CMC Clears Campbell Newman; Panic Stations At Queensland Labor

And thus, the myth explodes; Queensland’s CMC has exonerated LNP leader Campbell Newman of any misconduct arising from the sordid allegations of the ALP; now, the desperate and doomed Labor government of Anna Bligh must brace for electoral Armageddon.

The Queensland Labor Party’s dirt and smear campaign against Campbell Newman came to an involuntary end today, as the Crimes and Misconduct Commission found that Campbell Newman is guilty of no wrongdoing from his tenure as Lord Mayor of Brisbane in response to the disgusting allegations that have formed the quantum of the ALP’s re-election campaign.

Campbell Newman has now been cleared by the CMC in all three of the outstanding matters it was looking into; whilst it has indicated that there are two other issues it will continue to pursue — one stemming from the time Newman was Lord Mayor, and one afterwards — its statement today emphasised that Newman himself would not be subject to any further scrutiny in these matters.

As for the “new material” Anna Bligh referred to the CMC yesterday, that agency had this to say, and I thank the Courier-Mail in quoting their report, thus:

“Premier Anna Bligh referred to the CMC material which suggested that a company associated with the property developer had an office in a building owned by interests associated with Mr Newman.

“The CMC has concluded that this information does not add anything further to its assessment of the matter.

“Associates of Mr Newman have publicly indicated that the premises referred to were leased to an accountancy firm, and that the relevant company was one of many which used that firm’s address for the purposes of formally reporting a registered address or principal place of business. 

“The CMC’s inquiries have confirmed that the premises were indeed used as an accountancy firm. The CMC is of the view that this renders any link between Mr Newman and the property developer tenuous at best.”

So there it is: any link between Campbell Newman and the property developer who has been used by the Labor Party to baselessly and libellously underpin its entire re-election strategy has been independently reviewed and found to be “tenuous at best.”

The development coincides with the release of the report into the management of the Wivenhoe Dam during last year’s flood episode, which concluded (among other things) that not only had managers at the dam failed to adhere to the procedures set down in the manual, but that there had also been a cover-up of that failure.

Bligh’s responses to these matters today stink; in regard to the water management issue she described the report as “politically inconvenient” with the rider that as she herself had initiated the inquiry, she would follow through on its recommendations.

Well, she could hardly fail to say that.

But on the issue of Campbell Newman’s clearance — once again — by the CMC, she still refuses to let go.

In interviews and releases today, she ignored and failed to mention the fact that Newman has been cleared; she welcomed the fact the CMC will continue to look at the property developer the ALP has tried to crucify Newman over; and then — then — attempted to accuse LNP figures of interference into CMC process by virtue of their legitimate objections over the CMC inquiry their leader had been maliciously dumped into.

The bare-faced gall and hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Anna Bligh is obviously a politician, but the events of the past few months have laid bare the fact her politics are of the basest kind, and the events of the past day have shown her to be the most graceless of individuals.

If Peter Beattie were still around, we all know what he would say: “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I’ll fix it.” He would put his hand across his heart, and smile for the cameras.

And voters, given Beattie was at least forthright even if he was usually wrong, would have lapped it up.

Instead, it seems we are faced with an imbecilic Premier who is still looking to cause defamatory trouble even after everything she and her party have thrown at their opponent has been discounted as baseless by an independent umpire.

Anna Bligh can welcome continuing CMC probes until the cows come home.

She said Campbell Newman would end up in jail; one wonders what will come of the inquiry into the mismanagement of Wivenhoe Dam last year.

The inquiry did clear Kate Jones of impropriety in her capacity as Minister for the Environment at the time; but as far as I am concerned — with a fixed eye on the principle of ministerial responsibility — all that does is transfer the buck to land somewhere else in the Bligh cabinet.

After all, it’s just not on to hang a few public servants out to dry and say you’re blameless; but the ALP will do it, and the incoming LNP government can and should sheet blame home on a ministerial level.

There are broader issues to consider now, and they’re fairly straightforward.

Anna Bligh has promised to implement all recommendations arising from the report into the management of the Wivenhoe Dam.

But beyond that, she has failed to lay out any program of policy of any substance as to what a sixth-term Labor government would do in Queensland.

Indeed, her only campaign focus has been on the crucifixion of Campbell Newman — and now that particular lie has been exposed.

Interestingly enough, Newspoll were in the field in the Ashgrove electorate on Wednesday at the time of Bligh’s admission the Labor allegations against Newman were baseless; Newspoll now finds Newman leading Kate Jones in Ashgrove 52-48 after preferences.

I am also reliably told by campaign workers on the ground that a wave of hostility toward Labor has swept over their meetings with voters in the past few days; it’s hardly a surprise in the circumstances.

People know they’ve been duped and they’re getting angry: if you’re a long-term government seeking re-election, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of such anger.

But Bligh’s Labor outfit is the target of that anger and, to date, it seems she intends only to fuel it.

And it remains to be seen now what Anna Bligh can possibly say in this last week of the campaign to convince someone, anyone, that they should vote for her.

The Queensland Labor Party has conducted one of the most dishonest election campaigns in Australian political history, and it is about to be punished for that.

Electors in Ashgrove — I’m still certain — will vote for Campbell Newman as their representative; indeed, if I lived in Ashgrove I’d be pretty pissed off by what my local member and the state government had been up to.

And I’m not just saying that as a Liberal; but then again, my party doesn’t go around defaming people like the ALP has here, and when individuals in my party cross the line they typically get sued. Heavily.

I might not live in Brisbane any more, but I’ve had first-hand exposure to all of this “Keep Kate” garbage and quite frankly, it’s an insult to the intelligence.

I think the next week will see Newman and the LNP press their advantage home; Bligh is likely to have her nose rubbed in the failure of her party’s scandalous campaign, as she deserves; and many, many more votes will now accrue in the LNP pile as a straight result of the disgusting and discredited vendetta the ALP has waged against Campbell Newman.

I think the next week will also see a rattled and increasingly desperate Anna Bligh make more mistakes; and I would observe this: as long as there are seats in the Queensland Parliament, it’s possible for the Labor Party’s result next weekend to grow worse, and worse, and worse…

Panic stations, anyone?

If you’re Anna Bligh and Labor, those are the stations to be manned.

Thoughts? 🙂


6 thoughts on “CMC Clears Campbell Newman; Panic Stations At Queensland Labor

  1. Reblogged this on Iain Hall's SANDPIT and commented:
    This a a great post that highlights all that is sad and depressing about the Labor Party. Why on earth does any party try the “smear” strategy when they are their arses politically? It never works and all it does is devalue the brand of ANY party that goes down this route. Far better to keep your dignity by playing a straight bat to the voters and then losing with good grace. That way when you begin the long climb back into power you are not starting from such a low base and you won’t face such disgust and disdain form the voters or such a long period in the political wilderness.
    Cheers Comrades

  2. The crux of Labor party spin is to say something often enough that the voting publicly ultimately view it as a truth – whether it is true is neither here nor there (witness Federal Labor’s campaign of ‘Abbott will bring back Workchoices, Abbott will bring back Workchoices, Abbott will bring back Workchoices’ – which was not his policy platform, and which argument conveniently overlooks the fact that Abbott would have to win BOTH houses to have even a hope of getting such legislation through. Of course, Gillard dumped herself in it pretty comprehensively by introducing a carbon tax after the election in which she said she would do no such thing. But I digress.). The timing of the CMC’s findings is certainly ‘politically inconvenient’ for Bligh – Newman has a week to make hay. Good luck to him. The Bligh government’s conduct in this campaign is nothing short of reprehensible.

  3. Hell of a week here in Ashgrove! But the tide is turning. People of sick of Labor livin on a lie — apologies to Bon Jovi.

    This week Bligh had a Hewson moment. She answered a question the wrong way, managing, in one sentence, to undercut the central tenet of her attack on Newman. Asked what she had to back her claims about Newman, Bligh said: “Right now, all I have is questions. I don’t have enough answers from Mr Newman or enough material.”

    As soon as Bligh said the word material she looked and sounded like she was trying to destroy the word’s existence. But she couldn’t. This item ran big on the nightly news and the mobile phones of political tragics went crackers with people texting angst, outrage, exasperation and despair.

    CMC the real deal or what? More like a Labor love net/nest

    Bligh still can’t say sorry. Even though Newman has been cleared……..very quickly after this Labor nightmare story broke Thur night.

    THE CMC, the state’s corruption watchdog has been jolted into the election spotlight with a revelation that one of its highest ranking misconduct officials is married to a former key Labor official.

    The Courier-Mail can reveal that the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s Kathryn Ellis, who has been acting Assistant Commissioner for Misconduct for most of this year, is the spouse of Mark Nolan, a former senior adviser with the Federal ALP and the party’s former Western Australian state secretary.

    Mr Nolan is also a director, along with Labor’s state campaign manager Bruce Hawker, in the company Campaigns and Communications, which has been on the Labor payroll.

    The revelation comes as the CMC continues to probe business dealings during the period when LNP leader Campbell Newman was Brisbane’s Lord Mayor. Mr Newman is trying to win the seat of Ashgrove and become premier in eight days.

    “Newman has even been depicted as a spider and his wife vilified.
    During the Beattie-Bligh era, Labor MPs went to jail for blackmail, rape, perjury and bribery, and Bligh’s own integrity was called into question.

    She used government aircraft like a personal taxi .
    Bligh broke promises on the fuel subsidy, asset sales and on power prices.
    Car rego fees have soared 30 per cent since 2008.
    Under Treasurer Andrew Fraser, Queensland has lost its AAA credit rating in a mining boom, racking up a debt of $85 billion. [he will lose to Saxon Rice, LNP although Greens are dealing]
    Bligh’s Labor wasted $220 million on a health payroll system that denied doctors and nurses their pay at the same time as the department was being defrauded by a fake Tahitian prince.
    When there were mistakes, Bligh’s Labor lied and attempted to cover them up, as in the Commonwealth Games cost over-runs.
    Bligh’s Labor is politically obsolete.
    Great survivor that she is, she will need a miracle to come back from here.
    From Cairns to Coolangatta, Labor heads will roll.”

    Bligh’s Watergate report cost, to be precise, $1 million a word.
    The sad reality is that the report is based on selective evidence — biased hydrology, no mention of the impact of the big dump from Somerset Dam into Wivenhoe Dame (the engineer though has been interviewed by the class action lawyers! i.e. more to come in the future). The joke is that that that Bligh and her ministerial mob get off —- their inertia is to blame. Hoarding water was an obsession and of great monetrary value. Bligh delayed warning residents — instead of 2 days warning, residents got only half a day to react. Many were working, or like a friend of ours, on holiday. We’re weatherwatchers so we phoned our friend who was on the Gold Coast to warn him to return to evacuate possessions. Unfortunately he felt that because there had been no official warning i.e. from Bligh, that the situation was not that serious. What did our friend return to — after returning following Bligh’s delayed warning? A house in Chelmer that had water almost to the ceiling on the second storey. Basically all possessions were lost including his young daughter’s treasured items. Insurance would not pay out either……….. Our friend is a professional so he received very little from the pretentious Premier’s Relief Fund.

    The Flood report does not exonerate the state government of any blame for mismanagement of the dam during last year’s floods. But Bligh keeps talking about Seqwater as though they are some other entity, as though they are some other company, they’re not. They’re part of the Queensland state government and if ultimately Seqwater have a case to answer over the management of the dam, that is a case the Queensland state government has to answer.

    Read more:

    On a happy note, John Howard came to The Gap for a morning tea on Thursday. Delightful to hear him speak. Keep Kate’s rent-a-crowd and that ridiculous Wild Rivers platypus were lurking on the sidewalk.

    The full force of the CanDo blue shirts are out in force on the streets this morning. I hooted the lot when driving by. Unsurprisingly the Keep Kate pinkies were hogging street corners too. Guess what? Kate had her hair coloured pink yesterday by that idiot federal health minister Tanya Pink.

    Hope you all saw Newman on Channel 7 this morning? He completely blew Bligh away. She looked dopey with that pasted on goofy smile. Seems like she can’t stop smiling……even when receiving the Flood Report yesterday. She’s getting more and more Nixon like by the day. What lurks behind the sly, cunning grin are cover ups and lies……..gonna get ya babe

  4. All I can say is Campbell Newman has God to thank for the timing of this CMC release.
    Well, his own lackeys couldn’t do anything so it had to be Divine Intervention.
    I say this in all seriousness as it has ensured him of an electoral landslide.
    Praise the Lord, we will now see the backend of the first female Labor leader…Julia is next.

  5. If indeed there is a landslide victory for the LNP let us hope that it is of such magnitude that it will keep the Labor party quiet long enough for Campbell to make the State a good place to live once more ! Go Can Do !!!!!

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