. I am healthy, living a good life, feeling happy, and yet… I am an atheist…. shouldn’t I been punished by Allah? No, or else he would have done this a long time ago…. And yet, most of those who pray are having a shitty life in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt…. Clearly praying isn’t helping them. There is simply no evidence of his existence. There is only believe. Of course, when someone (a man or person BUT NOT A GOD) is giving me a death threat that I should believe or else… then what is the value of this threat? It would been spoken to me by a human being, not a god. Literally all the death treats for Kurt Westergaard came from people. They tried to kill him, but those were people. Obviously your god is totally powerless cause he is still alive. Nowadays, you see all these fightings going on in Mali, Nigeria, etc… Isn’t it hilarious that your god needs bullets -an invention from infidels- to win more land for his religion. Do you understand what I am saying? Always the act of men, never an act of god. Cause there is no god. It’s an invention from certain men. And the religion became big through war, death threats, censorship, etc… If there was truly a god and islam thee religion, then its rise would have occured on all the continents, instead of in a tiny village Apperantly the words from your religion are not strong enough to convince the rest of the world. So you need to shoot them. Why?

              You don’t understand my point what the Nobel Prize concerns. It’s not the Nobel Prize itself that matters, but the underlying matter. Look how much ‘infidels’ have been contributed to this world and how little muslims did. A huge array of technology, medications, literature, etc…. Whatever islam did until the 13th doesn’t even matter cause those are relics from a forgotten era. Look how much have been contributed by the jews in comparison to muslims. If there was a god, why did he ‘gave’ all these inventions to infidels? How come they are superior in like so many domains, compared to muslims? Why?

              You’re right: I meant the US as the *strongest* nation on earth. Not the fact that it bombed Vietnam matters, but the fact that they bombed, attacked and conquered a muslim country WITHOUT ANY COUNTER ATTACK FROM YOUR GOD! Simply, because there is no god. The religion attacked the US (9/11), but again, those were human beings. If the attack was ordered, then it was ordered by other people, not by a god. If it was ordered by a god, then it proves he has no power. The definition of a god = “A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of nature or reality.” He doesn’t need people it seems…. So, it is clear he has no supernatural powers, so that means that your god is no god. That is why the US is the strongest nation on earth. It was human intellect that made them to become this way. There was no god helping them. They did it on their own. They would have been mulims if there was truly a god though, cause a god who owns the Americans is a strong god. Once the US starts to attack the muslims in Mali and Nigeria, all this muslim terrorism is over. So, maybe the US = Allah? Hmmm… 😉

              Of course… people are being ‘tested’. And you ‘believe” that? Except, there is no proof for that BIG TEST. There is only believe. You are not 100% sure. They most likely made you believe by telling that you have to obey, or maybe you were beaten by a stick. I have no stick in my hand to beat you. I don’t even have a gun to point at you. I am only saying that if you would think for yourself in a country who welcomed you and give you the opportunity to live freely, you might take that chance to find something you don’t possess right now: intellectual freedom and the possibilty to search for the REAL truth. Lets not forget that over 1000 years ago, most people couldn’t read or write. They were simply put: stupid. You could tell them anything. And if they were threatened to get killed, of course they believe in islam. That is the ONLY truth.

              Whatever you copy and pasted: religion is the biggest scam in human history!!!!! Every religion! They all have killed so many people and destoyed so many valuable cultures… religion is sheer insanity! Of course I couldn’t say that in the 13th century. Here I have a test for you. I’ve got it from Allah: go and live in Afghanistan, land of Allah! You would be so much closer to HIM, then in OZ, land of infidels… You’re like a programmed robot. There is no test, there is no god. All you have been doing is praying to nobody. You have lost already too many time in this really amazing country named Australia! THEE test is to convince there is an Allah. You can’t. All you can is to copy and paste. But I have showed you that there is no Allah, there is so much contradiction between your holy book and the world nowadays. But you are blind for all that. Your holy book was not meant for a modern world like ours. Clearly it is keeping people dumb, poor & ignorant…


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